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  • ..... five misses!

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    Back from Portugal

    by John Sep 23, 2014 11:11

    LMFAO - mentioning geordies once again and what ten years of jealousy are you on about then? Would that be the ten years of making you look a tit and getting under your skin on these forums?

    So you reckon you'll be gone seven weeks travelling around Asia and then you're moving to Bali - LMFAO - come on, that's just more jackanory tell us all a story stuff from Captain Bullshyte herself!

    More like you're doing a runner because Man U are a load of shyte who got stuffed 5-3 off Leicester City after the hundreds of millions of pounds spent on players and Danny Welbeck went and scored for Arsenal spoiling your recent slating of him!

    When these boards die, then you'll die, you won't have any further purpose in life, you silly old prick!


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    Back from Portugal

    by John Sep 23, 2014 11:11

    Alas no. I was there purely for the sunshine and relaxation. Nice thought though. lol

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    Back from Portugal

    by John Sep 23, 2014 11:11

    I don't disagree with leaving out the top four/six teams.

    They have enough to cope with EPL, CL/Europa and the FA Cup.

    It is good to see some of the reserves and youngsters get a go, even if they fail to go on a run of games. Well done to Southampton though. They are doing really well considering the players they lost in the summer. I wish them well for the season.

    I felt sorry for the youngster brought in for the Leicester game. It wasn't his fault. He got no support from those around him. It was a very bad result for the team. January can't come quick enough for Van Gaal.

  • ............living in a dream world all his own, in a pair of soiled stubbies (really naff shorts like budgie smugglers, that all aussie ockers wear), flip flops, and an old tea shirt with Gary Glitter on the front....AAARRRHHH! Ha ha ha ha ha time for the pub there now isn't it Butch ?? Early doors and all that........AAARRRHHH! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha......you silly old p..ss pot still longing for the green hills of home.......AAARRRRHHHH! Ha ahha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha.....and all you've got is desert...AAARRRRHHHH! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

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    Spurs game

    by Govinda Sep 27, 2014 19:27

    Completely agree on the Chelsea game. If I were Wenger I would train on sitting back with 10 man forcing Chelsea to come at us to win the game and then try to use our speed upfront with Sanchez and Welbeck to hit them on the break. This really is using Moureen's tactic against himself.

    If we try to win the game and play our usual attacking style, the game will be over by half time with Chelsea leading 2 or 3-0.

  • "4-3-3) Seaman, Sagna, Adams, Campbell, Cole, Vieira, Fabregas, Pires, Van Persie, Henry, Bergkamp.

    Subs: Lehmann, Keown, Toure, Petit, Ljunberg, Overmars, Anelka.



  • When you make statements like that it always confirms to me that you post not what are well thought out observations, but throw away comments. If you had ever given Welbeck any thought at all then you might have observed that criticism of his past is applied to his years playing on the wing of a four man midfield. How can you criticise his finishing when you have rarely seen him playing in a forward position, which may have been down to SAF's inability to see that what he really had was a very good finisher. Now that he has the level of quality behind him he is seeking to link all the time, and they, like Ozil and Sanchez etc. see this. If you have ever played the game then you should realize and accept this, instead of making unsound comments, based on nothing more than the glimpses you see on television, and what you read. No offense.

  • I love the man. Win or lose, the fact he showed a little spirit makes my day.

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    Welbeck Medical - Arsenal Loan

    by Aaron Sep 1, 2014 19:11

    Good luck with Welbeck, I wish him well, he's been with United since he was nine, but the truth is, he hasn't made the grade.

  • Can't understand that one, at his age and with his best years to come, hardly a gamble for Wenger.

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    by Govinda Aug 31, 2014 17:57

    I think Wenger is all about creative midfielders and part of him still dreams or hopes of putting 10 of them on the pitch and watch them blow teams away but only Barca can close to that model and I doubt they would have succeeded in the PL. You can not win the PL with out some strong enforcers in midfield, not unlike the ones you mentioned in an other post and Viera being one of them.

  • Contrary to you saying nobody picked up on it, the media were running the story of him leaving, with Arsenal and Spurs as possible destinations, for a good couple of weeks before the deadline, so not sure what you're on about. If anything you could say it was a bit last minute, and Danny himself has said that the deal was on-off a couple times down to the wire. Its probable that if United hadn't got Falcao, I doubt we'd be seeing him in an Arsenal shirt. Dont forget that this signing is in effect paying for United to have the worlds best striker for a whole season, so lets not pretend that United weren't in control here.

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    Serious Question If Poss

    by Alan H Sep 1, 2014 23:05

    There you go, Al, that's the wannabe frog!

    Ask him about the avatar he put up to "prove" he lived in France, which he doesn't.

    He found a photo of someone standing next to a foreign police car, then put a globe over the bloke's head, apparently to protect 'his' identity, (guffaw!), and claimed it was taken by his wife!

    He got so much ridicule that he hurriedly took it down, to save any further embarrassment!

    When asked to make a post in French, which I'm fluent in, he ignored the request, a dozen times, even after claiming he was fluent.

    Then there was the Latin.

    I posted "Vēnērunt, vidi, vici!" which means 'They came, I saw, I conquered'.

    The idiot's reply?

    "It's "Veni, vidi, vici" you tithead!

    Veni, vidi, and vici are first person perfect forms of the three Latin verbs venire, videre, and vincere." - Google.

    I explained that it meant 'They came, I saw, I conquered', and that he shouldn't get involved in stuff that was way above his intelligence, and I pointed out, again, that he had been OWNED for not engaging his brain before putting his mouth in gear.

    You would have thought he'd have taken special care the next time he tried to teach me Latin, but no, he hurled headlong into another embarrassment, with his next reply ....

    "In that case it's veniō, vidi, vivi."

    Veniō, of course, as any Latin scholar knows, is a ROOT, his lack of Googling skills let him down again!

    After that he never mentioned Latin again, it went into the too hard basket, along with French!

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    10 Years on: Where did it all go wrong?

    by Aaron Oct 18, 2014 15:11

    three more reasons in one interview.

    1. the delusional notion that possession somehow means something in football. It is astounding that after all this time Wenger still does not understand that having the ball means nothing and what you do with it means everything.

    2. Excuses, sure the ref was not great but, Wenger has had a tendency to blame outside factors, like ref or poor quality pitch or injuries. This IMO has crept into his players minds and lead them to mistakenly believe if they lose it is not their fault.

    3. Preparation. I don't think Wenger knows how to prepare his team for games, especially big games. I agree with him as he says in his interview that the team came out with a lack of focus but this hapens often to Arsenal teams. The horrible losses last season against City, Liverpool and Chesea were all perfect examples of lack of focus. Being 3-0 or 4-0 down inside 20 minutes requires lack of focus besides lack of preparation/game plan.

    Wenger added: “It was a disappointing afternoon because we had 80 percent possession and got one point.

    “We had absolutely to win this game and were unlucky with the referee on the first goal but on the second goal we can only blame ourselves.

    “We came out of the dressing room with a lack of focus and gave them (Hull) the lead straight away. After, it was difficult.

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    The silence is deafening..

    by Jacks Oct 26, 2014 19:46

    I for one was glad that Arsenal beat the dirty, scummy, smelly mackems 0-2 at the Stadium of Shyte and that my lot beat Spurs 1-2 in their own backyard.

    Mancheaters Ushyted were once again helped out courtesy of a referee's dodgy decision at Old Toilet so that they could scrape a point at home against a Chelsea side that didn't park the bus (for once) after going 0-1 up, Robin van Pricey's goal celebration was over OTT - you'd have thought Mancheaters Ushyted had won the European Cup the way they were going on!

    OINK OINK!!!

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    by HRH Gillian Brown BO Dec 9, 2014 08:48

    " I own an apartment in Newcastle City centre which is a 15 walk from the ground, I also own two properties in the Jesmond area which are let out to students and which I make an income off."

    Hahaha!! Jackanory tell us a story!


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    the poor beggar of the boards....

    by TheButchNemesis Dec 5, 2014 23:16


    I must have touched a nerve....again! Especially since you went on a mad rant with your little 'jackanory' thread aimed at me!

    But 'jackanory' is what I named you because of all the tales you've told over the years on these boards, that just goes to show you couldn't even come up with something original of your own, always COPYING A GEORDIE!

    Remember when you supposedly 'chinned Lee Bowyer' on here? Your list of tall tales goes on and on and on! - PMSL!!!

    LMFAO - you best go and knit yourself another little geordie bloke and keep that unhealthy obsession of yours over me flowing with pure hatred!


  • Its so good to see that the idiots of the boards are being ignored. We miss nothing with their exclusion from anything other than football. Now onto more pleasing things than them.
    I thought the team AW put out seem all to have played pretty well. The result was outstanding. Names I hadn't even thought of made a big move forward in wanting selection into the main squad. All in all, I have reason to smile for a while at least until things go pear shaped. But maybe not. As I said before the lastPL result could be a spring board for better things. Amen to that.

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    Not so pointless....

    by Jacks Dec 22, 2014 14:26

    "unbeaten in several matches now"

    Is that not counting Stoke, on the 6th December?

    Maybe that's why you didn't turn up here, or make any comment, because you didn't know?

    What a joke you are, baldy .... guffaw!