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    Who did best in the transfer window?

    by Old Mother Oink! Feb 1, 2014 14:15
    Govinda Govinda Feb 1, 2014 20:56 Flag

    I think it might take time (too much time?) to figure out for Moyes how to work Mata and Rhooney into the same squad but he has too find a way. He can't leave Rooney on the bench if you ask me. I also think Man U have more problems than Mata could be expected to fix. Give Mata, Rooney and RVP time to gel. It seemed to me that today Rooney fell back a little too much. I hope for Man U that Felaini's return might stabilize midfield a little although he has not shown with confidence thus far.
    Painful loss for Man U and the gap to 4th might be getting bigger. I am not looking forward to going to Stoke ourselves, I think they also beat Chelsea in Stoke if I recall correctly.

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    Who did best in the transfer window?

    by Old Mother Oink! Feb 1, 2014 14:15
    Govinda Govinda Feb 1, 2014 20:50 Flag

    Arsenal, it will be a seamless transition.

    I think Man U with Mata.

  • I can only see 1 reason we signed Kallstrom late on the final day and that is that we could not get who we really wanted (once again). It would be hard to believe we could not have signed Kallstrom a few weeks ago because i don't even think Exeter would want him or any other club for that matter.

    We continue to be inapt in transfer windows of late where we seem to think it is like Christmas sale, you have to wait for the last moment to get the best prices even if your first choice is gone.

    And lets not forget, it has been a glaring need for us to sign a striker last summer, something slightly ignored after the brilliant Ozil signing, now once again we failed to sign a striker.

    I am worried about this summers window even if we finish in the top 3. Prepare for an other pathetic showing of our club and don't expect a striker befitting a club with aspirations to win a major trophy.

    Kallstrom seem like a nice guy and nice guys don't finish 1st.

  • I hope if this rumour is true that this is a loan deal. Spending transfer funds on this guy at his age and with his talent would appear a waste of money. I hope this is not the type of Wenger deal of old, nl a 3 year deal £50k per week and no body wants him and we keep paying him whilst he doesn't get any starts to speak of.

    Sylvestre, Park, etc.

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    by Old Mother Oink! Jan 29, 2014 04:48
    Govinda Govinda Jan 31, 2014 11:16 Flag

    I am familiar with the problem of too large a squad but thin on depth. I have to say that I always liked Valencia. Is he world class no. Is he quality, to me yes. He might not be a starter but is good squad player, works hard, helps on defending and doesn't drift to the middle too often.

    Many wanted to get rid of Rosicky a few seasons ago, but for me he is our Valencia, he is great to have in the squad, is a quality player and a good option to have even if he doesn't start ahead of the Wilshires, Ozils and Cazorla's. We don't drop too much with him coming into the game.

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    Transfer Deadline Day

    by John Jan 31, 2014 08:55
    Govinda Govinda Jan 31, 2014 10:47 Flag

    We remain inapt in the transfer market if you ask me. We sign Ozil last minute and likely more because he wanted out a Real rather than in at Arsenal but he was a great signing. Now once again many teams have done some key business with Man U having done the best deal if you ask me, yet we seem to once again scramble to get something or nothing done at the 11th hour. #$%$ poor management when it becomes quite an established trend.

    If it is true that we will not sign Draxler over a £7 million price gap than we are a bit foolish. If Chelsea has paid £7 million less for Torres would he have been less of a flop?

    I would not be surprised and be happy with Kalou. At 28 and with PL experience and ability to score he would be a typical Wenger signing. Smart in that he is cheap and can contribute immedialty and unexciting in that he is not a world class player like Draxler.

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    Transfer Deadline Day

    by John Jan 31, 2014 08:55
    Govinda Govinda Jan 31, 2014 10:40 Flag

    I think you might very well pull it of but you need your 3 best players to stay healthy till the end of the season if you ask me. It is a concern though, for Arsenal as well, that Liverpool seem to be on a role. Arsenal could easily lose to Liverpool, City, Chelsea and Man U and drop 12 points at the same time I am sure that those teams would all think they could lose to Arsenal. I guess the same goes for you guys you beat Liverpool, Arsenal and City but you could also lose those games. This season is much too close to call and that is why I am desperate for Wenger to make a key signing.

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    by Old Mother Oink! Jan 29, 2014 04:48
    Govinda Govinda Jan 30, 2014 12:30 Flag

    I think Shaw would be a good catch for any team in need of a left back. If we did not already have Gibbs who I think is very good and will possibly and likely only get better, I would have liked to see him at Arsenal. But, like you suggest, there is no reason for him at his current level not to expect to start wherever he goes and this would not be a sure thing at Arsenal.

    PS I read Kroos might be a last minute departure for Bayer and that Man U could be his destination. This could be an other exciting signing for Man U. But rumors are wrong more often than not.

    IMO this is the best window to sign preferred targets for Man U and Arsenal. There is a realistic chance that either team does not play CL football and if this were to happen signing a player like Kroos or Draxler, or any big player, would be that much harder this summer with out CL football on offer. Today either team, (Arsenal easier), can still confidently try to claim that CL football next season is very likely.

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    by Old Mother Oink! Jan 29, 2014 04:48
    Govinda Govinda Jan 29, 2014 11:36 Flag

    Not sure there would be any reason for Shaw to go to Man U if Chelsea want him. Learning form one of the best managers in the world, if not the best defensively and joining a great squad would probably be smarter than going to play for Moyes. No disrespect intended but what has Moyes proven at this level thus far?

    I would say, although anything is possible, don't get your hopes up.

    Mata was a great signing but IMO his signing was more a result of his World Cup chances dwindling and his lack of faith from Moureen than of his desire to play for Moyes.

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    by Old Mother Oink! Jan 29, 2014 04:48
    Govinda Govinda Jan 29, 2014 11:01 Flag

    I think with Ramsey, Wilshire and Rose and Theo not available we are forced to play Arteta and Flamini making us play at a pace that is a little too slow probably as a result of having to play 2 defensive midfielders.

    Tough stretch of games ahead of us and it will hurt not to have Ramsey available for much of it and Walcott for none of it. As promissing as Gnarby is he is too young to expect too much of him and is likely to burn out faster than more experienced players, same really goes for OX.

    Pressure on Man U I think since their run in is quite easy so they should go on a big run now that they have RVP back. The flip side of being a one man team is that when that man is back they are a different team but can he pull them into CL football for next season? Will he stay fit? If he does stay fit I give them a 25% chance of 4th place.

  • Speculation: Wenger seems to, more often than not, wait for the last moment in the transfer window to do any business, if at all.

    IMO before the transfer window started we had our best chance of winning the PL in many years. If I had to arbitrarily handicap our chances relative to the main other contenders I would say we had a 25% chance with the other 75% being divided between City and Chelsea.

    I had hoped that with the signing of a quality striker we could have increased this percentage to 33% or better.

    With Walcott out and assuming no striker of serious caliber coming in and no other serious attacking reinforcement coming in I would expect our chances to drop to 15% or less and to go to 5% should Giroud get injured over during the next two grueling months.

    I have no problem with not signing a top quality striker this window and I would consider 3rd place a solid year provided we will end the year closer to 1st place than in previous years.

    I would have serious problems if we don't go out next summer and sign a serious striker for next season. To pair Ozil with Giroud is a little like asking Fred Astaire to dance with Katie Price, he might make her look good but he won't be able to turn her into Ginger Rgoers.

    To maximize our investment in our talented midfield we need to give them a striker who will put chances away more often than not, strikers like Aguiro, Suarez, RVP, Lewondowski, Falcao, Cavani, Costa etc.

    I am fully prepared to end the season in 3rd (and don't care at all about the FA cup) and still consider this our most enjoyable season in a long time, having spend so much time in 1st deservedly. I am not prepared for Ozil to be our only ready to deliver top level purchase and for our obvious upward trend to be a one year trend.

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    Mourinho owns wenger

    by v Jan 26, 2014 17:13
    Govinda Govinda Jan 27, 2014 14:11 Flag

    Be careful to post silly opinions or as Moureen did spew diarrhea of the mouth without thinking (I know it seems to be a specialty)

    "It is simple. If you look at the fixtures and analyse them you can see that Arsenal is behind all the other teams,"
    "In the last five years all the studies that have been made show Arsenal have had less rest than any other team in the top four.
    "This is fact. It has nothing to do with my opinion, it is an independent company which has made that and has shown that Arsenal has had less rest between the games than any other top-level team."
    Asked if it was no more than mind games from the Chelsea manager, Wenger said: "No. This is an opinion and I don't live with opinions. I live with facts.
    "The facts are not depending on me, or Mourinho, just objective analysis. A day is 24 hours. Count how many days there are rest between two games and you will see that.
    "I didn't make the study. It has been made by an independent company which I cannot influence."

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    Take the p 1 55 whilst we can

    by Roy Jan 23, 2014 12:40
    Govinda Govinda Jan 23, 2014 15:03 Flag

    I agree that Mata is a great coup for Man U and a great price tag for Chelsea.

    I agree with Moureen that Man U are no threat to Chelsea so to sell to Man U won't hurt them this season. Man U still have a very real chance at CL football for next year being only 6 points away from 4th. Probably most importantly for Mata he now has a chance of playing regular football and thus make it to the WC.

    On the flip side Moureen didn't like Mata because of Mata's lack of defensive work and discipline. Man U having a poor defensive record will not get a lot of help from Mata in that department.

    Creatively they will become a lot better with Mata in the squad and I am sure this could see RVP and Rooney get better service.

    Credit to Man U, they needed to give their squad and fans a lift and they got it done.

    Although Arsenal doesn't need a confidence lift being in 1st, I doubt given our poor transfer window track record, that we will sign an immediate impact player and it seems clear to me that we do need such a player if we want to hold on to 1st.

    Giroud is probably having a career year yet would most likely not make it into the starting 11 of Man U, City, Chelsea, Liverpool or even Spurs and with Walcott out we lack width on the right. I think to over play young guys like Gnarby or a just returning Ox on the right side is asking for long term injury problems for them.

    In an ideal world we would sign a top quality striker or winger this window to help our chances to win the PL. In any event if we don't sign any player and finish in the top 3, I would still be happy this season provided we spend well in the summer. Ozil can not be a one of top signing if we want to get back to being regular challengers.