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  • Okay Rikki, Sinceyou asked, lets try a few and see if what you tell us on here is true. Your a Man Utd. fan or so you tell us having been there many times, so these should be easy. You also state that you 'chinned' Lee Bowyer, and that you have a daughter in Urunga NSW so we can assume you've been there too, and that your are an ex SEAL. Okay, now these statements are out of the way lets get started. There are qualified people on here that will know the answers so be careful Tricky.
    1) The night you chinned Lee Bowyer, what did he call you, and what logo was on the front of his tee shirt?
    2) In the front main entrance to Old Trafford what's the first thing anyone sees.?
    3) The urinals in the main stain are stainless steel, or china, or something else? (careful its loaded this one)
    4) When you left England what was the name of the tramp steamer the Australian Immigration sent you on for £10 each?
    5) From Manchester central, what number bus runs to Old Trafford, and at what times.?
    6) What was the price of a standing ticket there for a home match in the 60's or 70's
    7) On the night you were caught speeding through Urunga NSW, what was the name of the arresting officer, was it - Insp.Biff Johnson, PC Fortynine, or Sgt. Franz Klammer(known as 'Frankie The Hammer' locally) ?
    8) Who was your Platoon Commander when you first enlisted in the SEALS, and who subsequently failed you?
    9) When you and yours first landed in Australia, where were you taken for interrogation prior to being allowed in?
    10) Finally, if you had a chance, would you do it over again; this time better, or remain a laughing stock for the rest of your days; keeping in mind that there aren't many of those left?

    Answers to follow once questions are completed.

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    More Altree ridicule - LMFAO!!!

    by OINK OINK! Mar 18, 2014 19:01
    Jack S Jack S Mar 19, 2014 18:16 Flag

    Oh dear Butchy, an oink oink size twelve in the nuts. You must have winced when that oinky dropped that on you...just a glutton for punishment. Soon you'll be so popular for a good #$%$ kicking on the boards, you'll have to have a bar code stamped on your forehead....... Ahhh! ha ha ha ha ha ha! oh dear my guts are aching laughing. I've gotta go... see yah!,,,Ahhh! Ha Ha Ha Ha,,.,,,oink oink oink!!

  • seems we caught ourselves a dose of Rikki's VD.........little fish don't bite on deceased bait.......yours must be dropping off by now rikkity. Nothing left to fumble with now......

  • Jack S by Jack S Mar 15, 2014 08:19 Flag

    Finally confirmed then, Bendtner is an out and out nutter. Lets hope Moyes puts in a bid to add him to his squad of misfits.

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    Normal service

    by Piggy Feb 12, 2014 21:57
    Jack S Jack S Feb 12, 2014 23:04 Flag

    and I suppose you think that's f...g funny do you piggyshite? An old c k sucker like you, thinking he's funny is a f...g joke in itself. Funny, would be having your a...e kicked out of your mothers house, along with your sh..tty underwear......and don't think no one knows either....

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    Arsenal sign HOTTEST Dutch talent!

    by FABONGRASSS Jan 16, 2014 18:06
    Jack S Jack S Jan 17, 2014 13:13 Flag

    I can see why AW is so keen on covering all the 'boxes' In defence. He has an abundance of talent up front and mid field in the side, and none more so than (has anyone here noticed?) young Gnabry. I can see why everyone is so hot on him, he has a real head on him for the immediate options, and moves like a Swiss watch. I thought about the kid Moyes keeps playing, and all the hype about him. Granted he can 'dribble' and can get around dumb defenders. But Gnabry is a different kind of player, if not far better than him. He thinks outside the box(no pun) and is strong and quick with it. I think we have an absolute diamond there, both now and in the future. If you shuffle all our cards together, ie. take a bench, and a team with everyman fit and blended together, maybe not this season, but we will be something to be reckoned with. A better more balanced side than both Chelsea, or Man City.....Now, certainly in defence..

  • Forget the loud mouths spouting their nonsense on here, always 'little boy' gleeful about our teams loss to Bayern. Not exactly unexpected as it was. Never the less if we view it from an altogether different angle, these are some of the detail that have not been aired on here, simply because people like 'butchvicarpiggy' (call it what you may) aren't the least interested in anything that may benefit Arsenals case. But lets see. In the 2nd half, If you counted the number of passes, Bayern had 508, to Arsenals 62(fact). Now then, against such a 'barrage' of them retaining the ball, it is a testament to the spirit of our team, that this tie isn't even further beyond our grasp. Also, when considering their penalty, I can see that yes it was a penalty, but I believe (as do a lot of commentators) it was only that, and not a red card. That was harsh in the extreme, in the same manner as the one that sent our German keeper Lehmann off against Barca, when we looked like winning the CL final.
    In slow motion its clear Robben had poked the ball away, waiting for the contact from our keeper, in very much the same circumstances as Ox's challenge against Suarez, which went unpunished, and was IMO the correct decision. As for the nonsense over Ozil. Give it a rest. He's happy enough. Simply frustrated and finding the PL difficult. We don't exactly have the talent around him he was use to. The media would have otherwise, as expected. Any excuse for disruption, will do for them.

    Now all I have to do is wait for the childish, unconnected dumb responses, from the usual planks......

  • Its a forlorn hope on this board that contains so many detractors of an Arsenal team that is performing so outrageously well: that those detractors may(and pigs might fly) begin to 'support' their team in the belief that Arsenal can win not only win the PL but one or two more trophies as well this season. But fear not, there will always be this kind of statement from supposed supporters .....

    "Chelsea's result last night there is little argument to be had about who the best manager in the PL is".

    Totally disregarding AW's own outstanding performance this season, in giving the rest something to think about, and.in building a team (something Mourhino hasn't done) into a force to be reckoned with. I seem to recall that from way back last Nov. they have been saying we cant sustain it, we wont keep it going. Fruity O'Rooney springs to mind, plus one or two other on here. Yet here we are, with 14 to play, and although there is a few more bridges to negotiate, I would rather our position to date, than say Man. Utd. or Totters, and the ever building pressure on Man City... Please note, that nothing was said about our injured players, who have not been overly missed, but none the less, missed...yet we still manager to perform well. And Mr Pullis was never going to make it easy.....yet win we did. The point is, that we are not expected to win (anything), and this may well work to our advantage, both here and in Europe.

  • "RVP mulls summer move: Robin van Persie is uncertain whether to remain at Manchester United and will consider his future in the summer, according to a report in The Guardian. However, the paper understands the Dutchman has no release clause in his contract, which has two years left to run, and the club will resist any attempt by the player to leave. The Dutchman, who apparently criticised team-mates in the wake of United's defeat to Olympiacos, is reported to have been particularly disappointed when Sir Alex Ferguson
    retired, given the Scot was integral in the striker's signing from Arsenal."

    Of course in looking back, the optimum sentence here is " and the club will resist any attempt by the player to leave. The Dutchman, who apparently criticised team-mates "

    Does this ring any bells for anyone? Remember that this report comes via The Guardian, not given to reporting anything that might compromise, only burning their fingers with Wikkileaks perhaps.

    However, our once upon a time hero, must be reflecting about his decision to change boats in mid stream......

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    nightmare on cairns street

    by Baldrick Feb 22, 2014 18:09
    Jack S Jack S Feb 22, 2014 19:54 Flag

    "Nightmare On Cairns Street"

    bl..dy hilarious. Now lets watch Rikki come riding out bare back on Piggy, in full leathers, abuse blazing from every orifice, squealing for Piggy to go faster.....this is going to be a hoot to watch. I cant wait, I'm wetting myself laughing already....

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    Dutch 'leaking' again.....

    by Jack S Feb 27, 2014 09:59
    Jack S Jack S Feb 27, 2014 14:13 Flag

    "RVP , is reported to have been particularly disappointed when Sir Alex Ferguson
    retired, given the Scot was integral in the striker's signing from Arsenal"...........

    'can someone point to where RVP mentioned anything about this' ??

    No? I thought so. Go back to sleep Rikkity.

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    another view of us V Munich...

    by Jack S Feb 21, 2014 14:02
    Jack S Jack S Feb 21, 2014 23:17 Flag

    !!! "You're right, Banana-bender, they should have won 10-0, they were that much better, they'll make up for it in Munich.!!""

    " "Now all I have to do is wait for the childish, unconnected dumb responses, from the usual planks...... "

    Well I guess that says it all....and not just planks, but Rikki shyte in person...that's a new one ripped for him anyway. Now get to your stinking pit #$%$......ho ho ho! done dumb again

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    by FABONGRASSS Mar 8, 2014 15:09
    Jack S Jack S Mar 8, 2014 17:24 Flag

    ...and we didn't miss Jack either, did we? Forgive me for mentioning this, but I get the impression that the team seem to play better without him. It maybe me, but I think Wiltshire can be a bit of a moaner, and bully sometimes. Certainly throws his weight about a bit too much, and can be a bit predictable, going forward and always looking for the reverse pass etc.....Take nothing away, he's a great talent. Probably get better with age.
    BTW, after putting Everton to the sword, watching Ozil make Everton look as though they had sent out a team of wax works dummies, and Manure making hard work of beating 'Gone' West Brom, I wonder where The Bali Baboon(sorry Orang UTAN) is. Probably had a skin full this weekend, and in an alcoholic coma.....

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    Everton take fourth place!

    by Old Mother Oink! Apr 12, 2014 17:01
    Jack S Jack S Apr 12, 2014 23:09 Flag

    Always one for stating the obvious.

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    More Altree ridicule - LMFAO!!!

    by OINK OINK! Mar 18, 2014 19:01
    Jack S Jack S Mar 20, 2014 22:54 Flag

    Nah! That's a key board error, quite common in the Colonies. Its called #$%$ finger'. Terrible mistakes are made with that condition, trying to cum on line...

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    Wenger embarrassing Arsenal big time

    by Ref, It Was Me! Apr 6, 2014 18:13
    Jack S Jack S Apr 6, 2014 23:47 Flag

    Realistically the FA Cup was our only chance of a trophy this season. Also we will win our last few games and Everton will miss out, having too much to do their last few games. So cheer up and book your tickets for Wembley......we might have half a full team out by then...Which by the way leaves Manure with nothing to win but loss of face...simple and pleasing.

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    Everton take fourth place!

    by Old Mother Oink! Apr 12, 2014 17:01
    Jack S Jack S Apr 12, 2014 20:01 Flag

    Wrong!! Oh you of little faith. And Arsenal Go To Wembley"...........a mighty win against all the odds...

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    Keown on RVP's post match comments.

    by Govinda Feb 27, 2014 14:04
    Jack S Jack S Mar 1, 2014 09:30 Flag

    "Shouldn't on-field tactical issues be raised with his manager first rather than running off to the press to air his dirty linen in public, Govinda?"

    I seem to remember the same performance from the Dutchman with AW. The man has no respect. Simple as that.. His ego goes before him, and for my money, always has. I cannot for one moment, believe he's chums with anyone, including Fruity O'Rooney. As such there lays the problem.

  • I do hope your watching this Liverpool 3 Arsenal 0 !!!!! Oh dear looks like the wheels have finally fallen off Wengers caravan of hope....Toot! Toot!!!! All SQUAT with Vindaloo and pray!!

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    Be afraid, be very afraid ....

    by Old Mother Oink! Mar 30, 2014 15:22
    Jack S Jack S Mar 30, 2014 17:33 Flag

    ...." Everton are coming, and looking formidable..."

    The 'latest' breaking news (well, 24hours old by the time he gets it) from the anal one, Rectal Rikki, blowing out of his backside again, trying to convince people in Europe and not the third world down under, that someone in Australia knows something we don't, about our game in our country! Strange old geyser...that's 'blow hard' to you Rikkity.
    Funny though last time I looked I think Manure (United in Grief) must have missed the bus, 'cos I don't see them 'coming' anywhere....forgive me if I belly chuckle at that. Perhaps some prayers down your local Kingdom Hall, with a copy of the Good Book. You know the one Im talking about Rikki...the latest gay cartoon one 'Tarzan Swings With Apes & Orangutans'....BTW . Arsenal 1 City 1. Manure 0 City 3 Ring any bells Rikki???