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  • Loki Loki Apr 3, 2013 21:14 Flag

    Season over Season Perspective

    Dave I agree with everything you've said. Essentially we are a more attacking team, but the balance isn't quite right with the defence just yet. I can't be bothered researching the stats, but I would be interested to see the goals conceded etc since the new year. It probably wouldn't look too bad!

    The big think for me is that I don't feel I am flushing fifty quid down the bog every time I go to Anfield anymore, which has been the case since Rafas last season, and some of the footy we've played is a joy to behold! There is definite progress being made, and as I understand from a friend of a friend of a friend, the players love the new regime in terms of training, playing styke and personal fitness plans. Not only that but the links between the academy and Melwood are stronger than they've ever been with apparently a couple of real gems being developed and a new mentality in the sense that the lads now think they will get a shot at the first team.

    Regarding the first team, a lot of work to do but I think the signs look really positive. Coutinho and Sturridge prove you don't have to splash masses of cash to improve things, at least 4 like that and I think we'll have a shot at the CL spots next season and keeping Suarez beyond 2014.

    • Loki Dave...u know Im no stats fan and with regard to goals scored in second half of season as opposed to first half...Ive mentioned this before....better u spread those goals scored out across the season than concentrate them into 15 games in the better half of our season. 5 v Norwich 4 v Sunderland right there that if spread about could account for seven more 1.0 wins and each of those is 3pts more...how many 1.0 wins have UniTURD ground out this season...thats why they are top and we are not.
      OK right now Im deviating from the thread topic but have u read looks like Andy C is going to get a 2nd chance ? Evidently he and BR are due to meet and talk ,so probably when we play WHU this weekend..the conditions being that he submit to personal medical and fitness programme throughout the season and he resign himself to being an impact sub.One of the things I always noted about Andy was he covered a lot of ground in 90mins for me he had a very good work rate evidenced by all the times u would see him race back to defend corners and free kicks . Some on the board inc myself have been calling for the introduction of a hardman in the midfield someone who can be a ball winner and yet can attack the ball from set pieces either offensively or defensively....can anyone see Carrol given the role of "utility-player" in the midfield in a slightly advanced position, is it possible he could suit BR's play style if given such a role?Certainly he wouldnt be some big target man up front that was simply there to chase balls hoofed up the middle from deep defensive positions ? However even in such a utility role he could be in a sense that Plan B we have been missing all season ? Certainly we could look fw to reaping dividends from all the corners and free kicks we seem to be winning were Andy there to "put himself about" and create a bit of chaos in opposition defenses.

    • Actually Loki you got to my curiosity so looked up the numbers, and actually defensively we don't look much different from the first half to the second half of the season.

      Can't really compare directly as we're not to the end of the season, but having played 31 games I looked at the first 15 versus the second 15 games played (so did not count the Villa match so it’s an even comparison).

      Based on that first half of the virtual season of 15 matches, we conceded 18 goals, while the second 15 matches we conceded 19 goals. However on the attacking side it’s a marked difference with a goal difference of just +1 over the first 15 matches, and a whopping +19 in the second 15.

      Now I know some will say this is just playing with numbers and you can pull stats to tell whatever story you want. However end of the day if you want to measure something you've got to come up with some sort of scale, and so long as your consistent in your calibration it’s an even comparison. So whether we use total goals scored, goals conceded, goal difference, points on the board, league position, or even personal impressions on the quality of play (which is subjective, but still valid as long as we're honest in how you measure the before and after impressions), I can't see how many can say we've not made progress.