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  • Jason Jason May 6, 2013 13:29 Flag

    The View of the Derby..

    With regards to Skrtel, I think it was a positive move on both ends of the pitch. We did defend really well for the best part of the match, with the obvious questionable call on Distin/Anichebe, but as the game started to grind down, it seemed only inevitable that Everton would just continue to go even more direct, with Pienaar and Mirallas getting nowhere vs our fullbacks, and having brought on Jelavic, another bigger target to go with Anichebe and Fellaini. So we had our 3 best CBs and our tallest (not named Coates) back there to ensure all trouble was cleared away, and at the same time it allowed for Enrique and Glen to just go forward much more as the pleased..

    Enrique seemed to be camped out in the Everton half with Lucas covering a bit more to his side, so I think in that sense Skrtel worked to our favor in both areas. I think Assaidi was just on the bench because Sterling isn't going to be fit the rest of this season, and one would think if he could have caused any trouble to Everton on that left hand side, or even right, he would have come on.

    When I looked at the bench, I really didn't see anything .. Shelvey seems to have played his way out of favor, and when he has come on recently hasn't looked good, so we still need a lot of work.