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    Our Last 38 Matches

    by Jason Mar 5, 2014 15:00

    Hi Colyn

    From the little I've read, I think the accounts were actually better than the headlines suggest. Take all this with a pinch of salt because I haven't done the homework but ...

    - The accounts don't include the revenue from the recent commercial deals
    - I read that FSG might write off the loan to Liverpool which should generate more profit through lack of interest payments
    - I also hear that the CL is worth £50m next season plus gate receipts
    - The revenue from finishing higher up the table this year will be a big jump on last year (with the BT money).

    I don't think we'll be buying 8 new players but I guess there is room for 3 first teamers.

    For me, Konoplyanka, Mica Richards & Loic Remy (unless we can unearth a Yaya Toure/Matic type, in which case blow the budget on him!).

    What do you think?

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    Our Last 38 Matches

    by Jason Mar 5, 2014 15:00

    Hi Jason

    No, I know you weren't aiming that at me but am happy to hold my hands up and say that I wasn't at all convinced by BR last season. That said, I argued that he needed two full seasons before anyone judged him and I think he's proven that you need to give people time. It's helped that he's had more time with players on the training field due to us not being in Europe but that just confirms how good he is.

    If we can hold onto a CL spot then the next big test for the club will be the transfer window. There will be little point to all this effort to get into the CL if we then don't use the opportunity to attract some ready made CL quality to help the talents that are already there. Over to you FSG & the transfer committee.

  • Anyone fancy having a go at these? Mine are below and have us finishing a distant 2nd to Chelsea, ahead of Arsenal on goal difference with Man City in 4th (so obviously, I've messed up somewhere!).
    Liverpool 28 18 5 5 38 59
    Manchester United v Liverpool L
    Cardiff City v Liverpool W
    Liverpool v Sunderland W
    Liverpool v Tottenham Hotspur D
    West Ham United v Liverpool D
    Liverpool v Manchester City W
    Norwich City v Liverpool W
    Liverpool v Chelsea D
    Crystal Palace v Liverpool W
    Liverpool v Newcastle United W = 80pts
    Arsenal 28 18 5 5 24 59
    Tottenham Hotspur v Arsenal D
    Chelsea v Arsenal L
    Arsenal v Manchester City D
    Everton v Arsenal D
    Arsenal v West Ham United W
    Hull City v Arsenal W
    Arsenal v Newcastle United W
    Arsenal v West Bromwich Albion W
    Norwich City v Arsenal W
    Arsenal v Swansea City W = 80pts
    Chelsea 28 19 6 3 30 63
    Chelsea v Tottenham Hotspur D
    Aston Villa v Chelsea W
    Chelsea v Arsenal W
    Crystal Palace v Chelsea W
    Chelsea v Stoke City W
    Swansea City v Chelsea W
    Chelsea v Sunderland W
    Liverpool v Chelsea D
    Chelsea v Norwich City W
    Cardiff City v Chelsea W = 89pts
    Manchester City 26 18 3 5 42 57
    Hull City v Manchester City W
    Manchester City v Fulham W
    Manchester United v Manchester City D
    Arsenal v Manchester City D
    Manchester City v Southampton D
    Liverpool v Manchester City L
    Manchester City v West Bromwich Albion W
    Crystal Palace v Manchester City W
    Everton v Manchester City D
    Manchester City v West Ham United W
    Manchester City v Aston Villa W = 79pts

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    Our Last 38 Matches

    by Jason Mar 5, 2014 15:00

    Hi Jason

    I wasn't so much a naysayer but definately could be described as dubious - boy am I happy to be proved wrong :-).

    Very interesting post and shows that we are in the top four based on a longer term trend than just the last few months. It is also interesting how good the other 3 clubs currently in the top 4 have been.

  • My a*se!

    That was the most blatant pen you will see. Just like against Chelsea, he's 6 yards away looking right at it and bottles it (well that's the kind interpretation).

    The other interpretation would involve asking why, if he didn't think Suarez was taken out, did he not book him for diving? The answer is that he did see it, he just choose to ignore it.

    Disgraceful decision from a disgraceful referee.

  • Starting to throw his fawning media pack a few bones about Liverpool - like SAF before him, he only does this when he feels the club in question are a threat. Happy days I reckon.

    Personally, I'd settle for CL qualification but I reckon we need to keep aiming high - 3rd would be 100 times better than 4th for many reasons.

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    Well that was nervy

    by Colyn Feb 13, 2014 10:26
    Paddy Paddy Feb 13, 2014 13:43 Flag

    Hi Guys

    Agree with most of that.

    I think Cissokho has been solid defensively since he arrived - I can't remember anyone getting past him. It's in possession that he has a problem. Love his attitude though.

    And, speaking of attitude, did you notice that when PC scored it was Suarez who told them to stop celebrating and get back to the restart to go for the win. What a player.

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    Biggest Match in 5 years?

    by Jason Feb 6, 2014 23:12

    Hi Loki & Jason

    I agree with both of you - a fantastic display from the team yesterday - could/should have been more and that against a quality side at the top of the league.

    I also agree that the acid test is how we perform away from home against teams lower down the table. Fulham is a must win game for me.

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    Our First (maybe) & Last Signing ?

    by Jason Jan 26, 2014 17:19
    Paddy Paddy Jan 26, 2014 21:07 Flag

    Hi Loki. The other point is, even if we get top four, it only makes any difference if the club use the opportunity to invest to stay in it. If our top target this window was £10m - what does that say?

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    Our First (maybe) & Last Signing ?

    by Jason Jan 26, 2014 17:19
    Paddy Paddy Jan 26, 2014 19:21 Flag

    Hi Jason

    Well that cheered me up - needed a laugh.

    Seriously though, we're missing too many of our top targets for this to not highlight a problem somewhere along the line (either money or in our ability to close deals). Was listening to TAW the other day discussing the same thing. They raised a good point - if we value our number one target, the one that we hope will drive us forward, at £10m and not a penny more ... what does that say about our ambition.

    I've got a horrible feeling that we're asking BR to get 4th with both arms tied behind his back and that the result will be a 7th place finish.

    God would that be depressing.

  • Paddy by Paddy Jan 20, 2014 08:20 Flag

    I apologise for this post in advance - I know this is nothing new but wanted to post it to get it off my chest.

    The narrative in the british media around LS has been unbelievable. All of the ex-footballers I've listened to say it was a nail on penalty. The numerous replays I have seen clearly show the keeper missing the ball and catching Suarez. Even Lambert couldn't hide his smile when the reporter, after listening to him say that he didn't think it was a pen, asked him if he would have been disappointed had it not been given at the other end. He didn't answer the question.

    And yet the headlines are as if Suarez and bitten, racially abused and dived all at the same time. The Sunday Supplement have just had a discussion where one journalist starts by saying there was no contact and therefore it was a dive. When the other three journalists point out there was contact and it was a penalty, you think that might change the direction of the discussion. Of course not. We go on to hear that we shouldn't be too harsh on Suarez because this "dive" wasn't as bad as some of "his" others. Even, most graciously, that Bacuna rolling around on the floor clutching his face trying to get Sturridge sent off might, arguably, be as bad as Suarez "winning" the penalty.

    Let me write that again. A player play acting to get a fellow player sent off might (just might mind you) arguably (of course there's some doubt) be as bad as Suarez being fouled and given a penalty!?

    Of course all last season we heard that Bale was unlucky to be booked 7 times for diving. That the slightest touch is enough to bring down the modern professional footballer travelling at speed. Oh, and wasn't it funny when that nice Mr Neville fell over with no one anywhere near him.

    The media witch-hunt will continue until Suarez has left the country.

    Sorry rant over.

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    by Paddy Jan 18, 2014 18:08
    Paddy Paddy Jan 19, 2014 08:01 Flag

    Hi Jason

    I agree with pretty much all of that. Only two things I'd slightly disagree with - I thought Toure had a good game - lots of last minute blocks - and I think Cissokho isn't terrible. He's a limited nuts & bolts full back (not wing back) who plays to his standard. I think the sad thing about GJ is that we know how good he can be. Surely he's playing with an injury.

    Very much our worse display at home since Southampton. We've had three stinkers this season - Hull, Southampton & Villa. With the table so tight, we can't afford another one. Everton is a vital match now and is a must win. That's going to be difficult against a very good blues.