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  • Aurelio Aurelio Mar 12, 2012 17:12 Flag

    not to worried

    I am getting very worried.

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    • Aurelio, did you happen to see the quote from Harry when he was asked if he was worried after Spurs have lost there last 3 league games in a row (just like us)? He said he was suicidal.

      But then laughed it off by saying while of course he would have liked to have done better, it was 3 of the toughest games on the schedule, being against Utd, Arsenal and Everton.

      Just thought I'd throw that in for some much needed perspective. Not sure if most think away at the Stadium of light for us is a harder or equal fixture than Spurs at Goodison, but I think Harry is still being heralded as the best English coach and a shoe in for the England job. That is if he does not top himself before the Euros begin!