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    Back from Portugal

    by John Sep 23, 2014 11:11

    Oh yes and I forgot to mention. With John the Baptist and a GoVindaloo for company; socially your well connected Butch...AAAARRRRHHHH! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha and should do very well poncing around over here, if only you could come home....oh dear is that a sore point Butch\\?? AAARRRHHH! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Regards to the missus and tell her she's right to stay home. Wouldn't want to spoil the silly old sods travels to his other world would we?? AAARRRHHH! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha....Come on Butch give us a few lines of "MOON RVER" while you've got a belly full....AAARRRHHH! Ha ha ha ha ha ha h ahha..

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    Spurs game

    by Govinda Sep 27, 2014 19:27

    I think you will, but only because after the top two there are only a couple realistic teams with the quality to challenge for top 4, same as has been for past decade. Right now I have you as 3rd favourites, with Man Utd or Everton possibly getting 4th. Liverpool are not surprising me this year and are realistically 5th/6th standard, Spurs finally have a decent manager but we wont see them challenge the top 4 this season.

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    Old Mother......wet noodle Rikki

    by TheButchNemesis May 23, 2014 08:48

    ""."She doesn't use a Yahoo email, the account he spams is her ISP email, being a thickass Geordie you wouldn't think of that."""

    ..and who the hell gives a f..k??

    That's something to do with a pot and a kettle isn't it ???


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    Loic Remy

    by John Jun 3, 2014 14:04

    Assuming Remy actually come on board, I see his signing as an OK signing. Will he have a likely big impact as part of our starting 11? I don't think so. Not like the potential impact a Costa, Mandzukic, Benzem or even but to a lesser extend Bony could have.

    This signing would provide much needed depth at the central striker position and might keep pressure on Giroud. As a goal scoring threat Remy is a better finisher IMO and a more acurate shooter of the ball with a quicker release. As a link up player and someone to hold the ball up and probably in the air Giroud might be better.

    Neither Giroud nor Remy, IMO, is going to propel us to the top 3 but Remy will improve our chances to hold on to the top 4 spot. Should we have no injuries next season we would have a chance for a top 3 finish but is it realistic to expect no injuries given our track record on the front?

    IMO we desperately need a world class striker with pace. This will not only give us a few more goals and hopefull better performances in the big games where Giroud didn't show up, it will likely dramatically improve the yield we get from Ozil. Ozil needs targets he can launch. When Walcott and Ramsey where gone Ozil had no one making runs or creating space. Giroud is more of yet an other play-maker looking to link up rather than a danger man looking to get on the end of an Ozil pass to score a goal.

    So a world class striker would increase the yield of the rest of the attacking players IMO. This is part of the reason we scored so few goals, relative to our recent DNA. We have many players capable of spotting a pass but far fewer capable of making a run behind defenders.

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    Loic Remy

    by John Jun 3, 2014 14:04

    Just found this article:
    "Arsene Wenger has been known to sign a few French strikers in his time at Arsenal and many of them have done well. Their current French striker, Olivier Giroud, could be classed as one of his no-so-good signings and there is no doubt that a new centre forward has to be brought in, but could signing Loic Remy improve Arsenal?

    Remy had a good season at Newcastle United whilst on loan and he scored 14 goals in total, which is only two goals shy of Giroud’s effort last season.

    Arsenal has severely lacked up front and with more options, it could have been the difference between them losing and winning the league. Remy is a different player to Giroud and has shown that he knows where the goal is and he could really bring something to the Arsenal team without costing the earth. The truth is that there are not many world class strikers up for grabs this summer, so it could be a case of the Gunners taking a gamble on the Queens Park Rangers’ striker.

    Remy has bags of pace which could offer Arsenal another dimension to their play. Giroud has been known to play quite laboriously during games, so an injection of pace would work well. He would be the final link for the likes of Mesut Ozil and Santi Cazorla, who really need that someone that they can find up front as an option. His record shows that he is more accurate in front of goal than Arsenal’s current centre forwards and carrying the ball is something that Remy does with ease whilst having no issues with taking on players.

    Giroud offers more in the air, but he is not always effective, which is why the two strikers are completely different.

    Remy can also offer an option elsewhere on the field. The Frenchman also has experience of playing in the Premier League and scoring goals, and he looks the kind of player who could certainly fit into the Arsenal style of play quite easily."

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    lost in europe...

    by TheButchNemesis Jun 2, 2014 17:53


    ...my understanding that Mr Dodgey was using Brussels to lay into racial minorities in particular....rather than immigration in general...?...that's racist...Brussels has a lot to say about other things he never mentioned...?

    ...If your wife was in labour and needed a midwife....would you object if she or he were Asian....(not that you have to worry about that with your "little problem"...unless your wife was raped by a "Clockwork Orange" gang...then again...you seem to find that scenario quite exciting...?)

    ...but lets think about you in A & E on a Saturday night... after you'd been battered...just because you are who you are....until you resemble a rare steak...sorry...pork chop....in red wine marinade...or onion marmalade...

    ...your spleen is ruptured....head injuries...internal bleeding....little curly tail stuffed where the sun don't shine...?

    ....the Nurse or Doctor who is looking after you is Chinese , African, Asian, Germanic or otherwise "non British".....are you going to refuse treatment....or demand a white "British" veterinarian...?

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    All Moancheaters Ushted fans are...

    by Ultimate ABU May 14, 2014 13:45

    "Everybody knows that Prawnchester Ushyted fans are nothing but underpant sniffing imbeciles!"

    ..."everybody" piglet ?...who's everybody...?

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    ...btw.... your new persona is revolting....and you should tell all your high flying conference calling buddies about your rape fixation next time you get down to business....:(

    ...maybe you should tell your missus too....?...she might want to take some pics...?

    ...you're a silly prat....piglet....and I mean that in the nicest possible way....:)

  • It seems we will bring back Carlos Vela and that is good news IMO - (not great news but good news).

    Vela had an impressive season in Spain and gained a lot of experience. I always felt he didn't get the run of games he needed when he was with us and brings a lot of pace and skill. Not sure where Wenger sees him playing for us but even if it is on the left wing, he will provide much needed depth and pace. The one worry is his size, he is an other typical Wenger signing in that he is quite small but, at 25 he might be a lot stronger than he was when he left.

    Good business bringing him back for 3.5 million.

  • Forgot Baloteli, on skill he would be my nr2 but given his fragile state of mind I would rank him only ahead of Morata and Remy in terms of taking a gamble.

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    Sagna joins City.

    by FABONGRASSS Jun 14, 2014 11:09

    Does your wife know you're on here acting like an immature moron, Gillian?

    Or are you still pretending to her that you've stopped?

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    Sagna joins City.

    by FABONGRASSS Jun 14, 2014 11:09

    one word...


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    So much for T T football then.....

    by Jacks Jun 19, 2014 13:49

    Hey Rikk ....

    ...Dodge means trumping in bed....

    ....he's such a little Lothario......:D hahahaha

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    Imaginary friends

    by The Alcoholic Brown Family Jun 23, 2014 03:33

    "I bet you spent yet another long weekend sat there on your own, hoping that I'd post but was left feeling let down yet again! - LMFAO!!!" *

    * credit piglet... the artist currently known on the dead Man U board as "Singing in the Rain" ...in celebration of the "Clockwork Orange" rape scene ...complete with avatar of the assault in progress..*

    * picture credit to piglet's missus...who takes all the pics for his avatars..

    ...caveat...piglet's missus may not have taken the pic of the pigs head....it looks like a grown up pig, whereas piglet is an immature pig and therefore the pic is from internet archives.......

    ...most probably a Golding website....

    ...on another topic....anyone else finding the flies irritating at the moment....?

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    Suarez bites again.

    by Govinda Jun 25, 2014 08:27

    "poor" guy...?

    ...in any other workplace...he'd be reported to the police and charged with assault....dismissed...and possibly put in jail...

    ...if he was a dog...he'd have been put down by now...

    ...but because he's a high profile, very rich, football icon.....he can do what he likes on camera across the world and not even get a red card...and then deny that he's done it.....

    ...bans haven't stopped him...and being banned in Europe won't either...

    ....any club in the UK that sets him lose on a football field should be required to make him wear a muzzle....

    ...or a hockey mask....Luis Lector style ...

  • ..being used to you having anything deleted that others might find hilarious about you I thought they might like to read Baldrick again.

    I'm busting a gut here laughing about Rikkis comments on Jacobs son and his hilarious wife Gillian. He could make an absolute fortune writing comedy about him, when he plays Stanley to his Oliver Hardy, it breaks me up just reading him. Jacobs breakfast table must be a real hoot in the mornings when they read your posts. Gillian choking on her cornflakes laughing so much, and Jacobs son telling his dad 'The Manure Horse Shyte is out of barn again dad' when he reads Rikkis posts on his iPad at the table. You couldn't make it up. I think he'd better to sign into the Palladium Clinic (don't forget to Google that everyone, its where Rick Altree spends a few months a year) again and dry out before he commits hari kara reading Baldrick s hilarious posts on Rikki Oh dear!!........someone pass the tissues will you, I cant keep it in any longer oh dear I've pmsl !! Oh! and don't forget to cosy up to John if you're feeling stressed.........he'll buy you a pint of Theakstons and pat you on the head..and..ruffle the the few wisps of hair left on your head and tell you what a sorry old silly git you are. Absolutely priceless cant wait for chapter two...

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    Rotten To The Core...Re-booted

    by Jacks Jun 30, 2014 11:09

    "Pyssed again, Jack/Gillian?
    As if there's anybody left here who doesn't see right through you, Jack/Gillian" !!??

    I don't care, just as long as you don't Altree...ARRRRHHHHH! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha haHAAAA ha ha ha ha ha oh dear I've gotta stop reading you its killing me....

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    How is this for dreaming about new signings?

    by Govinda Jul 4, 2014 08:28

    "I've no wish to appear pedantic"

    But you do regardless OLD Granny Altree, that along with appearing stupid and being a complete and utter LAUGHING STOCK on here!

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    You gotta larf!

    by The Alcoholic Brown Family Jul 4, 2014 00:46

    Hahaha! Talk about INFATUATED, eight years of having his nose rubbed in it by ME, and eight years of trying in vain to put one over on me!

    Only a Geordie!!


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    Luke Shaw

    by Singing In The Rain Jul 3, 2014 15:15

    ...and are you all married to the same woman...? does she take pics of you all for your avatars,,,?

    ....hahahaha :)

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    The Knowledgeable Cairns Concubine.....

    by JamesB Jul 3, 2014 09:17

    "..23.41 8.7.14 where I am Rikk."

    Sweet, 'You Gotta Larf!" is the idiot Jack, returned for another humiliation.