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    Chelsea V Man Ushyted

    by OINK OINK! Jan 19, 2014 13:39

    There's already plenty of evidence of match fixing in football involving gambling syndicates, football clubs, footballers and match officials all having being involved in some way.

    I'm not the only person to have ever suggested that Man Ushyted appear to have had more than their fair share of dodgy officiating going in their favour in the Premiership.

    Fergie's fairytale ending at Old Toilet was far too convenient for my liking, especially when Man Ushyted has been pretty shyte in all the other competitions.


  • I apologise for this post in advance - I know this is nothing new but wanted to post it to get it off my chest.

    The narrative in the british media around LS has been unbelievable. All of the ex-footballers I've listened to say it was a nail on penalty. The numerous replays I have seen clearly show the keeper missing the ball and catching Suarez. Even Lambert couldn't hide his smile when the reporter, after listening to him say that he didn't think it was a pen, asked him if he would have been disappointed had it not been given at the other end. He didn't answer the question.

    And yet the headlines are as if Suarez and bitten, racially abused and dived all at the same time. The Sunday Supplement have just had a discussion where one journalist starts by saying there was no contact and therefore it was a dive. When the other three journalists point out there was contact and it was a penalty, you think that might change the direction of the discussion. Of course not. We go on to hear that we shouldn't be too harsh on Suarez because this "dive" wasn't as bad as some of "his" others. Even, most graciously, that Bacuna rolling around on the floor clutching his face trying to get Sturridge sent off might, arguably, be as bad as Suarez "winning" the penalty.

    Let me write that again. A player play acting to get a fellow player sent off might (just might mind you) arguably (of course there's some doubt) be as bad as Suarez being fouled and given a penalty!?

    Of course all last season we heard that Bale was unlucky to be booked 7 times for diving. That the slightest touch is enough to bring down the modern professional footballer travelling at speed. Oh, and wasn't it funny when that nice Mr Neville fell over with no one anywhere near him.

    The media witch-hunt will continue until Suarez has left the country.

    Sorry rant over.

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    Jack's Oirish nonsense!

    by Old Mother Oink! Jan 19, 2014 05:57

    The most annoying thing about you, Kipper, is the way you paint yourself as being a nice person, which is FAR from the truth. You're no good, friendless, petty, racist and misogynistic, you should be ashamed of yourself.

    Being disliked by you is a badge of honour I wear with pride.

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    by DRUMMER Jan 19, 2014 18:24

    So you won't mind being called a N----r then Rikk , as your a Black man from Twickenham? (You say).

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    by Paddy Jan 20, 2014 08:20

    The biggest thing about Suarez (well there are several), is that Guzan came flying out and on the ground, while Suarez rounded him, but then never had anywhere to go. Guzan could not get out of the way, and did NOT try to get the ball, NOR did Suarez really drag a foot. Being objective, I could say, and many would agree I think, it was soft, but considering the ref was looking from behind, and the sidejudge had to view it at full speed, so in addition to being in the way, and some contact, it was always a pk..

    Just think of the amount of times Ashley Young, Januzaj, Oscar, and a few others, have ridiculously dived, and / or dragged a foot, and gotten the call.. They make Suarez looking like a school boy, aside from the media's non stop picking on him. Had he scored a wonder goal (he had a terrible game), it would barely be a talking point, and even Sterling's the week before may have been softer, though a penalty as well..

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    by DRUMMER Jan 19, 2014 18:24

    It is my business "Drummer"....

    "If you ever had the balls to defend me on these boards, then I'll defend you"

    ...I defended you more times on the Crime board in it's "hay day" than you had "younger girl friends"..

    ....you're a sad old man who's finally found your niche...but this board will be dead soon too...make the most of it....:)

    ...ohhh...and you did attack Lee....and lot's of other "new" posters...you're either getting senile....or you're just a compulsive, troll suck up, liar...:)

    ..."just go away woman and give us all peace"...says the "new boy on the block"...just for a change...

    ...nothing to do with Rikk Drummer...your an old blow hard...and you know that email didn't come from me...

    ....my Dad would have called you an old blow hard...

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    Sterling or Crouch for #23

    by Rick Jan 21, 2014 14:56

    As they occupy different positions it's not really an either/or decision, is it Rick? Crouch appears to be Hughes' favourite striker, starting him in the last 14 PL games. Is Sterling (or even Coutinho) at risk with Sturridge being back? The answer has to be yes, the CM isn't strong enough with just Gerrard & Hendo. Maybe Hendo RM, Cout LM, Gerrard and Allen(until Lucas returns) in CM. Of course Rodgers could revert to WB's and 3 CB's again, which proved nearly as bad as Gerrard holding!
    So the answer is Crouch, but it's not a like-for-like question.

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    Buffon: 'Are they blind in Manchester?'

    by Ref, It Was Me! Jan 14, 2014 14:03

    I win!


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    by DRUMMER Jan 19, 2014 18:24

    Jack's wright Sweet, you are like a stuck needle. You and Saddo somehow seem hell bent on my character assassination. Replies of war and peace proportions. Give up your nonsense the pair of you, a handful of posters on here, and NONE of them like you pair To millions of people outside Australia "skippy" is name likened to them, the same as POM to the English. You however try and make it racist on my part. SAD! You have taken "Billy Boys" out of context to somehow make it sectarian. Sad! 3 girlfriends in 5 years , yet YOU make this out to be dozens, as this suits your ends. SAD! No I didn't have dosh to attract this young lady. If that's how you perceive woman as gold diggers, SAD! You're getting on a bit yourself, so it's a bit of a mystery that you suffer pmt on a daily basis. If that's not the case, then you must have suffered a traumatic experience, to bring you to this point in your life whereby you are now a bitter twisted woman, heading into old age to spend alone. SAD!

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    by DRUMMER Jan 19, 2014 18:24

    Just saying that you normally try and gain great capital out of any untruths or lies you feel have been said. Jacob says you have been rumbled and slapped around and humiliated etc..................and you say nothing. Nowt wrong with saying nothing, but keeping your chin still isn't your style.

    Anyway. I am very glad you are ok, as I do not advocate violence to solve ones disagreements, no matter how obnoxious a person is.

    Sweet said she is having a day off the board today, so I will wait until Thursday for the evidence and then either come out with my hands up, or expect ANOTHER apology for her incorrect accusations.

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    by DRUMMER Jan 19, 2014 18:24


    ..."Sweet said she is having a day off the board today"...no she didn't...she said she was busy tomorrow...

    ...you know...through the day when you and Drummer do all your posting.....?....:)

    ...the evidence of "what"...and what am I supposed to apologise for now...

    ...I apologised for thinking that the latest viral attack on my email account...the one that send "spam" to random folk on my "contacts list"...came from you...when it patently came from Drummer's "joke" mailing list....which you show up on....

    ...that's the only reason I apologised...even though you're on his "list"...

    ...the stuff that happened before...being locked out of my emails..."for my protection" because of "suspicious activity"...well...who knows who that was.... except a fisherroy@ disposable showed up in the "blurb"...

    ...you're already doing you trademark "wriggling" about the fact you lied about being "Eddy"...just like you lied about being "Lenny"....

    ...you're a compulsive liar...Kipper...I suspect you have a personality disorder...narcissistic...but heading for borderline....look it up...

    ...btw...I have the email...date, time...and all the email correspondence about it...to/from...the Crime board posters I shared it with....

    ...including to/from Drummer....who is strangely silent on the subject....I guess he doesn't see these posts....he should have gone to Specsavers ..

    ...Kipper....all I ever wanted you to do was tell the truth....but you can't....because you want to keep stalking me...that's the only reason you came back here...disguised as "Eddy".....

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    by DRUMMER Jan 19, 2014 18:24

    Last chance?

    You really are a joke, Kipper, EVERYONE knows you sent emails, now we're rubbing your nose in it you pretend to have the upper hand ... hilarious!

    The ONLY reason you refuse to own up is because you're GUILTY, as charged!

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    by OINK OINK! Jan 22, 2014 22:45

    I know that you're watching you old fruit!

    REPLY and you've bitten to my thread and I've won!

    IGNORE me, and you've bottled it and I've still won!

    LMFAO - fancy getting knocked out of the League Cup semis by 5under1and though! HAHAHA!


  • I really admire the braveness of Hayley Cropper in her assisted suicide, i couldnt do it, she definitely had some balls

    Breaking News..!! Juan Mata has just been arrested after performing a U-Turn on the M6

    David Moyes has promised fans of Manchester United that they will be in a major European competition next year... even if he has to write the song himself.

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    v Coventry

    by John Jan 25, 2014 10:25

    Wenger's desperation to win something, anything, shows in the way he puts out a full team for lowly Coventry, from Division 6(?).

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    by Simon Jan 25, 2014 14:52

    Do you mean that Yahoo! haven't got individual player pts correct? Or have they not added them up correctly?
    Post your wk 22 player pts including all substitute points and correct bench positions and we'll have a look.

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    by DRUMMER Jan 19, 2014 18:24

    ...and "Your word is not trustworthy as proven" by lying about being "Eddy"...

    ....not that your troll friends will care...

    ...in fact...if you admit to sending me unwanted mail to an email address that you "stole"....they will most probably hail you as a hero....

    ...you'll be the leader of the gang....Drummer likes being in a gang...;)

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    Vito Mannone

    by Ref, It Was Me! Jan 22, 2014 23:59

    No surprises hes linked with united and comments that he hopes the rumours are true. Even our back uop keepers are better than your first choice bumblers!

  • United are actually a couple players away from having the strongest side in the league. No one can rival what they have upfront, and they have world class kids coming through. Just a couple leaders needed in midfield and they will be unstoppable. Keep telling yourself all is not well but i believe the transition is going well and were about to come out the other side of this bad patch #watchthisspace

    Still beat your best team which was inform! Hahahahahahaha

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    Anfield? Not a clue!

    by sweetblindness Jan 26, 2014 14:37

    ....no answer was the loud reply...you can't answer a straight question....so you're a liar...

    ...Drummer next....let's see if he lies for you again...