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    Do you want Aguero to start?

    by Loki Apr 11, 2014 21:34
    Jason Jason Apr 11, 2014 22:04 Flag

    Hi Loki,

    No, but he will. Dzeko is in red hot form, our defending, Skrtel in particular has been very, very good, and I don't think up alone could trouble Skrtel since he plays more style than power for a big man..

    That said, I suppose it also depends who's paired with Skrtel. Aguero killed us last year, and facts show, Aguero plays, he scores.. The only win/win, is if he's off form and gets hurt/subbed early like you say

    I'm not sure Dzeko would bother Skrtel / Sakho too much.. besides Aguero, it's about where is Silva?

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    Midfield conundrum

    by Loki Apr 9, 2014 21:44
    Jason Jason Apr 11, 2014 18:13 Flag

    To be honest, the beauty of Brendan Rodgers, is that nobody knows what he's going to do.. I often find myself disagreeing from several of our selections out of the gates, often wanting Sterling over Coutinho or vice versa..

    While City are a wonderful side, and in great form, they have weaknesses, so I think rather than going crazy trying to defeat them where we possibly can't, he's strictly going to focus where we can & our strengths. Pellegrini must be having similar struggles, which makes me feel good.. Rodgers is becoming great at the tactical mind-games..

    Another note, while you fellas are still around.. I'm headed over the 11th v Newcastle and to visit friends. I'd love to get in touch if you boys would like a pint or 3.. I'm sure we'll be celebrating one thing or another.. Let me know!

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    Midfield conundrum

    by Loki Apr 9, 2014 21:44
    Jason Jason Apr 10, 2014 15:48 Flag

    Hey Lads,

    Glad to see we're keeping the wheels turning here..

    Been giving this one some thought for a while now too, along with Sakho staying in for a "fit" Agger (if there's such a thing". It's a back and forth, pro and con debate, but I think for me, since we're at home, and caused them all kinds of chaos in a dominant performance at Etihad, we go with Coutinho.

    There's not really a player in the world right now who can bully Yaya, though I think Allen nipping at his heels could be a nuisance, but that said, I think rather than play through him, we play past / around him. He doesn't like tracking back, and if we can hit quick counters, I think we can really expose them.

    Demichelis is a card waiting to happen, so if we can get Suarez and Sturridge the ball in isolated spaces, at pace, we could really have at em.. Zabaleta is probably the best RB in the LG, but he had trouble vs Soton against Lallana and their style of play, so Kompany can really be stretched..

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    Is There Anybody Out There?!?!

    by Jason Apr 8, 2014 00:44

    Hey Colyn,

    Just you and I manning the boards..

    Referring to idiots, perhaps that leaf can be passed along to the classless, whining, crying, self proclaimed god, down in London, who moans as if he's not got 2 pennies to rub together.

    But, anyways, I'm absolutely loving every minute of this ride.. it's absolutely amazing, and there's definitely some vindication whereas Rodgers is concerned.. wish the other blokes were here to acknowledge their blushes.

    I was just thinking.. isn't it amazing that in not too far memory, we were 7 points adrift of Arsenal at the top, and are now 10 points clear of them? 11 if you count goal differential. And, while we've all got our head in the clouds dreaming of what might possibly be, we're all but certain of an automatic UCL qualification in 1st, 2nd or 3rd, avoiding the early season tricks 4th brings.. but again, looking quietly, much further up!!

  • Famous Quotes from Pink Floyd the Wall.. and yours truly..

    Just figured I'd throw out a shout to see if any of you lads are still around and checking..

    Another week, another win, and another milestone for our miracle Reds!! Top OF THE LEAGUE!! Buzzing about City already..

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    Summer transfer window

    by Loki Mar 8, 2014 20:15
    Jason Jason Mar 29, 2014 08:31 Flag

    I feel like the Spuds game is going to be a very feisty, hotly contested affair, especially with Sherwood running his mouth, and trying to galvanize his team. I can see some fast flying challenges, and some cards, so let's keep our fingers crossed then, because I think if he can make it through this one, then he can make it through WHU going into the City game..

    But, I don't really like looking any further than one match at a time, it's bad karma for me, so let's hope for a great performance Sunday, especially after getting a deserved wake up call vs Sunderland..

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    Summer transfer window

    by Loki Mar 8, 2014 20:15
    Jason Jason Mar 27, 2014 13:06 Flag

    I was 100% sure that Rodgers would have Gerrard take a "tactical" yellow at some point in yesterday's match, so he'd miss the Spuds and Norwich matches. Since the game got so stretched, perhaps that went out the window. Honestly, if I'm BR and Gerrard, I'm taking that last yellow asap, rather than trying to delay the inevitable..

    Aside from the fact that we probably can't cope without him for 2 matches, could you imagine if his two match ban included the final 2 games of the season? Let's just say all the chips fell in our favor, and that last day at home v Newcastle meant the world, he woul'd be absolutely killing himself, sat in the stands.

    Maybe I'm viewing it negatively, but I'd just pick it up vs Spuds, hopefully when the game is won, so we can be assured of top 4, with top 3 almost a lock.

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    Summer transfer window

    by Loki Mar 8, 2014 20:15
    Jason Jason Mar 25, 2014 15:20 Flag

    Hi Colyn,
    If you ever manage to read this, as it appears that the boards were hidden again, I came into some info, (a story at least), that a majority of our transfers that have gotten stuck up, are due to a transfer committee.

    I think the ones that have gotten done immediately, have been strictly Rodgers', ie - Allen, Borini, Coutinho, Sturridge, Mignolet, Aspas, Alberto, Moses. Mostly successful..

    The others have all seemed to really drag out, and ultimately cost alot, or get above our head and slip away. And yes, I've seen Spuds seem likely to sign Konoplyanka, which is fine, since he'll work out as well as Lamela, Chadli, Paulinho, Gylfi, Dempsey etc etc..

    I think we'll be right back in for Tello now, Montoya, MvIlla, etc etc

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    Summer transfer window

    by Loki Mar 8, 2014 20:15
    Jason Jason Mar 14, 2014 17:18 Flag

    Juan Manuel Iturbe .. currently on loan at Hellas Verona from Porto.. I feel very strongly about this one, and this player having seen him frequently in Serie A, he's dynamite! Check out his footage.. I'm sure he will look great in Chelsea blue on their bench next season, or on loan with the other 19 players..

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    Summer transfer window

    by Loki Mar 8, 2014 20:15
    Jason Jason Mar 11, 2014 23:03 Flag

    Fortunately, what we haven't spent in 2/4 windows, due to whoever's idiocy, will be available (in context), and Rodgers has proven an ability to spot talent and get the best..

    This said, like I mentioned above, I think we'll be in a great position to recruit 1-2 really top notch players, or that BR has really fancied, and then add a few more very good bodies from a very talented pool. (Menez, Tello etc etc)

    Rodgers has alot more deadwood to ship out, which should allow for funds. Reina, Cissokho, Jones, Aspas, Moses, Toure all outski.. Not to mention, we'll have Suso, Borini and ILori back, who have all really been superb on their loan spells at top level competitions. They've really impressed..

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    Summer transfer window

    by Loki Mar 8, 2014 20:15
    Jason Jason Mar 11, 2014 12:12 Flag

    Hey Colyn,
    Regards to Ayre, he's made himself the world's greatest "yes man", and they pay him enough to do several jobs. I'd read, and who knows if it's true, that he earns in excess of 1M pounds per year!

    As for the negotiating, it's routinely said that he's the last man standing in these failed deals, and I guess you could look at it like he's accidentally saved FSG millions at the expense of making Rodgers work alot harder, and making him look better as a manager.

    Just think how Dempsey may have helped last season early doors without any other striker, even if only 3-4 goals, yet Rodgers had the team flying upwards at the end of the season, and look at where we are, what he's accomplished since December, without adding Konoplyanak or another wide attacking threat that he's wanted.

    Ayre's ineptitude / idiocy (my strong opinion) is making them look genius, but BR too! There cannot be any screw ups this summer, when clearly everyone in the top 5, Utd, Evt and even Newcastle will be strengthening big time!

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    Summer transfer window

    by Loki Mar 8, 2014 20:15
    Jason Jason Mar 10, 2014 17:31 Flag

    2 of the biggest problems we've had in signing our targets this season, both in the summer and in January, not including the UCL factor, because Spuds have the same issue, are: too many LFC related "transfer experts" publicizing everything, and then just not getting them done (Ayre).

    We've got guys like Tony Barrett, Paul Tompkins, Duncan Castles etc., who all spend their lives devoted to writing articles and scouring the world to publish who we're after, where Rodgers has been, where our scouts (Barry Hunter) are, and it really makes it a piece of cake for others. Without it being the 30-40M range and obvious, do we ever really know what Chelsea/City/Spuds are up to? All have signed some nice players, without the media hype: Nastasic/Bantaleb..

    And, when we finally get to the dinner table, we (Ian Ayre) can't seem to figure out which is the knife, and which is the fork, and someone comes and takes his dinner away as it's getting cold. Mohammed Salah wanted to come to LFC even as Chelsea came in with a bid and terms, and he stated, it just took us too long. Konoplyanka was a sealed deal, and like Dempsey, we waited until the 23rd hour and the owner pulled the plug because he didn't need the money.

    Because of FSG, other clubs are now respecting us more as far as the fees go, we're no longer getting fleeced for 25M for 8M players, BUT, they don't take our negotiations seriously, so that is our frustration along with Rodgers. This cannot happen any longer this summer, with or without UCL.

    There will be a BASKET full of top notch players available this summer, particularly of the "very good" calibre, who didn't make a top top world cup squad like a Tello w/ Spain etc., and we should be locking those players up, hand over fist by need.

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    Our Last 38 Matches

    by Jason Mar 5, 2014 15:00

    Hi Pady & Colyn,

    Paddy, def wasn't suggesting you were a naysayer mate, actually don't remember seeing many posts from you over the past, and you seem to be a very reaslistic and positive person like myself, and same said for Colyn & Loki, wherever he is..

    We had, and I know Colyn would recall, as I constantly debated to exhaustion, a brigade of folks who were never going to give Brendan 5 games in charge, just "because", and because he replaced Kenny.. Some of the leaps to criticism or points at faults, were borderline lunacy.. IE- Carroll adapting to our existing system and scoring 20-25 goals.

    Nonetheless, I think we all had our doubts this season despite our early and continued good start, that sometimes we were winning too ugly, and struggling vs better sides. Now, while we still may lose a few to Chelsea and City, I / we expect to play them full of confidence, score goals, entertain, and put them to the ultimate test, while outperforming teams who've outspent us.

    The prospects next year of a full adapted, mature, in form - Suarez-Sturridge-Sterling, and some new faces like Roberto Firmino and Yehven Konoplyanka, with another midfielder, CB and proper full backs, makes you wonder just how high Brendan and his tactics / methods could take us!! Like he said after Soton.. it's great that we can dream!

  • Since we've got 10 to go, with a 2 week break in between our next match, and there's no way to predict how the ensuing 10 will go, nor would I for being superstitious/karma reasons, despite our 9 game unbeaten streak, I figured why not look back at the final 10 of last season, to show how far we've come as team and our progress into this term..

    Clearly, we're very much an in form team in the league, Europe, and on the rise, much to the dismay of all of the dearly departed naysayers of Brendan who used to grace the message board, and I hope are still somehow able to read this. Perhaps if we win the league, we'll splash the cash on bringing back Andy Carroll and Charles Adam.

    Last 38 Matches:
    -Wins: 23
    -Draws: 9
    -Losses: 6
    -Points: 79 (74 would be the EPL record to not qualify)
    -Home: 14-4-1
    -Away: 9-5-5
    -Goals Scored: 91
    -Goals Allowed: 45
    - Goal Difference: +46
    -Win Percentage: 61 %

    These are pretty astonishing numbers, and I think United won the league last year with something like 83 points or so? Again, these aren't going to equal how we finish our last 10, but I thought it was a very fair correlation and representation, considering we're 18-5-5, clearly getting better and rising all the time, and continuing to prove everyone wrong, even ourselves. In the same period Man City are: 26-4-8 (82 Points), Chelsea: 25-9-4 (85 points), Arsenal: 26-7-5 (85 points)

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    I hope the Mancs finish 5th!

    by Loki Feb 28, 2014 22:02

    I think regardless if they make Europa or not, they're going to have a monumental task ahead of them next year. The performances show that these current players are just so ordinary, and average, that perhaps Fergie was that much of a genius, or knew it was time to jump ship.

    I actually hope that Moyes stays on, more than them missing/making Europa, because they need to ship out about 8-9 players, and bring in that many, and without paying insanely over the odds like they did for Mata, who really doesn't fit, they can't get that many more of his caliber or better. Pair that with the 500M+ debt the Glazers have on the club, without European money coming in, but the expectations of winning the league and 2 cups under Moysie, and it looks beautiful to me..

    I'd expect City, Chelsea, Arsenal, Us, Spuds, Bitters and young Southampton to all get much, much better. Just think, Fergie mocked Jordan and Sturridge in his book, yet Smalling, Jones, Evans and Cleverley all look abysmal, with Rvp, Evra, Rio, Chich, Young, Nani all headed out.. Maybe Scholes and Giggs can catch a 3rd wind?

  • Albeit, doesn't mean too much because it's not really apples to apples.. Thought it was interesting nonetheless..

    After the first 64 games in charge of LFC

    Rodgers Rafa
    Won 32 32
    Drawn 18 13
    Lost 14 19
    GF 137 84
    GA 75 58
    GD +62 +26
    Points 114 109

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    Howard Webb - the best referee in England

    by Paddy Feb 16, 2014 17:59
    Jason Jason Feb 20, 2014 18:15 Flag

    I didn't realize Clattenburg was a non favorite..? I remember him giving us a contentious goal under the Hodgson reign of terror, where Kuyt & Torres took a dead ball and walked it into the net.. I don't remember any bad ones. Dunno.. different strokes.. I find that I like him because of his age, he keeps up with the pace, he engages the players and managers, and when he is involved in a flash point, he faces up to the clubs and FA.. I think I'd like to throw young Michael Oliver in there.. I think he's very good..

    Either way, that was a penalty 10/10 times, and there's no way for me to prove this, but top dollar, says if it was us at Old Trafford, the call would have gone in Shrek's favor (or Young/Nani/Januzaj etc)

    Like I was saying previously, refs should be there to have a stamp on the game by the rules, and never by the outcome. That's the standard we have in the states, and the reason so many things can be viewed on replay or a challenge. Granted a PK is a judgment or perception, but that was an egregious call, that anyone up above could have spoken to Webb right in his hearing aid about.. Clear as day

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    Howard Webb - the best referee in England

    by Paddy Feb 16, 2014 17:59
    Jason Jason Feb 19, 2014 16:19 Flag

    I read an article that said he's "escaped" (not sure the person who shared, had the right to use that word) sanction / demotion, and will obviously be in the top flight this weekend. Regardless of whether Suarez embellishes or not (and he does far too much still), a penalty, is a penalty, even if there was one called 10 mins earlier..

    The problem is, aside from any conspiracies, no ref in the EPL (maybe any league) wants to make that particular call, again, in that match. My personal 2 favorite refs are Mark Clattenburg and Phil Dowd.. I think Clattenburg, who's been in the middle of many on the field disputes, has the stones to make that call, and maybe Atkinson, who is the red card king.

    Webb didn't have the balls, nor do 16/17 others.. In the NFL, the biggest, or smallest of Referee makes the call 10/10 times if they see it, because it's a penalty, it's the rules, and they don't care about any "repercussions" .. I think that's a stigma, EPL refs worry..

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    Even Jose is starting to believe

    by Paddy Feb 14, 2014 11:43
    Jason Jason Feb 15, 2014 17:56 Flag

    One of the main reason (amongst many) I'm Rodgers fan, and remember such absurd flack he got here, early doors last year by our dearly departed, is that he's very good at this gamesmanship with being extremely stoic, quiet and an ace poker face. He was so often criticized for saying little, and positive things..

    Sometimes I think he's about to crack a smile and it never comes, so I'm all for this, and why I never even make score predictions.. very superstitious and not into the talking.. "Walk the Walk"

    On another note, I'm scratching my head wondering if BR rotates some tomorrow @ Emirates, despite saying he can field the strongest team he wants, minus Glenda Enrique and Sakho..

    I'll guess: Migs, Flanny, Skrtel, Agger, Aly - Allen - Henderson, Coutinho, Sterling, Suarez, Sturridge. 4-1-2-3.. Subs: Moses, Aspas, Texeira/Gerrard

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    Even Jose is starting to believe

    by Paddy Feb 14, 2014 11:43
    Jason Jason Feb 14, 2014 19:11 Flag

    Definitely a bit of gamesmanship from the Spending One, though he is friends with Rodgers, and he's always had respect and admiration for our club with Rafa out of the picture.

    That said, I think he's trying to put a little pressure on us, while he and Rodgers both try to take it off them each respectively, and that is a sign of respect and a bit of fear, especially knowing they will have to come to Anfield for a result, and his Stoke / West Ham like tactics won't scare us much.

    As for the finish, we could still very well finish 5th, as it seems Spuds are destined to never lose again, and each week it seems their playing a team from the 2nd division, so our home game vs. the lilly whites will be massive. That said, I agree, third should be the target, because avoiding the very, very early season jitters (IF we're there) of the qualifying, is a bit nervy and tricky, especially since Ayre will have his thumb up his #$%$ with 5 players wanting to join our team in time. 3rd would be ideal, but who's to say 2nd isn't impossible..!!

    Roll on til Swansea!! (@Southampton is gonna be a BIT@CH!!)