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    Welbeck, five shots .....

    by HRH Gillian Brown BO Sep 15, 2014 14:17

    I think people trying to downplay Man Utds game against QPR are wrong personally. What I saw was a team playing like it was a cup final, and I think they would have found a way to outscore anyone that day. If they play like that every week it will be just like Liverpool last season. Through dominating possession and fighting to win the ball back they made look QPR look clueless, although they did have a couple good moments on the counter, in the end QPR were fortunate not to concede 6 or 7.

    I think its early but feel safe to say that their new signings look like the correct ones. Rojo looks like he will do very well in the prem. Di Maria is also made for the prem and linked up well with Rojo. Blind did everything Carrick does but better, and Herrera looks like the engine they have missed since Fletcher first got injured, except he has more technique/quality. Shaw still to come who was the best left back last season, Rafael made a big difference at RB and this formation meant more numbers in midfield, so less defensive work by Mata allowing him to do what he does best. I said before, Rooney doesnt like to be the main man as proved in the days of Tevez and Ronaldo, he excels when he has better players alongside him and I think well see a much more dangerous side once Falcao settles in and Di Maria starts to fulfill Van Gaals 'Robben Role'. The early signs are promising.

    The joke has been on United for a while now but something tells me they will have the last laugh, top 4 minimum this season which means either Arsenal or Liverpool will have to go. Van Persies body language might be a worry but with the options they have they could be forgiven for not worrying/caring.

  • Nice and tanned and ready to go to the first derby game of the season. (see the new avatar)

    Lets hope Wellbeck's confidence grows towards the Utd clash in November. My tickets are ordered for that one!

    Happy days.....

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    Spurs game

    by Govinda Sep 27, 2014 19:27

    John the way I see it is that we can (and have to) analyze each game very much along the lines you did, looking at the positives (possession) and the negatives in ability to break opponents down as a result of slow ball movement from the back and individual errors (Flamini cost us a goal against City and Spurs - and yes I like him and his attitude and still prefer him over Arteta but not as much as last season, and we need a higher caliber DM as a starter).

    But the fact remains that we are dropping points like a sieve. Man U, by some considered to have had a poor start is only 2 points behind us and Chelsea is running away quickly. They will probably beat us next week without too much trouble.

    Our short comings don't seem new to this year, wanting to walk the ball into the net, conceding on set pieces, vulnerability to speedy opponents, good games followed by poor games, no game plan other than forced by injuries.

    When I look at things in this context I think we are in pretty poor shape with little chance to expect major change.

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    The Knowledgeable Cairns Concubine.....

    by JamesB Jul 3, 2014 09:17

    You must lower the tone of even your Paedophile meetings in Cairns Altree, you filthy animal. Just read yourself, to give your sh...t for brains some idea of who you really are. Do you really think that everyone can't see through you. You only warrant spitting on, and probably are in most establishments in Cairns. Which is why you are on here 24/7. Now go and give your wife something she needs, more than you blowing it out of your #$%$ on here every night..

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    Who's first?

    by You Gotta Larf! Jul 7, 2014 13:38

    What's the betting Christopher 'Le Poof' is on his way on the first available flight over, LMFAO you old woofter!

    OINK OINK!!!

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    The Knowledgeable Cairns Concubine.....

    by JamesB Jul 3, 2014 09:17

    "Singing in the Rain's " theme tune

    ...please don't sing along...he likes to kill boards because he's a Simon & Garfunkel fan....

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  • I see Kroos is off to Real Madrid, good on him!

    He was obviously smart enough to not bother wasting any precious time of his career at Real's feeder club over at Moancheaters Ushyted at Old Toilet.


  • He turned you down, he turned you down...

    ...Kroos, he turned you down! He turned you down!!!

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  • ...well lets have another sing along to the weather in Cairns and Bend Over Butch. All together now, to the tune of 'Singing in the Rain'
    " I'm mincing in the rain, just mincing in the rain
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    PMSLaughing again......

  • The intelligence of a Cairns Cave Dweller....."EEERRRRHHHH! wat wos dat ?????
    Last heard on the Arsenal board grunting an apology....

    Friday 3rd 2014
    Independent News; Article by Jack Pitt-Brookes.

    Danny Welbeck felt a sense of vindication Wed. night after scoring his first hat-trick.........
    Welbeck has scored 6 goals for club and country since £16 million move from Manchester. When asked about his goal scoring record Wed. night ...the England International said criticism didn't matter if they applied to his years playing on the wing of a four man midfield. " Nobody can really criticise my finishing because they don't see me playing in a forward position too often." Welbeck said " but now I am getting into those positions I want to be sticking the ball in the back of the net. Obviously people can say I've not scored enough goals. But stick the best striker on the wing in a four man midfield and see if they score goals........"

    Kind of shoots your square headed thinking down in flames, doesn't it. But of course how silly of me to think that your kind will not twist that around to suit your own purposes. So lets be having it. Lets see you twist and squirm your way of that Butch the alcoholic brown family. and BTW I'll let the Man U board know as well OK? Save you the bother...... Feeling a bit sickened are we? Never mind a few more tins down your neck and you'llbegin to feel even worse...AAARRRRRHH! Less

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    How Funny...

    by Roy Jul 26, 2014 21:17

    Oh look, Geordie Twot has dug up another educationally subnormal ID to bore us with .... YAAAAAAAWN!

  • Old Granny Butch has always turned to Google and used Wiki in a vain attempt to argue her points and look remotely intelligent.

    It's just such a shame that it's never fooled anybody, just like any of the long history of jackanory stories which she has come out with for the best part of a decade, for example, the 'chinning Lee Bowyer' episode and the numerous inconsistencies in what actually happened when she was spinning that little yarn.

    All gob and idle threats, that's the oldest wooly woofter in Cairns for you.

    Cue the 'geordie' comments in her bites! - LMFAO!!!

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    Early predictions

    by Govinda Aug 4, 2014 08:31

    " is what we would sing on The North Bank "

    FIFTY years ago, when you last saw Arsenal play ..... YAAAAWN!

    OINK OINK!!!

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  • I thought Thomas Vermaelen was a Moancheaters Ushyted target?

    £15 million on the table and he's suddenly off to Barcelona ey? ;)

    Another one who opted against a move to Old Toilet, can't blame him really, he's joined a much bigger and better football club.

    He turned you down!
    He turned you down!
    Vermaelen turned you down!
    He turned you down!

    OINK OINK!!!

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    Sour #$%$ Blindness

    by Roy Dec 9, 2013 10:05

    ...sorry...maybe you're busy scouring your "Eddy/Roy" account....deleting the tell-tale posts you missed the first time around....?..:D


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    You gotta larf!

    by You Gotta Larf! Jul 4, 2014 16:15

    Where's all the other replies gone? I bet 'Bend Over Butch' has been flagging the posts again, the dirty old drag queen that she is. Hahahaha you gotta larf, oh it's time for another stiff one! HIC! LMFAO!

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    Sacked for theft...

    by You Gotta Larf! Aug 15, 2014 09:51

    "What would really break me up and leave me in a puddle of tears & p..ss?"


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    v Crystal Palace

    by John Aug 18, 2014 08:50

    Ooh forgot to mention.

    How the f€&K did Chamakh stay on the pitch. He was fouling every five minutes! Horrendous display.

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    v Besiktas

    by John Aug 21, 2014 15:13

    Mandzukic scores the winner for Atletico over Real, Ballotelli on the way to Liverpool and both at affordable prices and both miles ahead of Giroud in ability. Walcott has very little experience in the central striker role but is a much better finisher, however I don't think Wengher will play him there and it remains to be seen what player Walcott will be when he comes back. Remy would have been a step up from Giroud but he to is no top quality striker. I full expect Giroud to once again be Wengers main man and I think that is going to deflate all top players around him. We will be lucky to finish 4th.