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    by Roy Feb 27, 2014 19:19

    I have never deleted posts on any board ever...not even once. You are simply judging others by your standards. To delete would be to confirm that someone had got under your skin. As you and nobody ever has, I have never deleted. As for anything Hbird and Adrian may or may not have said.....again, so what, I still stand by my feelings that Hbird is a good poster and person. Adrian is simply Adrian. Only one reason why he behaves the way he does and that is because he feels that without Jan Leishman to pat his head, he has nobody. Doesn't mean I don't like him, I just feel sorry for him.

    As for father of the tear stuff. Did you or did you not contact an old friend of ours in the Police Force and ask him to intervene in some druggie people that had their claws in your Daughter? The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth, so help me god!

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    Stoke result

    by Govinda Mar 1, 2014 16:54

    I think (well hope) that the #$%$ performance against Stoke could well be down to the age old 'Big game on the horizon syndrome' ( i just made that title up, right there!). The amount of times poor results precede a major game is uncanny. Though unprofessional, it seems players lack the necessary concentration needed in these more supposedly minor fixtures. Look at Sunderland last weekend (they have the cup final this) and Arsenal before the last Bayern fixture.
    The guys really need to pull their socks up now. They are throwing all their hard graft away, rapidly. I myself do not believe it is down to a lack of playing staff, i think the squad is more than capable this season.

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    by Roy Feb 27, 2014 19:19

    You deleted your own posts and threads on Crime and those of others that showed you for the fool and liar that you are...you've deleted posts of your own on this forum under this Eddy/Roy id too...as well as the posts of others...

    ...you're a compulsive liar Roy...an internet nasty...and a little low-life nobody...

    ...putting your abuse of me over the course of years on internet forums and Drummer's support of you in doing so aside...Drummer disrespected Hbird and Adrian in sharing those emails with you...Hbird was only supposed to send him a message...I had no idea she had forwarded them to him until now...but she shared them with him in good faith...which Drummer has betrayed...

    ...Drummer claimed these mails proved I had asked Hbird to send him my email address...they don't...that's another lie...he called me "sad" for keeping that one unsolicited and abusive mail that you sent...but he keeps silly emails about not feeding the Debden troll for two years...while claiming that he doesn't...?.

    ...and now Drummer has shown himself to be an absolutely untrustworthy person...to have shared private emails and details sent to him in good faith...with someone like you...

    ...don't worry Drummer...I'll not be telling Hbird and Adrian...we don't talk about this place anymore...they don't need to know what a low-life you are...and neither Adrian or I were ever interested in you having our email addresses...

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    by Mark Mar 2, 2014 02:42

    This game can be very cruel, you can watch a player outpoint Suarez for fun, week after week, and the moment you pluck up the courage to cap him... you take a 25 hit! I got murdered when he went mental @Spurs :( I suspect the awful feeling of being hammered will deter a few more from straying as we enter the final few furlongs.

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    ADRIAN -1 ...REALLY??

    by A Yahoo! User Mar 1, 2014 20:37

    Yes, but YFF doesn't factor in the goals against, nor the loss penalty in their in-play scoring.

  • Will the postponed games (liverpool v sunderland, hull vs west ham) that have been moved to moved to weekdays be included in gameweek 29 or moved to game week 30? Might seem obvious to some but if you don't know, you dont know :)

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    Question about postponed games.

    by Josh Mar 3, 2014 15:41

    I suppose what ever game WK there on they will be included as that game WK ...I assume ....

  • So what shall we discuss today people?

    Let me make a suggestion.....er....er....how about....'Which devious person sent Sweatie a nasty email apparently from Kipper or Drummer.......?' That'll make a change.

    Odds at Bet Fred....

    100/1 Jack
    100/1 Kipper
    100/1 Oink
    100/1 Drummer
    100/1 Jabberwoky

    1/1000 Rikki !

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    Is it cuz I is Black?

    by Roy Mar 3, 2014 14:41

    I'm asking YOU...Drummer...how Kipper came by private emails...which you kept for two years...and which were private conversations involving me...Hbird...and Adrian...ultimately forwarded to you by Hbird...

    ...emails that were about nothing more than stopping the Debden troll who was posting filth at YOU and Hbird...no one else...you saved THEM...?

    ...then you must have saved a lot more...and lied when you said you didn't...therefore all the veiled threats about how much you know about me...

    ...Rikk wasn't involved in those emails...Drummer...he didn't need to be...he was already ignoring the troll and reporting his filth...more for Hbird's sake than yours...he asked me to pass on the message...which I did...

    ...the only people with access to those emails were me, Hbird, Adrian and you...you "forwarded" them to me on Feb 25th...Kipper was quoting them by Feb 28th....

    Drummer.....how did Kipper get them...? I'm waiting for your explanation....?

  • HAHAHA!! Piggy's having a MELTDOWN!!


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    by Old Mother Oink! Mar 7, 2014 10:58

    I bet he wishes he hadn't rubbished the ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY ONE photos I posted now, compared to a postage stamp and NOTHING!

    He claimed to have taken 20,000 photos in Mexico City, but is having trouble locating them, his mum cleared them away with his gay porn, and he can't find them!


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    Our Last 38 Matches

    by Jason Mar 5, 2014 15:00

    Hi Colyn

    From the little I've read, I think the accounts were actually better than the headlines suggest. Take all this with a pinch of salt because I haven't done the homework but ...

    - The accounts don't include the revenue from the recent commercial deals
    - I read that FSG might write off the loan to Liverpool which should generate more profit through lack of interest payments
    - I also hear that the CL is worth £50m next season plus gate receipts
    - The revenue from finishing higher up the table this year will be a big jump on last year (with the BT money).

    I don't think we'll be buying 8 new players but I guess there is room for 3 first teamers.

    For me, Konoplyanka, Mica Richards & Loic Remy (unless we can unearth a Yaya Toure/Matic type, in which case blow the budget on him!).

    What do you think?

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    Week 29, a ton will be like 200!

    by Netley Lucas Mar 2, 2014 22:17

    The formation will be 4-4-2 but one of the strikers won't have a game this week. Instead of selling him, he will be kept because he was got at a cheap price and it will be too expensive to buy him back. I'm prity sure the strikers are Sturridge and Suarez, one is benched and the other is still in the 4-4-2 formation.

  • anybody here?

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    by Sir [kwng] Mar 8, 2014 15:29

    Yes me, ha ha

  • Why the value of ramsey increase while he's injuried ???

  • What a mystery this one is!

    Stolen passports from Iranian's etc etc.

    No wreckage, no plain, no black box/transponder signal!!

    For me it can't have blown up or wreckage would be everywhere just like Lockerbie.

    It can't have smashed into the sea as the same thing applies but to a more localised area.

    Hard to see how it can be successfully high jacked, as it would need to fly below radar for some distance and no shipping has reported what would be a weird sight of a jumbo skimming the waves, then landing in secret somewhere..............but no demands, so who would high jack without a point to prove or a twisted cause to promote.

    I think the pilot may have been able to gently drop the plane on the ocean surface but it has sank before anyone could evacuate...........this was there would be little to no wreckage to find but it does not address the issue that a may day would have been sent!...................All in all, a strange one!

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    wos it sumfin i sed?

    by Old Mother Oink! Mar 7, 2014 11:53

    It's ok J A C K, Altree the old woofter is just setting himself up for more ridicule sooner than he thinks, I can guarantee I'll be leaving the old gobshyte with egg all over his face!

    I'll leave the old knacker in suspense for a bit though, I'll be milking this one out for a while!


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    wos it sumfin i sed?

    by Old Mother Oink! Mar 7, 2014 11:53

    I KNEW IT!!!


  • ST : Lukaku; Crouch; Rooney(C)
    MC: Adam Johnson; Yaya Toure. Coleman, Lallana
    DC: Distin; Mc Cartney; W.Brown
    GK A.Begovic happy lucky Week 30 to you