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    I'm getting withdrawal symptons!

    by Old Mother Oink! Feb 19, 2014 12:42
    Govinda Govinda Feb 20, 2014 08:33 Flag

    you are improving. You strike ma as some one who has withdraw symptoms from this forum within the hour. Keep up the good work. Is the therapy working?

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    The first FOUR goals (against Pool).

    by FABONGRASSS Feb 10, 2014 18:27
    Govinda Govinda Feb 11, 2014 07:36 Flag

    I remember Giroud's chance at 1-0 down. Had he taken it and leveled the game might have been different but he is not that type of striker IMO. The faul called on Mertesacker before the 1st goal was weak and it did look like some Liverpool players were of side on the goal but no Liverpool player should have gotten a body part on the ball period same for the corner from which Skirtel scored a great header. 2 set pieces 2 goals is not acceptable at this level and is old Arsenal. But like you said it does happen. After that individual mistakes contributed to the next goals and after going 2-0 down that should never happen.

    I just read an article this morning which said ""The manager is expected to make a couple of changes with the axe likely to fall on Nacho Monreal, while he must make a big decision about Mesut Ozil.

    "Ozil was criticised for his contribution at Anfield and, according to the Arsenal medical team, he is close to the ‘red zone’ — when fatigue creeps in and players are more exposed to injury.

    "The £42million signing from Real Madrid has not settled comfortably into life in London and despite an encouraging start has not been satisfied with his own recent form."

    I think Wenger should protect Ozil and rest him. It is normal for him to need time to adjust to the PL, he is not the first foreign player to need time to adjust.

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    Wenger reacts t0 Mourinho

    by FABONGRASSS Feb 17, 2014 08:57
    Govinda Govinda Feb 17, 2014 09:24 Flag

    It is hard for me to imagine that one manager can launch an unprovoked attack on a fellow manager and that this can be appreciated by anyone with a sound mind.

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    Bayern Game

    by Govinda Feb 18, 2014 09:04
    Govinda Govinda Feb 18, 2014 09:17 Flag

    Like screaming for a penalty that wasn't given? Hahaha. You a funny dude.

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    The world according to Govindfa ....

    by Old Mother Oink! Feb 21, 2014 08:05
    Govinda Govinda Feb 21, 2014 09:12 Flag

    Mata is a wonderful player, but despite playing with superior goal scoring team mates he loses the only objective battle to Ozil which are the stats but I guess that fact is too hard to deal with for the Arsenal hater. Hatred seems to have poisoned your brain

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    by Ref, It Was Me! Feb 11, 2014 12:12
    Govinda Govinda Feb 11, 2014 13:07 Flag

    A few weeks ago I saw a stat which showed Giroud as one of the more inaccurate strikers in terms of %shots on target and conversion. This is not a big surprise because it "feels" like he needs a lot of chances to score. He is pretty good with his had and great at involving others and creating assists but poor in scoring goals and seems to need a lot of time to control the ball and get a shot of on goal.

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    Joel Campbell's exquisite goal

    by Ref, It Was Me! Feb 25, 2014 22:03
    Govinda Govinda Feb 26, 2014 06:49 Flag

    "Olympiacos. Not Bayern Munich or Barcelona. Olympiacos. Not master coach Pep Guardiola. Michel. Not Lionel Messi. Alejandro Dominguez.

    And not down to 10 men either. Unlike Arsenal and Manchester City last week, Manchester United had their full complement on the field. It just didn’t look like it.

    They contrived to lose, not to giants, but to one of the also-rans of the competition. Olympiacos are not potential winners.

    Chances are they will be removed in the quarter-finals by the first good team they play, if they manage to survive the return leg at Old Trafford. The odds must favour them now.

    United pulled the plum tie out of the Champions League draw — and then choked on it.

    This may well be the worst performance of David Moyes’s brief time as United manager, the one that really will cause questions to be asked about his suitability."

    It all started when he passed on Ozil and continued when he was conned by Mourinho to accept poor Mata, but how will it end?

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    Sagna - “We want to be champions....

    by Ref, It Was Me! Feb 21, 2014 15:34
    Govinda Govinda Feb 21, 2014 16:47 Flag

    He could have thrown in the CL as well, no need to give up on that yet. Best team in the world could only 2 goals past us when we were down to 10 man for more than half the game. They also needed two great goals to get it done. We still have a chance albeit a long shot.

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    by FABONGRASSS Feb 4, 2014 20:22
    Govinda Govinda Feb 6, 2014 12:12 Flag

    Classic!!!!!!!!!!!! Very entertaining.

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    Was Ozil REALLY worth £42.5m?

    by Old Mother Oink! Feb 20, 2014 09:07
    Govinda Govinda Feb 21, 2014 07:35 Flag

    Ozil destroyed Mata in their only head to head game this year. You have no clue what you are talking about.

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    Players two day rest.

    by FABONGRASSS Feb 28, 2014 09:04
    Govinda Govinda Feb 28, 2014 10:41 Flag

    You might soon discover that qualifying for the CL is better than an FA cup or League cup. I know you like counting. How many years on the trot did Arsenal qualify for CL football? Hope for you your counter on that one doesn't get reset to zero.

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    Missing Ozil?

    by FABONGRASSS Feb 20, 2014 10:39
    Govinda Govinda Feb 21, 2014 09:02 Flag

    Your expertise about reading statistical feed back seems to have a perfect negative correlation with your display of your blind hatred for all things Arsenal.

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    The world according to Govindfa ....

    by Old Mother Oink! Feb 21, 2014 08:05
    Govinda Govinda Feb 21, 2014 17:03 Flag

    So let me get this right, Mourinho, your hero, who calls Ozil the best nr 10 in the world only gives Mata e few minutes and sells him, but you with your profound football knowledge (we all know your intellect) think Mata is better and try to use the fact he couldn't get on the pitch enough as an excuse for posting poorer stats? Well even if you compare Ozil on a like for like basis his stats are superior.

    Try again little hater.

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    Webb is the worst ref.

    by Govinda Feb 16, 2014 17:39
    Govinda Govinda Feb 17, 2014 07:15 Flag

    Read the whole thread and you will see that there were complaints about no second yellow for Stevie or the ridiculous first yellow for Flamini.

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    Half Time....

    by Baldrick Apr 1, 2014 20:47
    Govinda Govinda Apr 2, 2014 08:10 Flag

    TBH I thought it was great result for Man U obviously much better than what we managed. I for one hope they knock Bayern out. I am not like most on here who hate Arsenal or Man U so much that I always want them to lose. In addition the better the PL does in the CL the more points the PL gtes which might mean we get to hold onto 4 CL places. We lose that 4th spot and Arsenal can forget about CL football.

    I also love Rooney's dive getting Sweinsteiger a red card. Bayern out smarted or out "experienced" us with all their theatrics and now they were on the receiving end of it. I hope Man U knock them out.

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    Business-like performance vs Hammers

    by Ref, It Was Me! Apr 15, 2014 21:52

    Massive result! Well done by the lads. We could have scored even more. Happy to see Wenger finally put his faith in Kallstrom, who didn't to too bad, and allowed Podolski more than 70 minutes. Thought Vermaelen did a decent job as well.

    Next Hull, win that game and the ship might be steadied.

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    No need to do the math....

    by Baldrick Apr 7, 2014 18:28
    Govinda Govinda Apr 7, 2014 18:48 Flag

    No argument from me that injuries had a big impact on our season and, to me, even in his short time on the pitch, and after having been out forever, Ramsey showed us what we had missed. The question remains though, should the team we fielded against Everton have done better, should the team we played against Swansea have been able to win, or are we just that thin that there we got the max out of those players? IMO the squad we were able to field should have done a lot better. If you draw against the best team in the PL (IMO City are still the best team) at home, should we not have been able to beat Everton?

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    Business-like performance vs Hammers

    by Ref, It Was Me! Apr 15, 2014 21:52

    It is hard to imagine any Arsenal fan not being miserable about being in 5th.

  • I hope if this rumour is true that this is a loan deal. Spending transfer funds on this guy at his age and with his talent would appear a waste of money. I hope this is not the type of Wenger deal of old, nl a 3 year deal £50k per week and no body wants him and we keep paying him whilst he doesn't get any starts to speak of.

    Sylvestre, Park, etc.

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    Not good enough???

    by Govinda Feb 1, 2014 07:54
    Govinda Govinda Feb 3, 2014 14:16 Flag

    Every time I think your messages can not gt any sadder or less informed they do :-)

    Wenger admitted he knew he signed an injured player.

    But I am sure he is a great signing. Shrewd bit of business because we are not paying for his salary as long as he is injured.. He was just signed to keep fans like you happy.

    Why are you going on about Draxler?? Did you not say we should not pay millions for an unproven kid?? It must be hard for you to keep track of you nonsense and your opinion.