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  • Jason Jason Dec 28, 2011 00:22 Flag

    Turn the Corner, Turn the Page..

    While I know the game falls before the calendar shows 2012, I think this week's match vs Newcastle may as well be considered a starting point to a new season and a great spring board for momentum to push on to the club's aspirations for this season..

    I don't take the Geordies lightly whatsoever. I think alot of people expected them to disappear from their early season top 3 form, which in a sense has, but I fully expect them to be in or around the top 6 especially after the Jan window based on their strengths in how Pardew has built them and some additions.

    To me, playing them at Anfield is as big as anyone in the big 4 or top 6, and I think it's exactly what the club needs, especially at home. I think the pressure and anxiety vs the "should wins" in the likes of Norwich, Swansea, and even lowly Rovers has gotten to the players mindset and the atmosphere, and though they've played great at times and created loads of chances, the goals aren't there. So, I think, with a team who will clearly want to go to Anfield and claim all 3 points and not set out for a draw, it might put a bit of a scare into the lads and maybe play with a bit of a chip, or underdog if you will... The team that can't score at home.. And, just maybe we'll be in for a pleasant new year's surprise in a carefree, free flowing match, and hell despite my love for Defense both EPL and my own native NFL football, I could sure go for a 3-2 or 4-3 thriller!

    I'd also, just like to lead into this theme of hopefully turning the corner with some positives. We are still the meanest defense in the Premiership, by a few goals and not by camping out that's for sure. I think our back 4 + Reina have all been magnificent, as good as any. Despite the draws, we've only lost 1 match in 16. We still have a chance to go to Wembley in the league cup. We have a favorable draw in the FA Cup, and with the window open, 1-2, maybe 3 new faces could kick start 2012 in fine fashion..

    I know that one thing is for sure, no matter who we play, or where, this team under KK is well drilled back to front, top to bottom and it's just a matter of time... Time to kick on fellas!!

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    • Loads of money spent where's the improvement in the league?

      We're no better than last season and the one before it..

    • It won't be turning the corner, it will be going backwards i.e down the league. The top three are too far ahead even now. Arsenal and Chelsea are not at their best but still ahead. Millions spent but no top four I'm afraid.

    • Hope I shared your optimism Jason, truth is that I now dread any home game. We have drawn the top 2, Man U and Man C and have drawn with the bottom team as well (Blackburn). Who then are we going to beat at home, other than the 3-1 win vs Bolton, the other 2 wins (1-0 vs QPR and 2-1 vs Wolves) were hardly convincing. The most frustrating part is that of all the 7 draws we have this season, we dominated each and every one of those matches, which means 14 points donated.

      I will start believing after we have won like 3 straight home games and with convincing margins too.

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      • Hey Mel,

        I'm not going to lie and say I didn't have that anxious feeling before, and almost besides myself when Adam turned the corner into Reina's net, quite beautifully I might add, but I fully expected them to control the second half, find an equalizer and then kick on with another 2 which they didn't..

        Having said this, and as I had to take some time away from here on the boards and alot of other aspects of my life for a bit, sometimes all you can do is try and find the positives.. And, it's not like last year when I was trying to salvage scraps from the disaster that was Sir Roy.. We do have a lot of positives to build on, and while I know nothing any of us says or does here has any tangible effect, I'm a huge believer in Karma, so I like to think good things..

        City are in most eyes, Champions elect, and in many seasons, a draw vs United might be expected though not accepted, so those 2, you might live with despite having the run of play, but for the others, yes I agree they were all terrible dropped points when being far superior in every aspect. Having said this, you look and see our away form has been spectacular, only losing at WHL and Britannia, 2 of the toughest in my book. I'd probably not expect to get the 2 reverses @ City or United, but if we are manage to swing the pendulum vs these other sides on their turf which all come later in the season when they will all be under tremendous pressure to avoid a drop or bottom table position and our road form could very well carry us and compensate for these drops at home.

        You'd also have to expect Spurs, Ars.enal, and the pensioneers to have it all to do when coming our way. It may not be conventional, but our potential to collect away points could very well overturn what we'd consider fortress Anfield.

        Again, let's hang our hat on the best defense in the prem, 1 loss in 16, playing well and I believe we will add faces in Jan, so let's kick it off in style with a win vs Newcastle.. 1-0, or 4-0 is all the same, and after 19, 34 pts isn't too far off the realisitc goal with LOTS of room to improve!