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    Business-like performance vs Hammers

    by Ref, It Was Me! Apr 15, 2014 21:52
    Baldrick Baldrick Apr 17, 2014 18:06 Flag

    "I don't think that requires much analysis."!!!!!

    Thank God for that. We wont have to endure any negative reactions, or in depth b..llsh..t from slack mouthed supporters like The Bald Baptist then, will we????
    I don't suppose for one minute he gives a 'flying' what you think anyway, regardless of the fact that The Everton result helped us remain in 4th place.......but then again, who gives a 'flying' ???? air head

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    5 Games.....

    by John Apr 14, 2014 09:33
    Baldrick Baldrick Apr 14, 2014 16:31 Flag

    Everton also have to do the same. Also L'pool and Man C. and Chelsea. Which ever way it all ends up there will be tears....more than likely L'pools. They were not that convincing a C'ship side yesterday, so I have my doubts. Having said that, I would prefer they do win it.....everything is all down to huge 'ifs'........

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    5 Games.....

    by John Apr 14, 2014 09:33
    Baldrick Baldrick Apr 14, 2014 16:24 Flag

    Is there no end to your 'the glass is half full' philosophy Govinda ? Nothing that Arsene Wenger does can please you. I don't know how you were brought up as child, but everything points to even your father having been a disappointment. But it's no coincidence that every time you talk AW and Arsenal down, it has a positive effect on the result. So do by all means continue being the pessimist. Suits you.

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    The way forward for Arsenal

    by Ref, It Was Me! Apr 13, 2014 10:07
    Baldrick Baldrick Apr 13, 2014 10:21 Flag

    Also, did Wigan really pose a threat, when Fabianski was hardly troubled the whole game? Not even from the penalty spot were they dangerous. Says it all really. They were there to nick it with one goal, and came unstuck. Wigan were stout, we were workman like, its as simple as that. Now, whose next???? Chuckle:))))))...and that's 2 lumps thank you.......

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    Look out, Ita's about!

    by Old Mother Oink! Apr 7, 2014 12:19
    Baldrick Baldrick Apr 12, 2014 08:33 Flag

    Thanks Butch. The rain sounds like the same here. After it finished with Somerset we thought it was safe, now its slashing it down again non stop, on and off bloody of like a tap. As if Wigan wasn't enough to worry about...chuckle'''

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    Look out, Ita's about!

    by Old Mother Oink! Apr 7, 2014 12:19
    Baldrick Baldrick Apr 12, 2014 00:08 Flag

    Bloody hell, that's a tornado surely?? On the satellite it looks due North of you???

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    Look out, Ita's about!

    by Old Mother Oink! Apr 7, 2014 12:19
    Baldrick Baldrick Apr 11, 2014 14:35 Flag

    Thanks for that Butch. But has it happened? There's a large white house that sits on a hill over looking the Bay. That's what I'm concerned about...please keep me up to date....with thanks.....

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    Look out, Ita's about!

    by Old Mother Oink! Apr 7, 2014 12:19
    Baldrick Baldrick Apr 11, 2014 10:19 Flag

    "Monster Ita could ‘wipe out’ Cooktown????"

    Sorry, but could you explain this for me. I happen to know some people in Cooktown......

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    PL or FA cup?

    by Govinda Apr 9, 2014 14:29
    Baldrick Baldrick Apr 9, 2014 23:17 Flag

    Careful what you wish for boys, we could end up with nothing, and as a gambling man I wouldn't bet against it. Bad luck and dreadful finishing will all play a part, and poor old AW hasn't been the luckiest man on the planet. But this is shaping up as a real last gasp of a season, that neither L'pool or Everton can be looking forward to. Chelsea and City look the more likely still. For my money there's too much pressure on it for L'pool, and they haven't been in such a position for years, and neither have Everton. If we begin to bury a few of those chances we always get, things will shape up nicely. I think he's got to play that 'Stretch' Sanogo(what ever his name) to put himself about up front. His a big strong lad and will give defences something to think about. Meanwhile tomorrow I'll collect my winnings on a Chelsea x Bayern double with a 'thanks Manure, I knew I could rely on you'. As we used to say down QPR way, 'nice one Cyril '....

  • You can all bang on all day about what has happened to Arsenal over the last few weeks, or how to 'fix' it, or how many points we or them need, the fact remains that Arsenal and Arsene Wenger have been crippled with injuries to players that left us with only half the team that should have been out on the pitch. When Walcott and Ramsey, were cutting defences to pieces, and Giroud was profiting from them, supported by a solid mid field & defence, people were comparing us with the invincibles. So my point is, take Suarez or players like, Toure, or Sturridge out of their teams and what you get is Arsenal. They have all profited from Arsenal injuries, and we didn't have better cover. That's all there is to it. I predict we will hold 4th place and we will win the FA cup. If we don't then I will willingly walk down Old Trafford naked with a sign on my back with a picture of Rikkis avatar on my back, proclaiming that "this 'monkey' on the United Yahoo Board, is responsible for the failure of Man. Utd. to win anything this season. How's That??

  • Baldrick Baldrick Apr 5, 2014 09:15 Flag

    still trying to compensate for your lack of credibility cup cake???
    you've had your usual Saturday skin full, now hit that stinking mattress of yours and sleep it off. It must hum in that heat by now.....sad.....
    no matter which way you spin or twist it Rikkity you still come out as a liar & idiot, who seems not to have a clue how ridiculous he makes himself sound. You can understand that cant you Rikki ??...really sad....

  • Baldrick Baldrick Apr 4, 2014 15:58 Flag

    "Except you're nowhere near The Emirates, in fact, you're thousands of miles away, and have never been near the place."

    Ho! Ho! and whereabouts would that be cupcake, a thousand miles west of the Rockies? Funny how you can have me at Highbury as a kid' one day, and thousands of miles away from it, the next??? or never been near the place. Make up you mind dopey. Go back over your notes and see how many places I haven't ever been to according to you, who is known on every board as a drunk, hypocrite, and a thief, oh and jobless as well. So why would anyone believe you, when you are continually blowing it out your rectum day in day out. Perhaps its you who has never been'' ???????? and your lying compensates for it.

  • Baldrick Baldrick Apr 4, 2014 11:55 Flag

    You sound like you need a good slap with a wet pappadum Govinda. Somebody pass me one, I need to dip it in my Vindaloo.......'dreaming' is for slumdogs, cupcake. We 'hope' at The Emirates.

  • Baldrick by Baldrick Apr 1, 2014 20:47 Flag

    Bayern Munich verses Wax Work Dummies. United are standing around just like 'em. Feeding off scraps, and hoping they can keep Bayern out. It looks as though they cant. Although its a defensive work of labour for them, even if they take a draw (which Moyes has set up for) to Munich, they cannot honestly hope to win playing like this. Football wise , they're being murdered..........They are simply not CL quality. The same can be said for Arsenal at this present moment in time. Giggs, Ferdinand, and Rooney are blowing like old dray horses trying to chase shadows...its a joke

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    The 'City' of Doom......

    by Baldrick Mar 28, 2014 18:22
    Baldrick Baldrick Mar 29, 2014 10:07 Flag

    ".BTW..Rikki will you join me in a prayer, its got to be in your best interest for us to win surely. Or are you still sour about having several #$%$'s ripped you this month?? "

    I truly cant believe that you answered that. Is this seeing a new side of you that we didn't know exited. The one that can make no difference between fact and fiction. Are you totally insane, or simply just asking for it.........because you continually invite ridicule......must be in the genes

  • ......being a supporter of The Gunners for many years I have often found myself resorting to praying for miracles, and my prayers have often been answered. I can recall that famous night in Liverpool when St. Thomas came and answered my prayers when we needed one more goal to win the Championship, with one minute remaining on the clock. Or even the Alan Sunderland goal in the dying minutes at Wembley against Manure to win The FA Cup...But this weekend I think I'm going to have to resort to several Voodoo dolls of the City team to stick pins in. Its the only way to stop them.

    .BTW..Rikki will you join me in a prayer, its got to be in your best interest for us to win surely. Or are you still sour about having several anus's ripped you this month??

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    ' Rectal Ricky'

    by Baldrick Mar 28, 2014 13:08
    Baldrick Baldrick Mar 28, 2014 18:08 Flag

    Oh Likki, you're so anal. What on earth are you talking about, and whose wife for heavens sake.?? You really are off your trolley most of the time. Its no wonder that you are such an easy target for a good #$%$ kicking...... Try and lighten up, you make yourself so obviously red faced with rage like a well slapped #$%$, when someone has served you up a good thrashing.( 'Thrashing'; don't you just love that word rikki?) because you immediately revert to type going back to when only you seem to remember somebody called 'missus'??? meanwhile, was that one or two lumps in your tea, mister Bitter??
    "Rectal Rikki"!!! Oh dear!! Come on Rikki, you've gotta laugh. Its makes me roll about...pmsl....

  • Baldrick by Baldrick Mar 28, 2014 13:08 Flag

    ..every time I see that avatar picture of his, he looks like he's just had a rectal flush out with a high pressure hose.......please change it Rikki, before I bust a gut.........and you throw another wobbly...

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    Squealing Again.....

    by Baldrick Mar 27, 2014 22:07
    Baldrick Baldrick Mar 28, 2014 12:57 Flag

    Hook, line, and sinker Oink! Just like a Mullet, one of the easiest fish to catch, and quite well known for its smell and rancid flesh......quite appropriate I thought...but I'm really put out and feel quite suicidal about not being liked by anyone 'cept you on here. I've been deceived then. I thought thumbs down meant no one liked you. So it looks like Rikkits is very popular??? All a bit 'fishy' if you ask me....ARRRhhh! Ha ha ha ha ha ...hang on I'll go into fits of it if I don't stop Ha ha ha ha!!

  • ...and my, oh my, how the pig does squeal with one of his litter in toe....... squalid, and totally unsustainable without a trough of shyte to wallow in. wouldn't you say boys? Especially with the runt of litter Rikki covered with excrement everyday on the boards.....Baboons springs to mind here...