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  • TheButchNemesis by TheButchNemesis Dec 6, 2014 20:07 Flag

    ...defending again against an equally shambolic Stoke, as were some of the other results today. shambolic Chelsea, as well as L'pool, Tottenham, Everton, and most of the top ten. So its not just Arsenal. The result didn't matter at all in terms of position in the league. Manure going dutch, will as usual go backwards again and we are all back to where we were a week ago. Time to wake up another shambolic human, who is probably well into his third bottle of rum on a Saturday night. We should be getting some of his bucolic vomiting on here some time soon. He's about as boring as Manchester's football......

  • TheButchNemesis by TheButchNemesis Dec 5, 2014 23:16 Flag

    just when things were back to normal, without the tiresome moron Ricki 'the cabbage head' Altree, we now have to wipe the forum floor with this poor excuse for a £10 pom. trying to convince nobody on here that he has been away travelling. If he hadn't been such a boring liar most of his existence, we may have believed him. As it is you will have to forgive us Rikki but nobody even remembers who you are let alone asking anyone to accept your nonsense. Was there no way they would let you stay in the bali bush with your tin cup loin cloth and sandals ? You are and about as welcome and worn as a beggars purse on here, and just as empty of any credibility.

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    Arsenal should have beaten Mancnobber Ushyted.

    by OINK OINK Nov 24, 2014 16:32
    TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Nov 25, 2014 20:11 Flag

    Don't worry Oinks those shyte heads, they got lucky as usual. It ain't gonna save them. The Cairns wally has obviously dropped his compass in the jungle we hope, and is now going round Cairns in circles mumbling something about where the feck am I ........

  • TheButchNemesis by TheButchNemesis Nov 20, 2014 14:29 Flag

    For the front four I’m suggesting we field Alexis Sanchez playing behind Danny Welbeck, with Walcott
    and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain on the wings. Not only does this front three have pace, but it has power, energy, goals and skill in abundance.

    Chamberlain is starting to find his form and the other three are entering the prime of their careers, so why not.. If they click, they could form a front four that will spearhead the club for the next few years.

    Sanchez and Welbeck are known for their phenomenal work-rate. Pressuring from the front with pace is an extremely dangerous tactic, a tactic Arsenal will now be capable of implementing. It is essential Walcott and Chamberlian also utilise their energy levels by pressing high up the pitch too. As the two wingers, they will need to be able to track back and help the full backs. Back to you lot. I know how hard it is to keep all the joy and excitement under control at this suggestion. But do try to keep a positive side Govinda. Please do not reply if all you can find are negatives.

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    Is football now just business?

    by John Oct 21, 2014 09:49
    TheButchNemesis TheButchNemesis Oct 22, 2014 16:43 Flag

    Yeh! But what about the workers!!!??? How do we get to Europe? Oh I know. Lets try another landing at Normandy. We could take out Dortmund, Munich, and be in Berlin by lunch time. Scones with jam, cream and a cup of tea anyone ???.......but you're right of course John. It's only been a matter of time. Its been coming a long time now, and once the Arabs, Russians and Asians got their fingers into the pot of rich pickings, it was downhill all the way from then on for the workers. and they guarding the coffers don't give a stuff either as long as the mugs who really cant afford it get themselves into debt and trouble trying to keep up.... and there are plenty of them out there, including you if you don't mind me saying so John... hum hum!

  • .........It is time someone else got a chance.

    With his in depth knowledge of everything football, I would have thought the outback cowboy Butch would be a good re[placement. Just imagine the damage he could do with a team of humpty backed old guzzlers from his local........better than the team Wenger put out to be almost sunk by a leaky Hull....no pun intended...