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    Welbeck, five shots .....

    by HRH Gillian Brown BO Sep 15, 2014 14:17

    I didn't see the United game, I was away, didn't see the Arsenal game either, I just thought it was funny when Matchcast wrote, "Welbeck does a Welbeck.".

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    Welbeck, five shots .....

    by HRH Gillian Brown BO Sep 15, 2014 14:17

    Welbeck had a good game IMO and did not miss any sitters. He hit the post early on with a chip shot an RVP in his prime might have made or a world class triker might have made. But relative to what we have (Giroud and Sanogo) he was an improvement IMO. But one game doesn't mean much.

    Man U looked great but played against a weak QPR. Blind IMO was very impressive in his DM role and and could be the glue that holds Man U together. Having said that, as for Welbeck, one good game by Blind is too early draw conclusions but he was light years better than Flamini or Arteta were for us in the same role. He was quicker, reads the game better, has better technique and is calmer on the ball. I did not expect that and thought he might be roughed up a little in the PL. In fact I am pretty #$%$ of Arsenal didn't sign him or an other quality DM like him. Man U scared me but I hope it was because QPR made you look good.

    RVP seems of the boil or over the hill.

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    Back from Portugal

    by John Sep 23, 2014 11:11

    Welcome back John, you missed nothing, the Geordie trolls have almost dried up, running out of ideas after ten years of jealousy.

    Know-it-all attacked Govinda every time he posted, one drunken tantrum after the other.

    I'm off on October 13th for seven weeks, taking my son around Asia, then moving permanently to Bali next February.

    Keep in touch John, this place will die for good soon, email me, goonerrenoog yahoo etc., and I'll give you a proper one.

  • ...AAAARRRRHHHH!! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha HIC!!

    You gotta larf!

  • Can't complain about this draw. We won't finish in the top 5 this season.

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    Leicester City 5 - 3 Manchumpter Useless

    by You Gotta Larf! Sep 21, 2014 15:49

    She's been beaten off this board and avoids it now, she prefers to try and cosy up with folk on the Arsenal board who also think that she's a tit. - LMFAO!!!

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    Question to ask yourself...

    by TheButchNemesis Oct 2, 2014 20:03

    LMFAO - there goes the old wooly woofter of Cairns cracking up and mentioning geordies once again!

    BITE!!! BITE!!! BITE!!!

    Plastic Mancwoofter Ushyted fans, always comedy at it's best!

    That's in, laughing at you and not with you!!!


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    Back from Portugal

    by John Sep 23, 2014 11:11

    PS: Still waiting for that video from France, when do you intend to go there?


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    Welbeck Medical - Arsenal Loan

    by Aaron Sep 1, 2014 19:11

    most of the natural finishers don't waist sitters by the time they are 23. Some add to their game as they mature in other ways like shooting from further out or become stronger on the ball. But true natural finishers are not too wasteful from up close with sitters.

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    The Welbeck Affair....

    by Jacks Sep 3, 2014 07:48

    What's common knowledge, that he played his whole career on the left?

    You read about Welbeck, as opposed to watching him play, and you call it common knowledge?

    Who were you on here before September 1st?

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    The Welbeck Affair....

    by Jacks Sep 3, 2014 07:48

    Exactly as I said Altree..... this time try reading slowly

    "People can always tell when someone like Altree is really put out by something that helps and makes happy the people that despise him most by the way he tries to make light of it and usually make bad jokes about. What really gets up his nose is knowing that Danny Welbeck is as good a buy as any Arsenal, and Arsene Wenger have made recently. In the long term a 23 year old with talent to burn, is a far better buy than a 30 year plus player, with not much more left in the tank. I guess soon you're going to be
    made look the fool and antagonist you really are Altree, if it hasn't been done enough already. You had better go back to thieving for a living instead trying to be a troll, and not being very good at that either."

    Are you with me Altree??? Just accept the things you cannot change. You make yourself such an easy target. Drunk or not, it all comes out the same old thing where you're concerned........Do you really think Govinda or anyone else for that matter believes a word of your nonsense about others outside of football?? If you do then there is only pity for you. In the mean time. Keep watching every game Manure has ever played, who knows someone might believe you, and believe you understand 'the finer points of the game.'
    I had better stop here, there are tears welling up in my eyes, its so pitiful reading you.....Even Oink Oink has you going every day and that is truly having them rolling in the aisles when they read your stories.......Going bush anytime now are we Altree??? Oh dear AAAA.....better pass the tissues Gilly.....

  • please stop ripping me a new one,I cant take anymore...Im all cocked out.....

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    by Alan H Sep 2, 2014 20:48



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    Serious Question If Poss

    by Alan H Sep 1, 2014 23:05

    Please do give it up "Jabber"...

    ...the slithey toves have been in touch...

    ..they miss you and they want you back.....Alice doesn't like you that much but the Walrus is pining for you ...the Cat just want's to eat you up...with a smile....:)

    and Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dummer don't need you at all....

    ...eat the cake...;)

  • Turns his back on Man U for Arsenal and scores two cracking goals for England...you gotta larf!

  • When Welbeck signed for Arsenal it was a joke, even to United fans, and Gunners on every forum were bemoaning the signing.

    He scores 2 goals in his next game and every article is proclaiming him as the next Henry and a transfer mistake by Van Gaal on par with letting Pogba leave for free. Only now are they pointing out he has a better goals to games ratio than Rooney and Sheare - and this is all just a week after signing! I wont be surprised if he has a poor game against Man City that the knives are back out, such is the nature of the media, the British public, scratch that, football fans generally.

    I thought he was a great signing for Arsenal, and it was sad to see Man Utd let a local lad go at just 23, but how it pans out is anyones guess, dependent on many variables (ie Wenger playing him upfront). You cant argue that United did bad business if Falcao comes good, but its all ifs and buts at the moment. The tribal nature of football really is pathetic, and only getting worse.

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    Another derby defeat...

    by OINK OINK Nov 3, 2014 17:36

    You know that it's watching and resisting the urge to reply...you gotta larf!

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    The boot....???

    by Jacks Nov 25, 2014 11:00

    I am not sure what position we should prioritize, a DM or a CD? Should Kos be back to full fitness I would chose a very good DM over a central defender. I think Schneiderlin might be one of the best in the PL. But should Kos continue to struggle than we clearly should prioritize a central defender IMO.

    In an ideal world we should sign one of each. Maybe a Virgil van Dijk at CD and a clear upgrade (Khedira? bender?, Carvalho?) on Flamini and Arteta.

    However I don't see Wenger sign a quality DM this window or any tie soon.

    What do you think?

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    Not so pointless....

    by Jacks Dec 22, 2014 14:26

    I think it was a great and important result. Of course to give it away late leaves a bad taste in our mouth but like you said, if you play panic football in the last 20 minutes you are likely to concede against a better team and Liverpool had been batter all game. Liverpool trailing us in the table and possibly competing with us for 4th meant a draw was better result for us than for them.

    We look likely to survive an other round in the CL but what will that lead to and will it harm our fragile squad and chances for 4th in the PL? Who knows. At this point in time I find it hard to get excited about the prospects of beating Monaco, an other mid-table average team.

    I hope against reason and history that Wenger will buy a starting type caliber defensive player either CD or defensive midfielder during the January window. Schneiderlin would make me very happy.

    I think Chaimbers had a stinker and I wonder if he is not, at this point, a better CD than RB. Clearly Wenger thinks Debuchy is the better CD. I also think Mertesacker is not having a great year and that is costing us even if it is in his failure to organise the defense during set pieces. I am sure it frustrating to every Arsenal fan to continue to concede from set pieces year after year. To me that should be one of the parts of the game you can practice for and improve on yet it is hard to see such improvement.

    I still don't think we take 4th this season and I fear we might be exposed by West Ham. We are lucky Song is leaving for the ACN.

    11 dropped points from winning positions thus far, that would have put us in contention for the PL title.

  • Time to rest Sanchez and give Walcott, Ozill or Campbell some minutes?