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  • ROB ROB Oct 19, 2010 00:16 Flag

    Henry vs Gilette/ Hicks

    Yes winning on and off the field, it actually means that if you get a winning formula for marketing etc then you will get more money, and on the field means Yes you got it winning a football match, which means they will invest in getting a winning team.
    Sorry didn't break it down for you before turkey, hope you now understand. On and Off the Field

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    • but successful marketing can surely only come from a succesful team. can you imagine a young lad in asia, america, timbuctoo wanting to buy a shirt from a club at the wrong end of the table. believe me, i am sad to see such a great club in such decline but am starting to think that the bank just wanted its money back and broughton was the stooge to make sure it happened. there is much more to this saga than meets the eye, it looks like this could turn out to be one of the greatest cons in history.