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    v Coventry

    by John Jan 25, 2014 10:25

    Wenger's desperation to win something, anything, shows in the way he puts out a full team for lowly Coventry, from Division 6(?).

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    by Simon Jan 25, 2014 14:52

    Do you mean that Yahoo! haven't got individual player pts correct? Or have they not added them up correctly?
    Post your wk 22 player pts including all substitute points and correct bench positions and we'll have a look.

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    by DRUMMER Jan 19, 2014 18:24

    ...and "Your word is not trustworthy as proven" by lying about being "Eddy"...

    ....not that your troll friends will care...

    ...in fact...if you admit to sending me unwanted mail to an email address that you "stole"....they will most probably hail you as a hero....

    ...you'll be the leader of the gang....Drummer likes being in a gang...;)

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    Vito Mannone

    by Ref, It Was Me! Jan 22, 2014 23:59

    No surprises hes linked with united and comments that he hopes the rumours are true. Even our back uop keepers are better than your first choice bumblers!

  • United are actually a couple players away from having the strongest side in the league. No one can rival what they have upfront, and they have world class kids coming through. Just a couple leaders needed in midfield and they will be unstoppable. Keep telling yourself all is not well but i believe the transition is going well and were about to come out the other side of this bad patch #watchthisspace

    Still beat your best team which was inform! Hahahahahahaha

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    Anfield? Not a clue!

    by sweetblindness Jan 26, 2014 14:37

    ....no answer was the loud reply...you can't answer a straight question....so you're a liar...

    ...Drummer next....let's see if he lies for you again...

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    by DRUMMER Jan 19, 2014 18:24

    Spot on Drummer...the trolls on here know nothing about you...as you know nothing about them......you only know Kipper ...me and Rikk...you haven't an inkling otherwise...

    ....."stop stuffing pseudo religion down your box." ...that was "inbox"...Freudian slip....?... still thinking about those naked blond girls again...?

    ...thank you for confirming that you sent me ridiculous "spiritual" emails when I told you my Dad had died...

    ...."ONCE ONLY i referred you to a near death experience site. You blew a gasket and | apologised. You make it sound as though I sent you loads of emails, which is a LIE. I thought it may have been a source of comfort as I have a friend who had a NDE, and crossed over. What she encountered was stunning and changed her life forever. She did not want to return to this plane."...

    ...you say you worry about my mental health...?...

    ..and there was more than one mail....,you sent loads of #$%$..as you have just detailed....that's the #$%$ I asked you to stop sending....it was an insult...and I asked you to stop with your "ghost stories"...

    ..."what a cheap nasty shot that was regarding your late father"...fluck you Drummer...

    ...he was three times the man you are...he had one wife his whole life ..he raised three strong daughters...and one son....without filling our heads with your " after world". propaganda ...

    and he is dead now....he lives in our memories and our hearts....THAT is "heaven"...

    ....you're everything I ever said you were...you're a liar, a hypocrite and a "strange old man'''

    .....and I'm quite sure that you will deny that I forwarded Roy's email to you...back in September 2012....the one he won't admit to sending....

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    why is Mata not listed as a mid fielder

    by Lulu Jan 26, 2014 22:28

    same on hazard.. and big mistake is coleman as MF.. wakaka!!

  • does he play at this week (w23) vs southampton ?

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    by DRUMMER Jan 19, 2014 18:24

    Proof......absolute tosh. Just a bunch of made up dates. She mentions Anfield, December and now its September at a different time!

    All this #$%$ because u cant prove something. If what the old HAGgis says is true, prove it. Only the content can do this....


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    Mourinho owns wenger

    by v Jan 26, 2014 17:13

    Be careful to post silly opinions or as Moureen did spew diarrhea of the mouth without thinking (I know it seems to be a specialty)

    "It is simple. If you look at the fixtures and analyse them you can see that Arsenal is behind all the other teams,"
    "In the last five years all the studies that have been made show Arsenal have had less rest than any other team in the top four.
    "This is fact. It has nothing to do with my opinion, it is an independent company which has made that and has shown that Arsenal has had less rest between the games than any other top-level team."
    Asked if it was no more than mind games from the Chelsea manager, Wenger said: "No. This is an opinion and I don't live with opinions. I live with facts.
    "The facts are not depending on me, or Mourinho, just objective analysis. A day is 24 hours. Count how many days there are rest between two games and you will see that.
    "I didn't make the study. It has been made by an independent company which I cannot influence."

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    chelsea midfielder

    by David Jan 27, 2014 08:54

    oscar of course!

  • my favourite site for checking out line ups has demba as starter. the other one i use has Eto.
    i bought eto at. 9.3 so its a major dilemma for me.
    any thoughts?

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    Mata + Man U

    by Grapevine Jan 26, 2014 04:20

    Okay, fwiw I dumped Welbeck @7 before the Chelsea game... not a long-term solution when RVP & Roo are returning, and that was before Mata signed. gl with him.

  • true, but he almost never plays two games in a row especially so close together and since he played 90 mins against stoke its hard to see him starting.

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    How to Line Up vs Everton

    by Jason Jan 27, 2014 17:55

    Hi Jason my only changes depend solely on the fitness of Allen and Flannagan. If Flanners is fully fit he plays at the expense of Kelly or Cissokho. Allen is the more difficult one but I'd give some thought to Allen and Henderson deeper and Gerrard further forward. Tough call that one but I don't see Coutinho playing that well at the moment and I fear that Barry will dominate him.

    Tough call apart from full back!

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    Oh Stevie!

    by Netley Lucas Jan 28, 2014 21:20

    An unselfish act that cost me 15 pts! lol... assuming of course that Stevie would have tucked it away. Can't complain though.

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    by Roy Jan 28, 2014 21:46

    Says u who's every post is either to me, about me or mentioning me. I thoughtt you were going to post the email at 10?.....full of it as always.

    G'Night Stalker

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    by Roy Jan 28, 2014 21:46

    I will post extracts from the multitude of emails recieved from u and ur puppet master soon

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    by Roy Jan 28, 2014 21:46

    No...I didn't...

    ...I said that addy came up in the blurb that came up when the virus hit my account...and I apologised for that ....perhaps prematurely...I'm sure you're familiar with that situation...

    ...I apologised to a twisted little damaged stalking man like you...because the virus that sent out spam came from Drummer's "mailing list"....which I must say...you are on...yes...?

    ..."fisherroy7134"... was still in my list because of the email you sent Kipper...so long ago..:)

    ...I've got it...Rikk has it...you have it... why do you keep lying about it...?...

    ....I know it was from a "disposable"...but it's still traceable back to you...and I have the full header now...thanks to Rikk...

    ...and that will lead back to "you" and all your accounts...I think it's time now....

    ...all you ever had to do was say "sorry" and tell the truth....