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    by Govinda Sep 16, 2014 20:09

    You cannot expect Welbeck to suddenly morph into the worlds best goalscorer in 2 games. Give him and Wenger time, Giroud hardly set the world alight when he joined, and have a look at Diego Costas goal scoring record before last 2 seasons, 10 goals was his maximum in a season.

    I think Mertesecker is limited but good enough providing there is quality in DM, which there isn't. I think Wenger is looking to make a purchase here and suspect in January we may see some activity. Khedhira or Carvalho are obvious choices.

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    Back from Portugal

    by John Sep 23, 2014 11:11

    "Got a villa for the family and spent the days on the beach or just lazing are around the pool. Read a few good books and got through a lovely 16yr old malt whisky."

    I bet the Dodge family got a hard-on when he read the bit about 16yr old malt whiskey!

    "Desperate to book my next year's vacations now."

    Give Asia a go, John, I'll meet you somewhere, maybe catch a tour match somewhere.

    You're right, our defence is a mess, Smalling, Jones and Evans aren't up to it, , that leaves us Rojo, Shaw and Rafael. I was hoping he'd buy Shawcross from Stoke and someone to partner him, instead of that the chatter is all about attacking midfielders and strikers. I think he should now convert Fellaini to defender, he defends corners and free kicks better than anyone else in the team.

    Didn't Southampton do well? It now seems any team that takes this cup seriously can win it, which isn't many, maybe it's time to drop Prem teams from the comp if they can't be bothered.

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    Back from Portugal

    by John Sep 23, 2014 11:11

    "I'll have to write to Peter Grainger who is living in Lombok."

    So, if Bali is heaven, does that mean Lombok is hell?

    QUOTE: (by Baldrick • Nov 26, 2013 14:28) ...... "Peter Grainger ...... the man's dead"

    "Dear Beelzebub, please pass this message on to my dear dead friend, Peter Grainger, that's if you haven't already eaten him.

    Your good friend, Baldrick."

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    Back from Portugal

    by John Sep 23, 2014 11:11

    " I wouldn't mind Asia but my missus wont go" ....... Said by JOHN!!!

    You alcoholics crack me up!

    Not a word about the DEAD Peter Grainger who now "lives" on Lombok .... I wonder why ..... HIC!!!

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    Spurs game

    by Govinda Sep 27, 2014 19:27

    I think City and Chelsea will take the first 2 spots with Chelsea my current favorites but an injury to Costa could change that. Liverpool yesterday started to look a little bit more like the team that impressed last season and is my 3rd and I still think Man U will take 4th. They had a disaster start and are still only 2 points behind Arsenal.

    I think Spurs, Southampton, Arsenal and Everton will fight it our for 5th and I just don't think it is our year this year. Our defending is just too poor and too old and slow. If Arsenal wanted to sneak in at 4th they can not afford drop points at home against the likes likes of Spurs, Southampton and Everton.

    Mertesacker - Arteta or Mertesacker-Flamini is just too easy of an axes for good teams not too look forward exposing that lack of pace and force. You can see panic as soon as teams start to run at us.

    I hope I am wrong and a lot can happen in terms of injuries to key players from teams competing for the top 4 spots and also Wenger could surprise and buy a commanding DM or CD in the winter window but based on what I have seen so far we are inferior to last season and still have the same flaws or worse on the back of key players aging too fast.

  • Brilliant! He's deleting posts as fast as he can, before the missus catches him!

    Delete this one too, ALCY!


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    Spurs game

    by Govinda Sep 27, 2014 19:27

    I wouldn't blame Flamini for the goal. He was given the ball, not knowing there was a player on his shoulder. I think it was Szcesny's fault.

    We need to into next weeks game with the idea of taking a point off them. United's defence is in disarray. No Rooney for three weeks will see them drop points again. He is the engine that keeps them going sometimes.

    If we can get through the next couple of months without any more defensive injuries, we will be fine.

    One other really good thing I saw in the game, was Callum Chambers linking up with OX. Ox had a poor first half in my book, but he came good in the second. Chambers is looking like our best signing so far this season.

  • ...........well that tells everyone exactly WHO !!!! There'll be a few red faces ( and WELL slapped a...ses) on here I should think.......tickets! Anyone got any tickets for the next game. No? Better go to Tickets R Us at the Baptists place...he gets his on the cheap I here.......AAARRRHHHH..........No. .Second thoughts...chuckle!chuckle......guffaw !!

  • "Danny Welbeck is like a better hybrid version of Messi and Ronaldo."

    "Welbeck scored the same amount of goals tonight as he did for MUFC in 2014. Is he the new Henry?"


  • I am on my hands and knees willing to suck some willy, who would like to be first?

    It's 22:38 here in Cairns and I've had no hot bloke sausage action so far today, but there's still time yet ....ah well, you gotta larf!

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    Sanchez in the bag at £30m!!!

    by FABONGRASSS Jul 10, 2014 21:11

    "u can fool some people some of the time."

    I've got a ring through your nose ALL of the time, Gillian, and have done since you lied about having been to Australia, and made up your imaginary friends, the Graingers.

    I then reinforced my control over you when I exposed your bullshyte about being shipwrecked and taken to Freemantle.

    Since then I've played you like throwing a stick for a dog.

    PROOF of that is all the IDs you've had to make up to try and counter the humiliation I've put you through as Dodgybanana, an ID I've forced you to drop.

    Now you're reduced to a babbling idiot ... and I'm LOVING it!


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    Luke Shaw

    by Singing In The Rain Jul 3, 2014 15:15

    Don't lecture ANYONE on fictitious exotic holidays Sweet.. Dodgy ground with ya retard! 😁

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    Time in Cairns

    by You Gotta Larf! Jul 20, 2014 21:09

    That coming from someone as touched in the skull as you are, now that is funny...you gotta larf!

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    Luke Shaw

    by Singing In The Rain Jul 3, 2014 15:15

    Well there you go, Sweet, a little bit of baiting, a little white lie, and, as I expected, the idiot "Jack", he of the false teeth, has shown his hand .... BUSTED!

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    by John Jul 15, 2014 16:42

    This isn't over just yet.

    Khedira is still on holiday, but Real have just dropped their sale price by £5m after they agreed a big money deal for Rodriguez. This means AFC has a bit more money to offer as salary.

    Khedira is back this weekend, so fingers crossed for news on Monday.

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    World Cup eye catchers

    by Colyn Jun 26, 2014 17:16

    Hi Colyn,

    A little late for me to respond to this one, as we've actually moved to sign some already. But, I was impressed by nearly everyone in the Mexican squad, especially Ochoa in goal and their left back Layun.

    I was already a huge fan of (don't call me James) James Rodriguez, and we see what Madrid did... A young defender for Uruguay (Jiminez? Atletico I think), Rojo of Argentina, Mascherano really was a standout and we know him.. Ruiz of Costa Rica, only he's going on 30 now, and loaned to/from Fulham, otherwise if he were 23-24, he'd be a big star.. Daley Blind, De Vrij both of Netherlands.. Origi of Belgium, who we've apparently signed and loaned back to Lille, and 3 Americans made us all amazingly proud in Jermaine Jones, Fabian Johnson, and Deandre Yedlin.. First two are in Bundesliga, Yedlin rumored from MLS to Italy.. Roy Hodgson too!

    IMO, that was the greatest world cup there's been. Obviously I've only been alive for a handful, but it was definitely the best I remember, and miles above South Africa.. Everyone went out to put on a show and score goals. Btw, if you'd like to keep in touch, my email is jasoneman24 or on twitter @acrossthemersey..

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    How Funny...

    by Roy Jul 26, 2014 21:17

    How funny, you check Kipper's post history and EVERY post is about Sweet, then check Sweet's post history and there are only three posts mentioning Kipper, and ALL in reply to him posting first.

    It's CLEAR who is obsessed with whom here!

    She flucked you off, with your tail between your legs, and you HATE it!


  • So that is arguably the GK of the world cup in the bag and i would imagine Ospina will give the current Arsenal No.1 a real run for his money. I wonder if Arsene has just signed the new No1 GK at the club, leaving Scez sweaing on the bench?

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    Wengers best team...???

    by TheButchNemesis Oct 3, 2014 08:13

    Lauren over Sagna is an easy one. In fact you couldnt really argue if you picked George Grahams back 5, the bedrock of his and Wengers early success, but you are probably too young a fan to remember those days Baldrick.

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    To Whom it may concern...

    by Roy Aug 7, 2014 12:51

    ........('(...´...´.... ¯~/'...')
    ..........''...\.......... _.·´