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  • OLD DOG OLD DOG Jan 6, 2011 17:27 Flag

    Please give us our Liverpool Back

    It has become very obvious that Liverpool (our beloved team) and Roy Hodgson do not mix well.
    As we fall further and further behind, a change must be made to stop the rot.
    There is one man who is waiting in the wings, who knows what to do, who knows how to fix the problems, who has the experience, and passion, that is need to save our club, that man is of-course King Kenny Dalglish, a man who understands what is expected of him, a man who knows how to win, and a man who has, or would gain instant respect from fans and players alike.
    Put Phil Thompson by his side, and lets get on with winning games again,
    The future is bright, the future is Kenny.
    Please make the change now, befor it is to late.

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