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    Monaco-Arsenal predictions

    by Govinda Mar 17, 2015 14:45

    Top 3 finish would be great and arguably and sadly the best progress we can now hope for. The FA cup would be a nice consolation price.

    I would take top 3 over FA cup and 4th. I think a top 3 would help in the summer recruitment since it guarantees CL football and top players nowadays tend to want that guarantee. I hate waiting till the after CL pre-qualifying to see if we sign top players.

    Having said that 5th at this point is as likely as 3rd or 2nd IMO. At least no more pointless CL football to tire our squad.

  • Mancrapper Ushyted DUMPED out of the FA Cup despite trying their best attempts to dive and cheat their way through the match, and Danny Welbeck scoring the winner...MAGIC!!!

    Once again David de Gea kept the scoreline respectable, Mancrapper Ushyted were lucky to lose 1-2.

    Where's that old tranny Butch these days? - LMFAO!!!! No FA Cup for Ugly van Gallstones, Mancrapper Ushyted and their SHYTE fanbase.

    OINK OINK!!!

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    Mesut Ozil

    by John Oct 8, 2014 17:11

    Arsenal do seem to get more than their fair share of injuries.......Just unlucky or something else like not resting players when they show very early signs? I would not have thought so but Wenger knew Ozil was playing with a niggle and did not force him to rest (Ozil said he wanted to carry on)!

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    by You Gotta Larf! Sep 8, 2014 23:03

    All's okay with me, Lotto, same with you I hope---can't say the same about Pools. None league football for the 1st time in a 100 years coming up.
    Haven't bothered with the boards recently, anything interesting anywhere or same old.

  • I don't know if its the same with anybody else, but if you don't scratch your head and wonder about the almost unexplainable, such as the Arsenal team itself, then you know more than I do, because to try and explain their never ending ups and downs in performances has now become a subject that even has the media scratching their heads. Tell me someone please, how is it that a team can play another off the park and still lose. Then almost in the same week, come out and comfortably beat a top European side in one of the most competitive football competitions in the world ?? That to me at least is indeed simply psychological. It has to me. One can almost make a case for sheer bad luck ( once again we are left without another key player for 3months) but surely not continues bad luck? Meanwhile I will continue not to get too downhearted about something that it almost becoming a regular occurrence.

  • A handy 3 points? Having seen the game my opinion is, as most team are struggling against so called inferior sides, this was a good result given the 'shut them out at all costs' methods adopted by the afore mentioned. It isn't the Arsenal's or the Man C's that cant play their game of football, they aren't allowed to play 'football' any longer. Its just a game of tactics. How the hell does Sunderland side hold Chelsea to a draw, if not by adopting the 'shut them out at all costs attitude'.? And that includes knocking them down with tackles that are killing off good players for long periods of time. If the perpetrator is only going to get a yellow(on average) for it, what chance do top teams have when they are p-laying with the 'handicap' of fear. Worth a thought when your a struggling team trying to stay alive in the PL where the money is.

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    Good to see....

    by Jacks Dec 10, 2014 11:18

    Good to see....

    ..... that, as usual, you fail to notice that YOU are completely ignored on here, except by the Geordie child!


  • Guess this was a fair result. Not impressed with the way this game was managed by Wenger. Why not give Campbell a chance at some point? Three small players like Carzorla, Rosicky and Alexis where never likely to bother the Southampton defense. 4th will be harder than many think and I still don't think we will finish 4th this season. And the bad news is that we didn't lose this game in defensive midfield. We were just out played by a better prepared side and more disciplined side.

  • In answer to be found out on the Welbeck winger thing. Just read this squirming b...ll sh...t.

    "So it's taken you hours of Googling to find another opinion, by Welbeck, that he spent years on the wing .... prove it, show me the games he started on the wing? Not substitute appearances, where he was brought on to change the game, but games he STARTED on the wing?

    Take your time, and remember, Google is not always your friend!
    And talking about wingers, Giggs scored plenty, as did Best, Beckham, Ronaldo, etc..

    Give up the booze, remember how all your family and friends deserted you? It's because you're an unlikeable prick .... no offence."

    Oh dear do you think he's hurting??? AAARRRHHH! ha ha ha AN UNLIKEABLE PRICK ??? AAARRRHHH! ha ha ha ha ha Who me?????

  • I fully expect Welbeck to get alot better at Arsenal, but only because he is at a good age and wasn't utilised in his favoured position at United. His failure to succeed (if he did fail) was largely down to the superior strikers in his way. If there is a pattern to speak of here to following the likes of Forlan, it is getting few opportunities at a big club and getting more at a smaller club. Luckily for Danny he has no competition to speak of at Arsenal.

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    Mesut Ozil

    by John Oct 8, 2014 17:11

    I hope you are right John, Ozil just does not fit in this league and if he is let go sooner rather than later Arsenal can recoup a decent amount for him before his reputation is really tarnished. I cant blame Wenger for signing him, sometimes the player just doesnt fit for whatever reason no matter how good he is. Kagawa and Veron are two great examples.

    Arsenal need a powerhouse in midfield, Carvalho, Tiote, the Kenyan lad at Southampton, any will be a huge improvement.

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    10 Years on: Where did it all go wrong?

    by Aaron Oct 18, 2014 15:11

    Ah see what you mean now. It would be hard to sack a manager of Wengers stature at the club, perhaps not renewing his contract would be a more diplomatic approach?

    I would like to know what official expectations are each season, say for the past 5 years at least. Uniteds chief exec has come out and said they expect LVG/United to reach top 3, so everyone knows the score. Its why Wenger will never hold a candle to Ferguson no matter what you think, because his goal was always win everything, anything less was failure. Mourinho has the same standard, whereas Brendan Rogers has come out and said hes happy with 'slow progress' this season, this after almost winning the title last year. Hard to see him being very successful either.

  • Reading up on what is happening in Germany, one could be lead into believing that what is happening there, is going on all over Europe.

    Teams don't really compete just for titles any more. It's more about the money.

    Look at what's happening in the Bundeslige. Dortmund have fallen away pretty dramatically from their position in the CL final last year. Many other teams in Germany seem only interested in getting into European competitions. That brings in the bucks.

    Much the same way that Arsenal seem only too comfortable in reaching 4th in the league as they know it's a big pay out in doing so. Risking 4th by trying to win the league would be madness. Just as Liverpool did.

    La Liga is dominated by two teams, with everyone else happy to compete for the other European competition spots.

    Ligue 1 is the same.

    Drive and ambition left when loyalty and the love of the game went.

    It's all about the money now.

  • You better hope that Arsene Wenger doesn't turn it around, because I'm saving this and I'm going to rub your moaning bl..dy face in it. I can remember the same moronic statements you use to make in another name, .that were just as biased and just as un supporting and stupid...If you love the sound of your own voice so much as I suspect, go buy a tape recorder and stop pretending to support anything.

  • Get over it Govinda, and get real. Its a game of football, no more and no less. To make it anything other than that is being plain dumb & manically unrealistic. Today you want everything from this team that has already given you everything any man could possibly expect from his team over the years (do you even remember 49 unbeaten) and if you had been there during the whole of the 50's and well into the 60's, (and include some of the 70's) when The Gunners won practically nothing, then you would know what real failure felt like week in week out. So from what I read here you don't deserve Arsenal and Arsenal owes fickle supporters nothing. As someone once said about Arsene Wenger, when you finally bury him, as you will, be sure to carry him out on his shield. Now take your medicine, stop p...ssing in your nappy, and get on with life. I've been around too long to be bothered with the likes of you.