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  • Jason Jason Feb 3, 2013 21:28 Flag

    Andy.... It's time.. (sorry)

    Again, I'm with you on Ince.. I wanted him actually before I wanted Sturridge when I heard they were the main two targets, and ultimately, I think we will get him in the summer, at least I hope so. In the meantime, again while I can't say what he'll do, we got a massive talent in Coutinho who won't prevent us from getting Ince in the summer, presumably when Downing is moved on.. We still have wages and space to move, especially considering Sterling can't get on the pitch right now, and Suso can't make the squad... 3 months ago we'd be dire without them.

    As for the stadium, I have less important of a view/opinion of it than all of you lot do, but I hope that they can revamp Anfield and get close to 55-60..

    The thing with 75-80k is, it's a massive expenditure right out of the pockets, and regardless of what anyone thinks, that's all the owners have done is spend, and profit only from the deals they've made, they've not kept player proceeds like many other clubs or the cowboys before them, so even if their spending is measured and split apart, you can't begrudge them for not spending.. Another thing is, you'd have to know all 80K seats will be filled because it costs a club more money to operate a function with an empty seat, then it earns with the seat full.

    If they can secure some other massive deals this summer on top of the 2 I'm hearing are done over on this side of the puddle, then, for me and I think you'd agree, it should go to the squad first, and then start making the final steps on the stadium.

    If we had a more ready made squad that just needed 1-2 two players, I'm sure they'd be ready to commit to that project which will be 3-4-5 years, and maybe something they won't even enjoy when their time comes up, but in the meantime if they can spend on players prudently and bring success then everyone wins..

    To date, they've spent in excess of 500M on players, the club, some debt write offs and even absorbed a 27M (approx) faulty stadium plan loss on behalf of the cowboys.. how many people would do that? They never even said a word..

    As for the game, squad, BR and way things are going, I think after the Oldham match, these last 2 matches were a very strong indicator of the heart and fight of this team, and everyone's entitled to their opinion, but today was arguably the best performance of the year vs a team worth twice as much, and we were better by a distance.. That's something bittersweet, but to be proud of, and I think it shows signs of tangibly turning that corner for progress seen..

    Let's hope we follow it up vs WBA and Swans, which after today, I'd expect us to.. nothing less can be expected after they just slugged it out with the champs, and the Gooners on their soil..