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  • Colyn Colyn May 15, 2012 13:50 Flag

    THERE IS A GOD !!!

    I'm not asking for a level playing field because it's simply not possible.Clubs with bigger fan bases and those able to generate more revenue shoul dbe able to get the benfit from that. I've no issue on that front at all because that's the way things are and that's what gives us those fantastic minnows vs giants games etc.

    My gripe is that for a club to move forward they need to break the bank and stretch the whole financial model. By that I mean that City are quite happy to pay players in excess of £200k a week. Others will follow and it all shifts up to another level. The fans ultimately pay for this. Somehow it would be great for clubs to be able to do what they want without the average Joe losing out because they can't afford to watch their team play.