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  • Who still thinks we will get that 4th Place??

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    • There is no doubt that we are in transition. Unfortunately for us it a transition from being an almost competitive club, to one trying just to survive. Our debt is unsustainable. With the levels of income we are about to have next season without CL football, it is really not in our power to repay the amounts we owe. this season we have been caught by Villa, Spurs and City. i don't mean just freakishly in terms of points, but throughout the squads I can see players we would love to have at Anfield, and just three or four that those clubs would be interetsed in.

      Rafa overachieved last season. what he has done is follow that with a season of vast underachievement. You could say it all averages out in the end. But it doesn't. because this season's underachievement will mark my words set us back ten years. I can see a situation now where we do NOT compete in the CL again for that long.

      I'm a fan, in the championship I would remain a fan. So I have no reason to want us not to do well. But lets keep it real, how many EXPECT us to be competing for lge titles NEXT year?? I think we have found our level, we have a decrepit stadium, owners ownly marginally more professional than Mike ashley, a manager with no man management skills, a captain who is playing like he can't stand his team mates, and a midfield who can't pass to each other across five yeards of green stuff. We do though have the best fans in the game, and we shall just have to stay behind the team and hope for the best.

    • Paisley is one BAAAAAAAD MOTHER F*CKER and you better watch yourselves or he is gonna Whip your lilly white asses!

      You hearing me Scouse boys????

      Aint that right Christopher!!!

      (Its alright Christopher, Fabby is watching your back).


      NOW SKIT!

    • Benfica have much nices squid and cans do many damage for livers.

      i hope is good game livers frends.

      Obrigado, Kovan ( of portugal , lisboa)

    • Wow paisley sounds really angry!!! You see i don't think we will get past Benfica. They are a very good side. Anyone thinks otherwise.

    • Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Yellow Bob ring ring hahahahahahha Mar 23, 2010 05:30 Flag


      ...Pharoah, i kid you not, this is now the measure of LFC's season...

      ...the pavements , today are littered with the new phrase on the mouth of these PLASTIC fans..

      ..''well, at least we are finishing above Everton''.................hahhahaahahahaha

      ...you cant buy it

    • Hahahaha HAHAHAHA - can u BELIEVE the utter shyte that this pseudo-yank LOSER spouts on here day after deluded day lads

      "but have we, and will we keep moving in the right direction. " she squawks.

      Right direction p'rick?

      Listen imbecile what part of the following don't YOU UNDERSTAND STEER

      TEN losses this season

      NO trophies in the last FIVE fcuking seasons

      Out of the CL and ONE fluke win in it this past 25 plus years!

      NO league title in TWENTY YEARS

      A FIVE year plan to win us a title has FAILED

      A top four finish GUARANTEED this term by fatlad

      MILLIONS WASTED on utter shyte (www.transferleague,com)

      Some very GOOD players turned bad under a JOKE called Beneathus... then magically their careers turn around when they leave (Bellamy, Crouch, Risse, Warnock, Alonso, all doing fantastic at other clubs)

      The list of FAILURE is endless cnut so do us all a favour and go get yourself a life away from this board and disappear up your own arse you complete and utter w@nker................ your act is as stale as your breath bald eagle.

      "I've been to Anfield" "I have never been to Anfield" - steer

      "Rafa is the master tactician" steer

      "He (lucas) must not be allowed to walk alone" - steer

      hahahha - you can't buy it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Dave, I won't deny rafa is the reason we have got back to expecting a title challenge whereas it wasn't really the case during the 90's but Houllier has us there as well. He came second and was actually closer (although with less points I will admit) to the eventual champions than Rafa did last season and then was had a poor season the year after and he bit bullet and Rafa rode into town. The same is happening here under Rafa and IMO it is time to start afresh. I respect your opinion of wanting to wait 'til the end of the season and it is probably the more rational decision with 7 games left but I still think he should have went long ago and the fact that we are so unlikely get 4th spot makes even more determined that he should have went long ago.

      Hopefully he gets us the Europa League and proves me wrong and gets 4th spot and then we can say thank you but goodbye.

    • Daniel, not trying to open up festering wounds, but on one level the fact that back in those days the expectations was to just qualify for UEFA, but not win, while today we are all gutted by a single season where we might (stress might) fall out of the top 4 and miss out on CL, shows in itself how much progress we've made?

      There is no doubt we've taken a step backward this season, but maybe its a backward from expectations that Rafa has been able to push much higher than they've been in many a year. Of course we're not where we all think we should be, competitive for the title each and every season, and in the heart of things at Europe’s top table, but have we, and will we keep moving in the right direction.

    • And we won bugger all until 2001! I really hope the board stump in the summer so that we dont go back to those days. This season should be written off. Start afresh in the summer, new manager etc.. Win the Europa League next season, try our best to get as close to the top of the table as we can, go as far as we can in the domestic trophies and get make sure we get top 4 at a minimum, but be with a shout of the title in the 2nd half of the season then make a serious assualt on the title and Champions League the season after. F*ck your 5 year plan, thats my two year plan lol

    • It'll be back to those days, when under Roy Evans/Houiller liverpool were regularly in the Uefa cup, I still remember it when the likes of Patrick Berger were in the team!...lol

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