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  • Jason Jason Oct 13, 2010 03:19 Flag

    Singapore Billionaire preparing new offer

    Exatly Dog, he's saying things to appease the "glory hunters win quick, get rich quick" plan, but who knows if he sees the big picture.

    Again, obviously I've not been a supporter my entire life, nor been around for all the great moments in the '90s '80s and '70s, but I guess it would be fair to suggest that doing things like Chelsea/Man city/Real Madrid are not the Liverpool way. From a true sports perspective, I don't like that model either, and as a New York Yankees fan, the richest team in baseball, and top 5 in the world, sometimes I even get annoyed when they over spend. The other American teams and leagues I support don't operate that way, though they don't win like the Yanks, but there's something to be said about development, a stable foundation and players who truly care about the club.

    I'd much rather Liverpool get their stadium enhancements or a new one started, buy 2-3 players at a time as well as bring up and integrate the likes of Kelly, Shelvey etc., and achieve greatness again that way. I want nothing to do with being compared to CFC, City etc etc. I have a great appreciation for Liverpool and all English teams' history, and I don't think "sheik like money" makes it fair for anyone. If it's not LFC, I'd rather it be Sunderland or Birmingham that makes 4th spot over City..