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  • Loki Loki Apr 12, 2012 11:10 Flag

    Its back to how it should be

    Well well well. Comolli sacked. So the owners have seen that his role hasn't worked, and they obviously blame him for a lot of the overpriced players we've bought.

    FSG have acted decisively here and that's good. Now Kenny is responsible for the players coming in, just like it used to be! Also, it seems he's going to get another year looking at what the owners have said, so lets all put our grievances with Kenny to one side and get behind him.

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    • FSG will get another Director of Football.. as thats their concept.

      Also they want CL football.. Whether you like it or not.. Benitez would get us that CL football..

      FSG also hinted they're prepared to be here for one more season..

    • Loki your assumption here is that the reasons for DC leaving are not valid. In other words the family issue taking him back to France are just an excuse. That might be correct, but with KD coming out and saying he was in agreement with all buys we have to consider if DC was fired, KD is also on thin ice, or DC really did have a valid reason to want to leave and do so on good terms, in which case the owners still have faith in the project KD and DC put in motion and want to see it through.

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      • Dave, call me a cynic, but when clubs part company with employees for 'family reasons' and 'mutual consent', I see those terms as euphemisms for a sacking, but not wanting to crucify the guy publicly.

        With regards to Kenny saying what he did, what else is he going to say? I don't think he would say anything other than to imply that he is the boss and makes all important decisions. In the case of Carroll, I still maintain that Kenny could not have conducted sufficient research of the player because of the Torres situation.

    • LOKI...Think I might have been first on this board to apportion some of the blame for overpriced poor signings to Commoli...glad to see the back of him think the board should return to the old system of :scouting: via the nouse of ex players whoknow the game.
      Hope Kenny is given another season and another 100mill to spend and spend HIS way then he can truly be judged by who he signs.

    • This is fsg getting ready sell

    • Get back to a team of ex-players who could become scouts as it used to be

    • Still early days yet Loki. The may yet move Dalglish on in the cose season, realising that now is probably not the time. However, perhaps thay are not pleased with the deals overseen by Comolli? I don't perhaps there is a genuine family reason why Comolli is heading back to France.