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    You've got Scott Parker. You've got Bellamy. Now you're getting Kieron Dyer. You've got the great Curbs when Newcastle wanted him but dithered around. Would you like the shirt off our backs too?

    West Ham are my 'other team' cos I was always taken to Upton Park as a kid when I stayed with my Cockney relatives in London. Now I'll have to make them my main team cos they've got all my favourite players from Newcastle and the best manager in the league who I've been praying for years might end up at Newcastle.

    You'll rip up the league, top six easily.

    Tevez is overrated. Dyer and Bellamy cause more problems than Tevez ever could, you watch.


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    • I agree Davey we should all support our teams but no violence. Abit of harmless banter never hurt anyone but all this meeting for fights etc is down to a minority of small minded idiots that must have sad, sad lives.

    • It must have been the year you were born soppy dear boy,did it land near your dad ? for what it`s worth at that time there was an epidemic of mindless and cowardly violence in football.there was a determination amongst rival gangs to be seen as the biggest set of idiots.you had them we had them (and both still have ) one of our psycopaths was sadly more ignorant and cowardly than most.thank f*ck nobody was badly hurt,but i guess that violence provokes violent retalliation.i only know that i`ve never wanted anything to do with it,my opinion is that in following football we all feel the same way, only for diferent teams.that should surely form a bond between us and not provoke us into kicking the living daylights out of each other.( f*ck me sell me your i.d. )By the way speaking of incendiary devices,i see we`ve lobbed another one into your camp............we know it as .........BOWYER,BELLAMY,DYER ! ......BE WARNED.

    • not convinced that he is good enough to help get us where we want to be ( top 6 and then some )He is the type of player big sam seems to like.......stong,physical,determined etc.but is that enough ? time will tell.at least with him and joey,big cigar,barton in our midfield,you`ve got to think were not gonna be the pushovers we were away from home last season.