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  • Delphi Delphi May 2, 2012 22:16 Flag

    "Let´s be áving you!!"

    Di Mateo is only a caretaker and will be gone even if he wins the CL although Roman will privately give him a big bonus. Otherwise his record since he took over is ten times better than Dalglish's. Pardew is also streets better as well as the Newcastle scouting system etc. Oh and how much time was Pardew given with his £100m spend. It took him one season and a spend of less than Carroll's fee. As Rafa would say FACTS. Cup wins great but cash receipts poor. 4th place guarantees £50 CL money. Fair play rules mean Henry cannot spend over receipts. THAT Kenny is why the league IS important. Birmingham and Portsmouth recently won cups and where are they now. Oh bet they don't care about league positions.