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  • Don't go anywhere just yet we might need you to save us again!!!!!!

  • We'll soon find out whether AVB with 2 years top flight coaching experience is a mastermind or a flop. Levy better be right this time.

  • Levy-- 11 years as chairman; 1 trophy and 7 failed managers,put the club in relegation zone after firing Martin Johl and appointing non English speaking Juande Ramos, selling 7 first team players including Defoe ,Kabul and others.Redknapp took Spurs out of relegation zone ,then top 4th twice And 5th once.Memorable performance in Europe accompanied by thrilling football reminiscent of the glory days. Had heart surgery ,legal problems and was dragged into the England manager debate partly due to the FA's slowness in appointing a new one ,all these affected Tottenham's form , but still managed 4th. Levy might be a brilliant business man and has kept the club on sound financial footing but has no idea how to build a football team with long term prospects that can challenge the top 4 consistently.

  • Any chairman of a premier football club that fires a manager that saved the club from relegation in his first year and finishes top 5 consistently should have his head examined. The timing is also suspect;were all preoccupied with the Euros and if England do well Redknapp is ancient history. Redknapp was a favourite with fans and players. Those are big shoes to fill.

  • Spurs have gone back to being a selling club which what Redknapp fought against. Levy should be the one to leave, he can't stand the fact that he got Bale and Modric for pennies and there is 50 or 60 millon pounds in transfers sitting there, we wont see them at Whit Heart Lane next year thats for sure.

  • Reasons why Redknap wont take the England job; first he has job security at Spurs,also why give up the reins at Spurs where hes built a team with great potential to another manager to reap the glory in the near future, also even though national pride is important he'd probably be out of a job 3 or 4 years down the road,lets face it England does not have a Modric or Van der Vart caliber type of players to win a trophy.

  • Gilley by Gilley Nov 19, 2011 03:02 Flag

    You would be crazy not to sell a couple of top players to pay for a new stadium. Bale and Modric fit the bill.

  • There is wide coverage of famous English players past and present calling for an English manager of England; obviously that has to be the case . Beckham says so he must be right,under whose leadership England achieved nothing.The people who pick foreigners as England's managers should have their heads examined. Players that are chosen for England do it for free,all they play for is English pride and you wont get that with a non-English manager.Who was manager when we won the World Cup in 1966?.

  • England's fortunes are wrapt up with the likes of Mr Rooney; someone with abundant skill and zero character, and he's not the only one in the established group of England regulars.Its time to put country and football ahead of ambition and self-glorification.

  • Finally Spurs have decided not to sell their top players for profit ;thank you Redknap.They will finish in the top 4 this year, because of of Aedbayour and Parker. New signings are key to bolster any team,they could have been in the Champions League had they acted earlier last year and bought a couple of players and sold a couple, it was a lost year.

  • 4 points from 5 games worst goal difference in the league 1 slot away from relegation....gotta love it.

  • Through seventy minutes Spurs were equal to Man U.Corluka was brought on and it was downhill for Tottenham,the rythem was disrupted.They desperatly need new strikers or it will be 5th or 6th in the league again,get rid of Defoe Crouch and Jenas.

  • Levy loves money football comes second.

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    A season loan deal for Berbatov ?

    by A Yahoo! User May 8, 2010 02:30
    Gilley Gilley May 10, 2010 10:39 Flag

    Berbatov proved to be totally imature and ungrateful in the way he left Spurs and joined a team that was winning trophy after trophy , and since that streak has ended for Man U ;tough luck for Berba let him be.

  • Redknapp knows how to out Wit his opponents and exploit their weaknesses. He beat two of the top teams in England at a crucial time and is well capable of beating United on Saturday.Spurs will be great next year with a fully fit side, assuming no one is sold.

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    by A Yahoo! User Feb 13, 2010 12:21
    Gilley Gilley Feb 14, 2010 11:36 Flag

    Nothing surprises me with the way Spurs play; brilliant then awful.Spurs fans shouldn't expect much this season,to break into the top four is no joke,United Chelsea Liverpool Arsenal have been at it for decades, they hold on to their top players for years whereas Spurs sells them to turn a profit.Its been like this for decades.Spurs attacking style is special,they must create an atmosphere of stability at managerial level .How long has Arsene Wenger been at Arsenal.Martin Youl was a good manager they should have kept him,don't expect Redknapp to perform miracles,it will take another 3 or 4 years to break into the top four.

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    leeds game

    by A Yahoo! User Jan 24, 2010 05:09
    Gilley Gilley Jan 24, 2010 09:50 Flag

    I agree Defoe; no more penalties.Spurs have been playing well under Redknap, can't ask for much more so soon, were not going to finish in the top four so easily, too much ground has been lost with the disastrous transfer decisions before Harry came on the scene. Stability under Redknap is the key, he is a great manager if given time Tottenham will be great again. We must hold on to our top players and not sell for profit like in the past, brighter days are ahead.

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    why delay on bent

    by DEREK W Aug 2, 2009 17:49
    Gilley Gilley Aug 2, 2009 23:48 Flag

    Levy is at it again; putting business before football.His wheeling and dealing over the Berbatov transfer last season almost landed us in the Championship.Admittedly money is tight this year,but Redknap needs to have a team in place pretty soon.

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    Martin Jol...

    by not_blonde_really May 27, 2009 17:34
    Gilley Gilley May 28, 2009 09:18 Flag

    Jol was a good manager,his mistake was to spend a fortune on Bent instead of a defender or two. Levy pressured him to finish in the top 4 prematurely that was a mistake. Levy should have stuck with him but his arogance got in the way being 5th for two seasons wasnt good enough now we are happy with 8th.

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    Predicitions Carling Cup Final

    by Berkshire Yid Feb 22, 2009 17:53
    Gilley Gilley Feb 23, 2009 05:30 Flag

    Spurs will win.In cup games anything can happen,Man U can't win everything ,Spurs will be giving 100% and are well capable of beating the Red Devils, while United will have sights on more important titles.