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    Anfield? Not a clue!

    by sweetblindness Jan 26, 2014 14:37

    ..anyone want to give me odds on Kipper not answering the question...?

    ...or starting an new thread about the price of salami in Timbuktu....?

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    Kipper's emails

    by Old Mother Oink! Jan 27, 2014 04:14

    Who is Lou?....................Someone else who has the measure of you Rikk009?

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    by Mr. Alan TingTong Padew Jan 27, 2014 02:25

    oh ramsey is available now.. demm.. thx dude..

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    by Mr. Alan TingTong Padew Jan 27, 2014 02:25

    hey net can u share your line up..

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    by DRUMMER Jan 19, 2014 18:24


    ..."absolute tosh. Just a bunch of made up dates. She mentions Anfield, December"....

    ...what a little wriggly lying maggot you are...:)...show me where I said "December"...?

    ....it was 23rd September...2012..a Sunday...the Crime board had "shut down"...as it often did...4 days previously...Wednesday 19th @ 1911 hrs...the dates and times are from old emails...there was a lot going on then...

    ...you couldn't bear it...you thought you're krap had shut the board down for good...you couldn't live without being able to stalk me...so at one minute after the kick off between Man U and Liverpool at Anfield...1331 hours...you used the email address you had stolen from the Crime board to attack a woman....in her own sitting room....

    ...it was premeditated and you picked that precise time because you know from the board that Rikk had sent me links to "live streaming" of the games...and that I'd be watching on my PC...when Yahoo flashed up..."new mail"...

    ...we had cremated my Dad the day before...and were still trying to plan his interment down South...so I looked at the mail...

    ..I have a choice as to whether I log into message boards Kipper....but my emails are needed on a daily basis....for "real life" situations....

    ....and you're a sick man....get some therapy before you're obsessions become even more uncontrollable and spill out even further from the "virtual" little world you act out your repressed aggression toward women in....

    ...what was it Drummer posted on the Crime board...back in the day before you became his master...?.....something like...Mr Kipper...hmmmm....wasn't he the last person Suzy Lamplugh saw...?

    ...would you like me to post an excerpt from Adrian or Hbird's return emails about your violation of my private life Kipper...?

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    by DRUMMER Jan 19, 2014 18:24

    Sleep deprived…? Drunk…?....or both…?

    …even when it has been posted…are you still denying you wrote those words in an unsolicited, unwanted, stalking email.. ?

    …was I not supposed to keep your little “love letter” Kipper…or share it with others for their opinion…?

    …if you thought “the kipper lamplugh thing” was funny, congratulate Drummer…it was his line…I wonder if he knew just how close he was to the stalking aspect of your nature….?

    …we’d cremated my Dad the day before you crossed the line and brought your abuse into my “private space”….premeditated and timed to perfection…and urging me to kill myself…if it stings your conscience now…I hope it stings like hell…you sicko…

    … “How do u know i was not going through personal stuff when u harrassed Moi?...are you for real Kipper…?...the issue here is your inability to see the line between “virtual” and “real” life…

    …on any board you can find…I have only ever responded to your racist, sexist, sexually insulting, offensive, inventive posts…to your self-admitted searching and hacking of facebook accounts in efforts to find me in the “real world”…I have responded to your trolling abuse on Crime as I have here…

    …I have never sent you an unsolicited, unwanted and abusive email to your “home”…to your “real” email address...do you really think I don’t have it…?

    …I responded to your mail from your self-confessed “disposable”…7134…the one were talking about now…with a promise that you’d be dealing with the Police if you ever did it again…

    …if you had “personal” stuff going on when you sent the mail Kipper…you should have been dealing with that instead of stalking women on the internet while they were trying to watch the footie….

    …all you ever had to do was tell the truth…but you can’t…how many women have you stalked on the internet...Kipper ?

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    by Simon Jan 25, 2014 14:52

    Well Andy, your points add up to 68, and all your XI started. Are you thinking Coutinho didn't start and should be replaced by Johnson? I can assure you Coutinho did start and was subbed at half time to allow Lucas to stop the Villa rampage. You may wonder why Coutinho got zero? Liverpool were being ripped to shreds during his period on the pitch.

  • Speculation: Wenger seems to, more often than not, wait for the last moment in the transfer window to do any business, if at all.

    IMO before the transfer window started we had our best chance of winning the PL in many years. If I had to arbitrarily handicap our chances relative to the main other contenders I would say we had a 25% chance with the other 75% being divided between City and Chelsea.

    I had hoped that with the signing of a quality striker we could have increased this percentage to 33% or better.

    With Walcott out and assuming no striker of serious caliber coming in and no other serious attacking reinforcement coming in I would expect our chances to drop to 15% or less and to go to 5% should Giroud get injured over during the next two grueling months.

    I have no problem with not signing a top quality striker this window and I would consider 3rd place a solid year provided we will end the year closer to 1st place than in previous years.

    I would have serious problems if we don't go out next summer and sign a serious striker for next season. To pair Ozil with Giroud is a little like asking Fred Astaire to dance with Katie Price, he might make her look good but he won't be able to turn her into Ginger Rgoers.

    To maximize our investment in our talented midfield we need to give them a striker who will put chances away more often than not, strikers like Aguiro, Suarez, RVP, Lewondowski, Falcao, Cavani, Costa etc.

    I am fully prepared to end the season in 3rd (and don't care at all about the FA cup) and still consider this our most enjoyable season in a long time, having spend so much time in 1st deservedly. I am not prepared for Ozil to be our only ready to deliver top level purchase and for our obvious upward trend to be a one year trend.

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    mata in

    by matt Jan 28, 2014 18:52
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    Get In!

    by Roy Jan 28, 2014 21:43

    Don't need to. Clearly u know it's u !!

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    Get In!

    by Roy Jan 28, 2014 21:43

    "It was a couple of nice Ladies from the W Ham board he sent porn to but you carry on telling yourself its ok for him!"

    The lies you'll tell to defend the indefensible, Kipper, verge on the paranoid!

    There were NO ladies sent porn links, NONE, they were sent to six MEN, of which you were one.

    They were NOT links, they were quite clear, the email informed you that someone had submitted your email address, to a porn site, they warned of adult content, and asked you to confirm you supplied it by clicking on a link.

    The snippet I sent from your email, you deny, why?

    It's because you were stalking Sweet, and want your fellow trolls, because that's who post here, no-one else, that you are a nice person, as if!

    Now, to keep this up, you ignore the fact that Sweet said the disgusting emails, although addressed from you, were, in fact, a virus, so that one is finished, except from you, you dig it up because that's all you have, just like Dumber keeps insisting Sweet sent me his email address.

    You both look like dummies now, your obfuscations are obvious, your squirming shows you both to be less than men.

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    Discounts????????????? #$%$

    by Stu Robinson Jan 30, 2014 11:26

    Sometimes it works as it should and you don't have to. But alas on occasion it doesn't do it automatically and if you don't spot it you get shafted. Total bulls***. It's possible and has happened in our league, where someone can buy a player after you at a lower price than you got him at because it hasn't changed the price down on a player you owned first. Load of old w***.

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    by Roy Jan 28, 2014 21:46

    Sorry, but I really can't see why the ten pound pom Altree is suddenly getting on his moral high ground over people sending other people inappropriate e-mails, especially when 'it' is guilty of having doing far worse things on here!?

    Butch's hypocrisy doesn't surprise me in the slightest though, but I've always foun that the old scrote to be a good source of amusement, as in, laughing at 'it' rather than with 'it', you know? ;)


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    by justin Jan 30, 2014 14:05

    Because your defender was higher up YOUR bench preferences than your midfielder. Your fault, mate, not YFF's....

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    6:27AM in England ....

    by Old Mother Oink! Jan 28, 2014 06:27

    ...says the sad old fart who spent all of New Year's Eve 2013/14 posting on the Man Ushyted board!

    Here fishy, fishy, fishy!

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    Llanna or Carzola

    by dBl-_-cK Jan 31, 2014 06:23

    Either, both decent picks in pretty good fixtures.

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    Transfer Deadline Day

    by John Jan 31, 2014 08:55

    We remain inapt in the transfer market if you ask me. We sign Ozil last minute and likely more because he wanted out a Real rather than in at Arsenal but he was a great signing. Now once again many teams have done some key business with Man U having done the best deal if you ask me, yet we seem to once again scramble to get something or nothing done at the 11th hour. #$%$ poor management when it becomes quite an established trend.

    If it is true that we will not sign Draxler over a £7 million price gap than we are a bit foolish. If Chelsea has paid £7 million less for Torres would he have been less of a flop?

    I would not be surprised and be happy with Kalou. At 28 and with PL experience and ability to score he would be a typical Wenger signing. Smart in that he is cheap and can contribute immedialty and unexciting in that he is not a world class player like Draxler.

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    Transfer Deadline Day

    by John Jan 31, 2014 08:55

    Kim Kallstrom

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    by Anthony Jan 30, 2014 16:48

    i bet you wouldn't be saying this.. if you would have picked him up at 19.. LOL

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    Team for the weekend

    by campbell Jan 31, 2014 17:03

    That's a fine side campbell, your midfield looks very strong (compared to mine!). Not too sure about Vertonghen though, especially now that Rose (quite rightly) won his appeal, might be a week too soon? You have Stones as defensive cover anyway, so decent insurance. gl