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  • I think it would be good if he did. I watched him past time he played after injury and he really does suffer from a lack of match fitness. I hope that statement doesn't bite me on the bum! I really think dzeko would be more of a threat to our defence this particular game.

  • This is where I think its gonna be won and lost this weekend. Do we play Coutinho? Or do we take out Toure from the game by having Allen or Lucas trailing his #$%$ all game?

    Its a tough one, but I think I would use Coutinho as an impact player on this one and have Allen in a diamond midfield. I know Lucas did well at West Ham, but does he have the pace we will need on Sunday?

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    Summer transfer window

    by Loki Mar 8, 2014 20:15

    Perhaps they have been clever in terms of misinformation and misdirection of other teams. I've gotta admit though, I do like the look of Salah in terms of pace - I regret we missed out on him. Anyway it looks like M'Vila could be on his way which would add some real steel to the middle, if he comes, could it be the end of Lucas?

  • I've got to admit boys, this summer's transfer window is a bit of a worry - simply because we seem to be the best scouts for the other clubs, and the number of players we've lost to other clubs in the last couple of years.

    When we're selling the club to these players, we need a great big screen showing the number of minutes Salah and Willian have played for Chelsea. Maybe that will help! I guess being in the CL might also make a difference.

  • All those lovely Thursday trips to Kazakhstan - lovely! Seriously though, look how we have benefited from not being in Europe, if those b@stards aren't, that might give them the shot in the arm they need too

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    Howard Webb - the best referee in England

    by Paddy Feb 16, 2014 17:59

    You just know that boiled egg is going to get the Old Trafford gig.......

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    Even Jose is starting to believe

    by Paddy Feb 14, 2014 11:43

    Its funny how opposing managers rip into us when they see us as a threat - but it works sometimes so youve got to expect it. Dont forget that Mourinho is still bitter about us not offering him the managers job a few years ago because they interviewed him realised he wasnt humble enough......or some other #$%$.

    For me, I think we have to go for first, otherwise what's the point? Mourinho is right, we only need to play once a week. One thing is for sure, we will not have a better opportunity because the others are going to mop up all the best players in the summer - I think our squad can cope, we've just got to stop the f ups at the back. I'm glad Daniel is back, because Toure has played more than even he thought he was going to!

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    Biggest Match in 5 years?

    by Jason Feb 6, 2014 23:12

    I don't know about the biggest match, but that first half an hour was about the best I have seen performance wise - if that Suarez effort had gone in I would have c*me into my pants!

    This is why results like the WBA really get to me because they have the tools and the talent, but they just don't as a team have that consistency of mentality.

    That's why for me, the games against the smaller sides are 'bigger', because it shows whether there is any complacency in the minds of the boys, anyone can get up for games against the big boys.

    To be fair though, that was f*cking awesome attacking play - Arsenal didnt have a clue what to do. Next week is going to be a real b@stard of a game as a result of today!

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    Our First (maybe) & Last Signing ?

    by Jason Jan 26, 2014 17:19

    This proves that we're not an attractive club to players any more. How many times have we been gazumped by other clubs?

    I really fear for our top 4 chances because I think squad size is really going to play a massive part in the next 4 months. Spurs have the man power that we don't............if we dont get top four, we are totally fooked for the next few years at least!