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    Should I say no? Should I resign?

    I recently caught my fiancee red-handed making love in our flat with my boss while I was supposed to be in Glasgow working. As luck will have it my flight to Glasgow was cancelled due to bad weather, hence had to come back home unannounced.

    Apparently my fiancee has been carrying on behind my back for the last 18 months, during which time I've been on and off to Glasgow working.

    Here's the tricky bits, my fiancee has promised me that she will put a stop to the affair and now want me to marry her by proposing to me. She told she will go back to my boss if I said no but I don't want to loss her due to the shared mortgage.

    Furthermore, my boss is making life very difficult for me at work and I'm seriously thinking of resigning to look for other job but my age makes me unappealing to most employers even though I've got many years' experience in my occupation.

    What should I do? Should I say no to my fiancee as I couldn't be a*sed anymore? Should I resign? Hammers, some thinking caps PLEASE!!!!

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