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    Business-like performance vs Hammers

    by Ref, It Was Me! Apr 15, 2014 21:52
    Jack S Jack S Apr 16, 2014 23:20 Flag

    Crystal Palace beats Everton but we don't give a flying do we??? oh dear John, up your nose again.......things aren't as clear cut now are they, with City only drawing, and lucky at that ... Many a slip left between cup and a big mouth.

  • Jack S Jack S Apr 16, 2014 14:12 Flag

    " However, how often this season has he played Cazorla out on the left wing, a player who to Wengers own admittance is a central midfield player, whilst Podolski was seated on the bench? So often this season and to
    many of us it was clear the team lacked width with Cazorla on the left and Rosicky on the right, yet Wenger would ignore Podolski.

    It makes little sense to me to prefer a central midfielder on the wing when you have a winger on the bench, one who often starts for the German national team no less. Yet his reason not to play Podolski, who is a far superior finisher than Giroud, in the center is that he is our only true winger, yet he preferred his only true winger on the bench all to often!!!??? "

    I also questioned this some time ago, and agree that it does not make sense. I've always seen Poldolski as a class act, and never understood AW's preference's. Poldolski is a threat other teams don't want to see on the pitch against them.

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    Everton take fourth place!

    by Old Mother Oink! Apr 12, 2014 17:01
    Jack S Jack S Apr 12, 2014 23:09 Flag

    Always one for stating the obvious.

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    Everton take fourth place!

    by Old Mother Oink! Apr 12, 2014 17:01
    Jack S Jack S Apr 12, 2014 20:01 Flag

    Wrong!! Oh you of little faith. And Arsenal Go To Wembley"...........a mighty win against all the odds...

  • Jack S Jack S Apr 10, 2014 14:37 Flag

    Nope, I've gotta go along with rikki altree here, for bringing this up. It is an angle regarding our performances, I had never considered before. To my mind you don't go into a boxing match eg. without a clue about your opponent. That's madness and if AW isn't studying the next opponents, I would be a little concerned. But then again why would such a precise man not do that? It somehow doesn't make much sense, and sounds precocious, something he is not.

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    Wenger embarrassing Arsenal big time

    by Ref, It Was Me! Apr 6, 2014 18:13
    Jack S Jack S Apr 6, 2014 23:47 Flag

    Realistically the FA Cup was our only chance of a trophy this season. Also we will win our last few games and Everton will miss out, having too much to do their last few games. So cheer up and book your tickets for Wembley......we might have half a full team out by then...Which by the way leaves Manure with nothing to win but loss of face...simple and pleasing.

  • Okay Rikki, Sinceyou asked, lets try a few and see if what you tell us on here is true. Your a Man Utd. fan or so you tell us having been there many times, so these should be easy. You also state that you 'chinned' Lee Bowyer, and that you have a daughter in Urunga NSW so we can assume you've been there too, and that your are an ex SEAL. Okay, now these statements are out of the way lets get started. There are qualified people on here that will know the answers so be careful Tricky.
    1) The night you chinned Lee Bowyer, what did he call you, and what logo was on the front of his tee shirt?
    2) In the front main entrance to Old Trafford what's the first thing anyone sees.?
    3) The urinals in the main stain are stainless steel, or china, or something else? (careful its loaded this one)
    4) When you left England what was the name of the tramp steamer the Australian Immigration sent you on for £10 each?
    5) From Manchester central, what number bus runs to Old Trafford, and at what times.?
    6) What was the price of a standing ticket there for a home match in the 60's or 70's
    7) On the night you were caught speeding through Urunga NSW, what was the name of the arresting officer, was it - Insp.Biff Johnson, PC Fortynine, or Sgt. Franz Klammer(known as 'Frankie The Hammer' locally) ?
    8) Who was your Platoon Commander when you first enlisted in the SEALS, and who subsequently failed you?
    9) When you and yours first landed in Australia, where were you taken for interrogation prior to being allowed in?
    10) Finally, if you had a chance, would you do it over again; this time better, or remain a laughing stock for the rest of your days; keeping in mind that there aren't many of those left?

    Answers to follow once questions are completed.

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    Fifa growing a pair?

    by Govinda Apr 2, 2014 12:27
    Jack S Jack S Apr 3, 2014 11:42 Flag

    Nobody said anything about 'world class', and trying to split opinion and blame with words, I would have thought was beneath you Govinda. Obviously not. You know exactly what I mean. Please try to 'support instead of being clever. Word games are not your forte, or mine. BTW Would Moyes do a better job then, like buying players like Felliani to mention just one?? What about Chelsea. Perhaps Jose would do a better job then....you cant have it both ways Govinda. So put up, or shut up.

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    Be afraid, be very afraid ....

    by Old Mother Oink! Mar 30, 2014 15:22
    Jack S Jack S Apr 1, 2014 15:16 Flag

    "Do you think he(Moyes) should be given enough time to finish the job he started?? "

    Yes! Of course. If you mean the good job he started of finishing in the bottom ten....

  • More in depth football comments from 'the monkey' down under. I think John has you by the #$%$ mother.....:))))

    "Since you beat them(Everton) you've played five games, you won one, drew three and lost one"

    Johns reply-

    "Since we beat them(Everton) last month, they have played against Cardiff, Swansea, Newcastle and Fulham.
    Not exactly top of the league competition" :)))))

  • ......the lights are on, but no ones home......must be a loose bit of wiring, cupcake.........

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    Be afraid, be very afraid ....

    by Old Mother Oink! Mar 30, 2014 15:22
    Jack S Jack S Mar 30, 2014 17:33 Flag

    ...." Everton are coming, and looking formidable..."

    The 'latest' breaking news (well, 24hours old by the time he gets it) from the anal one, Rectal Rikki, blowing out of his backside again, trying to convince people in Europe and not the third world down under, that someone in Australia knows something we don't, about our game in our country! Strange old geyser...that's 'blow hard' to you Rikkity.
    Funny though last time I looked I think Manure (United in Grief) must have missed the bus, 'cos I don't see them 'coming' anywhere....forgive me if I belly chuckle at that. Perhaps some prayers down your local Kingdom Hall, with a copy of the Good Book. You know the one Im talking about Rikki...the latest gay cartoon one 'Tarzan Swings With Apes & Orangutans'....BTW . Arsenal 1 City 1. Manure 0 City 3 Ring any bells Rikki???

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    It's a funny old game...

    by FABONGRASSS Mar 29, 2014 20:20
    Jack S Jack S Mar 30, 2014 11:25 Flag

    There's no complaints here. That was a stone wall draw all day. To have expected anything else, was wishful thinking. We were outplayed in the first part, and failed yet again without a striker to put away the few chances we had. Other than that, todays results are the ones that will now determine how this is going to play out, in the end. Its not Chelsa or City we have to fear for our place in the CL next; but Everton and L'pool. If we are being honest that is. IMO Wenger has to continue to trust in Podolski (outside of Carzola, and Flamini, the only other fully committed player), & play Gnabry along side. Now is not the time to have faint hearts, but to take the game to the opposition, as we did in the final part of yesterdays game. The defence can look after itself, and with Ramsey back to make a marked difference. And in the end, if its not meant, then it will pass us by.....and we have to try again...and be proud of a better season than has been of recent years. The FA Cup will be a bonus......Arsenal (of course) for ever.

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    ArsUseless title HIJACKED!!

    by Old Mother Oink! Mar 25, 2014 07:43
    Jack S Jack S Mar 25, 2014 20:22 Flag

    40 seconds and Manure go one down. That must be record.......pmsl rikki....

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    Distraught and disgusted.

    by FABONGRASSS Mar 22, 2014 14:48
    Jack S Jack S Mar 22, 2014 19:49 Flag

    A liar ??? Well you'd certainly know a bit about that wouldn't you spastic?? You should clean up your act Rikki, and your keyboard. Too much fiddling and fingering going on with you...cupcake

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    Distraught and disgusted.

    by FABONGRASSS Mar 22, 2014 14:48
    Jack S Jack S Mar 22, 2014 17:42 Flag

    I wouldn't be too put out Gov. & Fab. Its swings and roundabouts really, and can make not much difference to the end of the season. One nil, or six nil, we still would have lost. There's more ways than one to skin a cat, and losing to Chelsea in their form, and on their turf is no big thing. I for one fully expected it, and would have been truly impressed had we won. Some of the decisions didn't help either, but it would have made no difference. Its like Butch stuck there in the back of nowhere, fiddling himself to death, hours on the boards and trolling, but no matter how hard he tries, he's still there stuck in the middle of nowhere, and needs results like this to #$%$ off to....simple soul really. Bet he watches Arsenal win the FA Cup and clams up for a month or two.

  • Jack S Jack S Mar 22, 2014 17:28 Flag

    "or the same old rhetoric? "????

    Oh Christ !Well that's a bl..dy laugh coming from you, #$%$ head. You write like, and sound like an old plonker, with nothing else to do but roam around the boards, waiting to #$%$ yourself off at the first opportunity. Go f..k that fat slag you keep on about on the manure board. Better still, bone up on the game of football, and give us all a thrill with what you and Mr Google knows about football, you old #$%$.

  • Knock knock.........Hello!!!........is there anyone out there???
    Just thought someone would like to know, they're giving away free tickets outside Stamford Bridge tomorrow morning, for 'Songs of Praise,' at BBC broadcasting house Sunday morning. Someone thinks the Chelsea supporters might need them after the game. To get a ticket, all they need to do is be carrying a bible and Crucifix, and kneel down and pray with the Chelsea Coach and Board members, for deliverance from Arsenal.......

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    More Altree ridicule - LMFAO!!!

    by OINK OINK! Mar 18, 2014 19:01
    Jack S Jack S Mar 20, 2014 22:54 Flag

    Nah! That's a key board error, quite common in the Colonies. Its called #$%$ finger'. Terrible mistakes are made with that condition, trying to cum on line...

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    More Altree ridicule - LMFAO!!!

    by OINK OINK! Mar 18, 2014 19:01
    Jack S Jack S Mar 19, 2014 18:16 Flag

    Oh dear Butchy, an oink oink size twelve in the nuts. You must have winced when that oinky dropped that on you...just a glutton for punishment. Soon you'll be so popular for a good #$%$ kicking on the boards, you'll have to have a bar code stamped on your forehead....... Ahhh! ha ha ha ha ha ha! oh dear my guts are aching laughing. I've gotta go... see yah!,,,Ahhh! Ha Ha Ha Ha,,.,,,oink oink oink!!