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  • Owen Owen Mar 17, 2009 01:33 Flag

    A Year In The Championship?

    Afraid the white flag has gone up... you can tell by the way GS talks and looks during the matches.. he's run out of ideas... but its too late now anyway... and it will take longer that 1 season to get back.

    • totally agree,gs just gives excuse after excuse. cant mr gibson sack him and some players aswell cos the fans go to see entertainment and theyre not getting it. i can see the boro going down the same road as leeds. once your down its not easy getting back up. pay peanuts and you get monkeys dont you. like i said in a previous post,gibson should have got a qaulified manager not the monkey he chosen. enjoy the championship.

    • Its not too late there are at least 8 others right in it ,and that still gives you a chance.