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  • After all smiles and celebrations and the "we're going to win the League" last week after the 4-0 QPR, it was business as usual for Manchumpter Useless! Can you tell me how much has van Gaal has spent again?

    Leicester City 5 -3 Manchumpter Useless...hahaha...you gotta larf!

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    No proper DM not top 4 and no trophy.

    by Govinda Sep 18, 2014 10:57

    I'm surprised our resident know-it-all hasn't been in to whip your #$%$!

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    Back from Portugal

    by John Sep 23, 2014 11:11

    Cheers Butch.

    Will email shortly. My feet have barely touched the ground since getting back from holiday.

    Desperate to book my next year's vacations now.

    Looks like Van Gaal may rue the day he chose not to sign a CB this summer.

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    You gotta larf!

    by You Gotta Larf! Jul 4, 2014 16:15

    Settle down my little dipstick, that's the third colostomy bag you've busted this week!

  • Alexis Sanchez and his agent arrived in London today, to finalise terms of his contract as Arsenal have met Barca's £30m valuation. The deal is expected to be completed and announced by Monday.

    Debuchy has undergone a medical at Arsenal, as his £11m transfer from Newcastle looks set to be completed this week.

    2 down......

    Who else do we want?

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    The Knowledgeable Cairns Concubine.....

    by JamesB Jul 3, 2014 09:17

    You must lower the tone of even your Paedophile meetings in Cairns Altree, you filthy animal. Just read yourself, to give your sh...t for brains some idea of who you really are. Do you really think that everyone can't see through you. You only warrant spitting on, and probably are in most establishments in Cairns. Which is why you are on here 24/7. Now go and give your wife something she needs, more than you blowing it out of your #$%$ on here every night

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    Deb. but no San....

    by TheButchNemesis Jul 9, 2014 17:45

    Because we are not all avid readers of posts, or telepathic. So what difference to you anyway mr user. ? I've only seen your face here once in a blue moon. Put up or shut up.

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    Sanchez / Debuchy

    by John Jul 8, 2014 14:47

    Top 3 would be a good and very doable result for Man U, sacking Van Gaal if he doesn't win the PL in his second season seems a bit short sided. At the moment the PL is so tight that for any club to expect to win the PL, or budget for it, seems over ambitious IMO. A top 2 finish is already impressive.

    If Arsenal finish in the top 2 this season within a whisker of 1st I would be happy. Losing a manager like Van Gaal simply because he does not deliver the PL in his second year seems a pity, unless he is miles of the pace.

    I am quite happy Wenger is back to signing expensive players, showing his ambition. If he signs a top class DM, I would want him to stay as long as we finish in the top 3.

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    The Knowledgeable Cairns Concubine.....

    by JamesB Jul 3, 2014 09:17

    My wife took the photo in my avatar, in the mirror!


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    Baptist preaching .........

    by JamesB Jul 17, 2014 10:08

    "Resorting to name calling again I see."

    That's all he has, John, it's all he's ever had.

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    Baptist preaching .........

    by JamesB Jul 17, 2014 10:08

    There you go, talk about proving a point!

  • ..the rumours persist.
    I think he'd make a GREAT signing....and scare the #$%$ out of the rest of the Prem in doing so.

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    Luke Shaw

    by Singing In The Rain Jul 3, 2014 15:15

    Ohh Rikk ,

    ... there was I thinking that Kipper had really gone on his much publicised 2 week holidays to Antigua....don't you remember...?

    ...that was when "Lenny" turned up within 36 hours....hehehe :)

    ...I do acknowledge that Abbie must have felt a little chilly outside the pub in the red bikini....and a tad underdressed at the G8 confrontations....and maybe overdressed for the Cyber Party...:D....

    ....but...when all is said and done...she's Kipper's daughter...and I admire her resilience...especially since she was only about 9 years old at the time.....wow...

    ...anyway...Lee and I went to exotic Wales last weekend...Talacharn....we met up with Adrian and his wife for dinner....

    ...you were mentioned in dispatches ...; ) but Kipper's name didn't come up once.....:(

  • In answer to be found out on the Welbeck winger thing. Just read this squirming b...ll sh...t.

    "So it's taken you hours of Googling to find another opinion, by Welbeck, that he spent years on the wing .... prove it, show me the games he started on the wing? Not substitute appearances, where he was brought on to change the game, but games he STARTED on the wing?

    Take your time, and remember, Google is not always your friend!
    And talking about wingers, Giggs scored plenty, as did Best, Beckham, Ronaldo, etc..

    Give up the booze, remember how all your family and friends deserted you? It's because you're an unlikeable prick .... no offence."

    Oh dear do you think he's hurting??? AAARRRHHH! ha ha ha AN UNLIKEABLE PRICK ??? AAARRRHHH! ha ha ha ha ha Who me?????

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    World Cup eye catchers

    by Colyn Jun 26, 2014 17:16

    Yea, please do (email me).. I can also invite you a closed forum for LFC fans around Europe, where we all post/communicate in real time, which is not a huge group. Mostly France believe it or not.

    Back to Yedlin.. any story of him to LFC would be a little extreme, as we wasn't supposed to make our USA squad, let alone play, and though he looked like a wing wizard, he's MLS so that would be way too big a jump. Italy (Roma suggested) seems a little more feasible. And, tbh, he replaced our very best performer not named Dempsey in Fabian Johnson 28 year old rb, who makes Glenda look less than avg. He's just moved from Hertha Berlin to a bigger club in Germany, but man, can he raid down that right flank, and defend. He kept Cristiano in his pocket for 90"..

    Slightly off the mark, but I'm glad you enjoyed that game and the USA performances / plus shots you might have seen of our fans around the states. If you didn't know better, you'd think we were British or Brazilian during the cup.

    Back to the players, we are once again, linked with Shaqiri who was also a star, which we already knew. Now having Lallana out for 6-8 wks with a knee, immediately makes us feel thinner up top, while we wait days/weeks for Remy to be officially announced. Back to fullback, we've wasted so much time p*$$ing about 20M+ for Moreno, meanwhile Ricardo Rodríguez of Swiss/Germany looked fantastic and prob 2/3 the price.

    We still need a LB, another attacker, and another striker. Of those 3, quality/affordability is the biggest obstacle in the striker area.. no Cavani, Benzema etc.. Gonna have to find another Sturridge to grow into him, Remy and Lambert.. Kristoff (er) Peterson our 20 yo has looked great so far, so I'd love to see us develop a youth striker like him, who can add 10-12 goals.. He and Ibe seem our crown jewels.

    Can't wait to see them Monday in Princeton!!

  • I fully expect Welbeck to get alot better at Arsenal, but only because he is at a good age and wasn't utilised in his favoured position at United. His failure to succeed (if he did fail) was largely down to the superior strikers in his way. If there is a pattern to speak of here to following the likes of Forlan, it is getting few opportunities at a big club and getting more at a smaller club. Luckily for Danny he has no competition to speak of at Arsenal.

  • LMFAO I've got you going beserk you old wooly woofer, a couple of posts from me and you manage to wriggle free from your straight jacket and tap away on your keyboard.

    You're always getting OWNED by a Geordie!!!

    OINK OINK!!!

  • Man U 3...Real 1

    ....nice result.....:)

  • The problem with the Charity Shield is that if you win it, people say it's a nonsense trophy, yet if you loose it's the worse thing in the world?

    We basically treated the game like it was a proper competitive game. Although both teams were without key players, City failed to get into gear until it was too late. We scored the 3rd against the run of play.

    3-0 may have flattered us, but we deserved to win it.

  • Looks like Baptist and Vindaloo are taking over the show on here. A pint of Theakstons Old Peculiar mixed with a Vindaloo curry should get the right balance and keep us on the trot...ha ha ha ha ha!
    Cant imagine how the Cairns simpleton Butch, is going to handle trotting to the outside dunny every hour after reading those two. The cutting edge of football understatements of Govinda, matched with the incisive turn of phrase by John ( matched only by his turn of coat ) will be something to behold. I just cant wait. And I promise not to laugh..........just think of it John and Gobby, there maybe nothing to moan and twist around about Arsenals performances this season. Pity that. But you are fun to read never the less.