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  • Green Green Apr 22, 2010 04:49 Flag

    I hope we go down!

    and yet another #$%$ performance against Liverpool but hey whats the sweat, 3 games left, 3 points away from a relegation place and never fear Boa Morte is here, zola's really happy....Sack the #$%$ lot of em.!!!...In fact and in truth West Ham would (in the long term) be better to do as Leeds and Southampton have and are doing, drop right down, clear out the #$%$, get the finances in order and build from there.

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    • I guess todays game has put a different outlook on things now, ok some of the players aren't doing well at times, if they were that bad they would have been walked over in every game, with near zero wins. Even now 14th is still possible although very unlikely.