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    this is the article:


    and this comment by a reader is spot on... obrigado friends!

    Oi benitez, you've nothing to do with our club­ anymore, so shut your piehole and shuffle along. You­ along with those hideous americans, H&G were the­ reason our club is in the state it's in now. You­ were the UNHOLY Trinity!
    Hodgson might not be the right­ manager for LFC, but neither were you, you sulky,­ miserable, hideous, whiney, whingey @#$%.
    You­ didn't win the CL for us, Steven Gerrard did. You­ didn't win the FA Cup for us, Steven Gerrard­ did.
    When you weren't getting your own way with­ H&G, you started sulking like a baby without­ it's dummy and you took it out on the team....we­ will NEVER forgive you for that.
    I feel sorry for­ Inter. You will destroy them in time. You were lucky to­ be handed an amazing team built by an amazing manager,­ Jose' Mourinho. Take note pal, that's how to­ manage a team. You're not good enough to wipe­ Mourinho's bum.
    So do us all a favour. Forget about­ Liverpool FC. You're not worthy to mention the­ name....

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    • Spot on Jose. Last nights game just proved what a usless twat he was.

    • How about you just move on. Get over it. Rafa has gone. Focus on people who are employees of the club.

    • Actually thought Rafa was giving Roy some good advice, not having a go at him. He told him to stop worrying about what happened in the past and start focusing on the players, on the tactics, and what is good for the club.

      If a manager with CL, FA Cup, and La Liga title under his belt, who is currently doing very well in Italy in his first season there, gave me a bit of advice, I think I might listen.

      Rafa isn’t our gaffer any more so its only of passing interest. But what is of real interest is what Roy can do to actually get our lads playing better, and harking back to what the previous manager did right and wrong is not going to achieve that, so all in all sounds like decent advice to me.

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      • It seemed rather incoherent to me. In general, I think Benitez would be better not to comment on Liverpool and Hodgson today, just as Mourinho is better not commenting on Inter and Benitez.

        But I did find this coherent:

        "I left that squad with £300 million value, "

        Coherent, but I'm buggered if I can see the justification for it.


    • How about taking your head out of your rear and realise that all Rafa was doing was defending himself after Roy's unprovoked attack on him. Roy started this whole thing by alleging that Rafa banned Kenny Dalglish from attending training sessions and that he Roy is such a good guy that he allows King Kenny to attend training unlike what Rafa used to do. What was Rafa supposed to do, just bend over and get shafted? The real villain here is Roy who has no reason to make comments about another manager and should stop trying to put King Kenny in the uncomfortable position of having to be dragged into an unnecessary confrontation.

      Liverpool has always been about doing things gracefully and properly, but after Hicks and Gillett, we now also have a manager whose mission it seems is to make us the laughing stock of the footballing world. Rafa never ever referred to Gerrard Houllier sorely because the blame game really does not help anything or anybody, but Roy never misses the chance to moan about the fact that he has inherited an untalented squad even though most if not all of them are internationals. Rafa in his first season had to rely on the likes of Sinama-Pongolle, Igor Biscan, Djimi Traore, Neil Mellor and the calamitous Jerzy Dudek among others. Roy should stop uttering ridiculous things and concentrate on getting our boys to play watchable football.

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      • "Liverpool has always been about doing things gracefully and properly, but after Hicks and Gillett, we now also have a manager whose mission it seems is to make us the laughing stock of the footballing world."

        funny, how you blame h& g and hodgson but leave waffa out of this.... FACT, WAFFA started airing dirty laundry in public, not h&g.... sure they went behind his back to get klinsmann and he should've gone to them/board if he felt aggrieved..... but no, he went straight to the media to garner the 'blind support' from dull-headed muppets like you...... thereby dragging the club's name through the mud and turning it into laughing stock... remember the FACTS rant, which led to a whipping by united? remember accusing drogba of diving leading to drogba scoring a brace and dumping lfc out of the CL? waffa needs to keep his big, ugly gob shut!!

        "Rafa never ever referred to Gerrard Houllier sorely because the blame game really does not help anything or anybody"

        are you right in the head? that squad won the CL, UEFA cups.... calamity dudek as you put it, single-handedly won the shootout and was promptly rewarded by being sold....

        it is clear now.... you are no liverpool supporter.. you are just a part of the 'in waffa we twust' bandwagon.... why don't you go support inter then? it's already unraveling there... a TREBLE-WINNING team with possibly the best player in the world - sneijder, best goalie - cesar, best righback - maicon, best strikers - eto'o, milito, best holding - cambiasso, etc, etc... the list goes on.... FIVE back-to-back titles.. now they are already 2nd and slipping further... already lost the super cup... watch waffa the muppet dismantle that great team put together by the master - mourinho..... obrigado tw@t!!!

      • Bang on. The media love to whip up the 'Rafa's had another rant' headline even though he was defending himself from Hodgson.

        Rafa was blasted by everyone for his man management style, yet here we have a man who seems to roll out every excuse to get himself and his tactics off the hook by suggesting he inherited a poor quality squad (great man management that).....a squad of course that came within 2 points of winning the title just 18 months ago......or did everyone miss that.

        A question that should be asked is "why did Rafa bring Kenny back into the club if he didnt want him getting involved in things..."

        It beggars belief that Hodgson is so untouchable that he can get away with the sh*te he has been spewing since turning up at Anfield, oversee shockingly poor performances, take the team into the relegation zone, selling talented youngsters such as Dalle Valle whilst bringing in over the hill poor quality footballers such as Konchesky and Poulsen who simply arent good enough.

        Had Rafa bought Konchesky or Poulsen the press would have murdered him by now, but for some reason Hodgson seems completely immune to the attention of the press....!

        The hypocrisy is unbelievable. An open question to all those who wanted Rafa out.....

        "Are you happy now that you got what you wished for?

      • Spot on Mel - good response to an ignorant post.