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  • Robert M Robert M Apr 25, 2013 12:29 Flag


    I didn't notice these dives or elbow. I don't know if the Sky commentary talked about them as I wasn't listening. They didn't replay the incidents to point them out as far as I noticed. MotD also didn't highlight them, or the Sky pundits afterwards (Souness and Rednapp), when I eventually listened to them. Maybe they were all too excited about the bite.

    Yes, I'd be more upset to be Bertrand than Ivanovic. If I was Ivanovic I'd just regret not being in a situation where I could have introduced my fist to his nose. But since when were punishments about actual damage done? The racial abuse incidents can't easily be argued to have caused the "victims" any actual hurt. Offence, yes, maybe. But they are given longer penalties than the worst tackles.

    But another aspect is that you can argue Sturridge's foul was accidental. Perhaps reckless, but accidental. The bite (or the abuse) can't be argued that way and so it makes a longer penalty easier to justify.