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  • Patrick Patrick Dec 30, 2010 08:17 Flag


    Rafa was working with two big problems, both now gone. Come back, now's the time and take us back we we belong

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    • We'd lose one then win one - away game then home game. That was in keeping with the efficiency of Hodgson's system. It's why I don't see any success with this system on Sunday, even tho I think the Mancs are there for the taking.

    • I'd love this game to be an upset waiting to happen.. If you look at events of late.. we've lost one then following week we'd win....

      So if by some miracle we win against Man UTD then fingers must be pointed at Hodgson.. and the question asked "why can't you win every game?" However I'm not hopeful for the FA Cup game..

      What basis do I have to be optimistic for?

      We're playing worse than I can remember, we've the worst manager in charge than I can remember..

    • I'm just embarassed that they're presenting it this way after watching so many "main" or "marquee" matches and Fox previews always presenting us in a different light in previous years, in comparison to this.. Used to always be "Gerrard, Torres and the mighty Reds" or "England's elite club" type mantra..

      And, sadly, it's true... I think most supporters of both clubs, and knowledgeable fans in general would consider it a bit of an upset.. not so sure shock isn't taking it too far, but upset is fair.

      I'm having difficulty accepting this all as fact and reality..

    • In answer to your question Jason I am more resigned to this state of affairs than embarrassed. Fox's understandably cack-handed way of drumming up interest in the game only reflects the way Skank Utd have had an earlier start at more recognition abroad than LFC. I would love nothing more than a huge 'upset' but I'm aware that Hodgson will still be in charge on Sunday, which is when feelings of embarrassment will no doubt kick in.

    • Not sure Imran, but I pay them good money every month to subscribe and watch our mighty Reds play champagne football every match..

    • Jason, isn't Fox the spawn of Satan?

    • Arnold I'll put this simply enough for you regarding your 'points' - if it looks like sh.it & smells like sh.it then it probably is sh.it.

      The only things 'deluded' here are your laughable attempts to contribute to this thread.

      But at least you keep trying, so well done you!

    • thanks for explaining my previous post to poor deluded imran, i was about to do a full break-down of message & write a follow-up essay; you saved me the trouble.

    • Plastic, all I'm doing is looking at the bigger picture. Since Kenny resigned in 1991 we never had a chance to build any momentum with a tactically astute manager, like the Mancs have. How long did it take Ferguson to win a trophy & then impose his way over the Mancs? We already had that in place with Kenny but the understandable stress of Hillsborough led to his resignation, when all he really wanted was a break from management. LFC dropped the ball there (& did so again when Kenny put his name forward last year) but I really thought we had a chance to build something with a manager who, despite despicable rednecks bleeding our club dry, still kept us competitive.

      The media led the calls for change with one breath & then reported on the cause of our financial difficulties with another, all the while never making a connection between the two in case it showed support for Rafa.

      As for Inter, Rafa sold Balotelli but never got the cash to buy new players. An injury crisis meant using reserve team & squad players but Inter fans were still singing his name. So far, so Liverpool.

      But now time for a change from the mediocrity of Hodgson. My point, as far as this thread was concerned, was that the London-based media seemed to have done a good job in convincing a lot of LFC fans that Rafa did nothing for us. I was simply providing an alternative viewpoint. I just hope we get a manager with the same kind of European pedigree.

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