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  • Jason Jason Mar 10, 2013 17:38 Flag

    Individual Errors Through 2/3rds

    As I'm starting this thread, the topic applies to Spurs for that Downing goal on the error at the back..

    BUT, irregardless of that, while (watch this corner go in for Vertognen again) there have been so many individual errors today that I've lost count..

    Lucas has been nothing better than poor. He looks slow, not fit, late with his challenges, alot of fouls, and hasn't found a pass that could hit the side of a barn ..

    Carra is a mess unfortunately. Could argue he was fouled on that 2nd goal, but he headed the ball into the ground, bungles it, hits Agger and in.. We're bad back there on these plays, and to be honest, whatever's going on with Skrtel and Rodgers, unless his form in training is truly that bad, should be put aside because Skrtel could have dealt with both goals better, being taller and a better athlete.

    Sturridge largely non-existent or trying to play a one man show with too many fancy plays, and playing to make a highlight reel, rather than using the ball smart

    Glen a bit sloppy, seems Glenda showed up today.

    Not much from Downing until that goal, a gift.

    Suarez, Coutinho, Gerrard easily the best, Enrique and Agger good, Jones not too bad. But overall, our defenders and midfield have been very sloppy for me.

    After saying all that and not knowing the outcome, I think we can see improvement and the ability to play amongst the top (Spurs unbeaten in 14) just like City, but the difference is our lack of something more in the midfield, and a class CB. I really thought they way they were going last year, Skrtel and Agger looked perfect, but it's not to be, and while very slow, Vertognen and Dawson are tidy and a bit of class, especially when attacking on set pieces.