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    Gentlemen - your attention please.....

    where does it end then chaps?

    I know what I spent the afternoon doing - and sorry can't tell you here or elsewhere even if you ask nicely -suffice to say I WILL go to any lengths/expense to protect my family rather than talk about it and trade hundreds of insults for next 10 years - not ignoring the male pride bollux. ( yeah you guessed it - i was reading the porn!) But say the ante is upped fellas what's next? leave it to your imaginations.

    Way I see it is either 1. IGNORE 100% which is what should have been done ( but wasn't!) before and hold him to his word which incidentally I believe he'll keep as refuse to believe anyone can enjoy this #$%$. 2. Quit the board - life would go on after all - plenty other boards and all that! Or, lastly 3. Allow/encourage the ante to be upped - and believe me and I reckon most of you will have the sense to do so, there IS a whole lot WORSE that can be done.

    'Kinel sounds like an episode from sopranos but seriously think we all need to take stock of what's going on here right now as big boys - never mind where potentially leading.

    I don't think any of us can hand on heart say we are wholly innocent in this - we may choose to claim we are through loyalty to each other/board whatever - as Nige would say , but there's never smoke without fire and think any neutral bothering to undertake a thorough CHRONOLOGICALLY-ordered referral to threads may well you find, confirm this. If this is so then only argument we have is that of "proportionate response" but even that's subjective and what's done is done.

    Personally I have NO option but to tell you I'm done with washing my wotsits in public and trading insults - up to you of course what action you take but I STRONGLY request you doing the same - even if it means swallowing a little pride- nobody has been physically hurt ffs! and remember, nobody is unscathed in this - for him to resort to what he has means he's been hurt/angered in what he views to be as equally insulting/personal manner. I'm not vindicating it, but trying to put in perspective as I am also well capable of extreme/OTT action/reaction to the extent I don't mind admitting it frightens me as a so-called "responsible family man" with much to lose/protect.

    If you have a problem with this Jesus!, you and the whole world has my e-mail !, and think what it will look like if we start bickering here !!? so let's LEAVE IT OFF THIS BOARD fellas before everyone -especially those not involved are bored off here and it descends into the continual #$%$e we see on other boards - ffs only so many insults and counter-insults I can stand viewing (including mine) before looks very childish and repetitive and sure not alone in that way of thinking. Else, those wishing to carry on please take it to a neutral foreign board (Napoli as a suggestion in continuance of the mafia-type mood! ), this way the board gets back to talking footy and all the multitude of other subjects we do so well. I'm pretty sure Butch whatever his name is, will so to resume his main battle on the boards. See, even that illustrates the futility of all this - not even knowing your "enemy"!!!! first rule of warfare would think?.

    Rational, non-emotive Adult replies only please.

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    • yea know what you mean mate..I'm watching with amusement at the goings on at Sta Andres....we have Sulivan and Gold (david) saying they are going to leave...sell up and pack it in...then big U turn and say they are not...but on the plus side the players that McLeish wants to stay are committed to stayin...so next season should be inetesting....Cant wait to see if Hull (our replacements can beat the derby total of 11 points....gotta be worth a bet they don't....6 easy points for alot of teams..........just where are they going to grt their points from...the Wigans and Fulhams arent push overs now ..I say it looks gloomy for them and they have only bin promted a week.

      England..?.... bah......Give me Deutschland in the Euro's Ja Ja...und ein Kleine bier bitte...nein zwei grossen bier bitte, fur die junkermeister..!! ja Ja. !!

    • Alroight Nige - just can't get into the footy at mo' not wioth us out of euros pluis so many players i can't stand the sight of.

      No least spit the captain disgrace he's even in an england shirt.

      Good to see he's stopped blubbing though.

    • Not long back from t'mill, Mike, and lads...

      Have spent a few minutes browsing through this and the other post's and given time have considered my response.

      I am a guest on this board, but never the less I feel part of it and I do tend to get protective if I see other board mates involved in what I see as internet bullying..... So what ? well thats just the way I am, and will alway's be.

      I do not consider that I am free of any blame for upping the anti...and in some respects should know better, but I am no different to anyone else, I have a laugh and take the pee, and can get a little personal, but only when others get or do personal things to me. What we should remember is that this is a 'football' forum, and discussion forum which by and large we each enjoy. lets keep it that way.

      I have read the views of the person that this involves. To some extent I can see where he is coming from as I have been on the recieving end of unwanted attention myself, but it must be said, what you sow is what you reap... However there is reacting and over reacting, and the level of reaction in his case was well over the top. For my part, if someone does something to me, I return the compliement..but only in the form i recieve with a little bit more added.....Pity we can't all have some sort of moral code. like I stated before...its all word's ...who does that hurt?.a wind up and a bit of banter from the person giving it, and responded to in a like fashion. Thats the way it should be sorted..

      This is my last word on this subject, unless I am required to return a compliment. Let's see.

    • Hey man look at the time .got to go i've got a life you know away from here ,housework to do ,our lass will be in soon i am the boss in here i've told her or i am not making the beds ,washing up ,hoovering no more,you have to put them in their place you know.

    • 30 sovs and free beer is all I can manage - a man's gotta makje a living and my overheads.

      How's Rula?

    • If you pay me more than Arfur does yes.unless Dave wants me in the Winchester that day.

    • You are right ZB.

      You still on for being our minder when we hit the Boleyn!?

    • Iron and Zambesi - Huggy's going nowhere.

      ..according to my appraisal anyway.

    • I'd decided to stay away from here for good, but I'm #$%$ if I'm gonna sit back and watch this boring Scottish #$%$ lie and lie and lie.

      You say I came here first after blooboy spammed the United board, and that's true.

      What's also true is that it was banter, and not one word of it was aimed at you ... it was YOU who attacked me, not the other way round.

      Another lie is that you have offered to end it, this is absolute #$%$, it's ME who has offered to stop, and you who have insisted that I apologise to you.

      You're a #$%$ useless #$%$ guru, I had intended to stop the porn thing, but just for you, and just for your lies, I'm gonna step it up for you.

      You can't let anything go, and your #$%$ over the last day proves it, I hope everyone has taken note.

      Another thing, keep the #$%$ off the United board, you're not wanted there, and if you continue the #$%$ I'll step this up in ways that will make your hair curl .... YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

    • Gotcha John - thought you were referring post-email action.

      ..and I'm not even trying to tell you what to do mate - you are clearly a more emotive a person than me and respect that.

      I have become more immune to pain - married 11 years.

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