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    Boring Arsenal

    by FABONGRASSS Feb 13, 2014 11:06
    Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 14, 2014 11:46 Flag

    You still haven't the decency to reply to my Moyes' questions, Rikki.

    And don't pretend you haven't seen it, but here go again..............., what do you make of Moyes' reign so far? Is he the right person for the Old Trafford job?

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    Boring Arsenal

    by FABONGRASSS Feb 13, 2014 11:06
    Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 13, 2014 13:12 Flag

    Govinda, I think you're being ridiculous with your 'Ozil will leave because of Giroud' remarks. Ozil knew that Giroud was at the club before he signed for us, so why would he want to leave? Yes, I'm sure that some of the players may be frustrated that Giroud kept wasting golden opportunities in tight games to make the difference but that in itself won't force any of his teammates to renege on their rich contracts with the club. It's a little known secret that Wenger by the is looking for top top class striker, even Lewandowski admitted a few days ago that Szczesny tried many times to convince him to sign for Arsenal before he joined Bayern. Fact of the matter is the club cannot do anything about the striker problem because the pool of top class strikers who will strengthen Arsenal and are available in the January transfer window is sparse. I read today that even Wenger stated that we're short in the forward position which indicates that he's fully aware about the team's shortcomings in this area.

    I also don't understand why Podolski has been restricted to few games despite being 100% fit and raring to go, there must be a reason which isn't obvious to most of us why Wenger isn't giving him much action.

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    Boring Arsenal

    by FABONGRASSS Feb 13, 2014 11:06
    Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 13, 2014 11:47 Flag

    Indeed, Man U are an average side and some of us have been saying the same for the last 3 seasons, sadly for Man U fans the dubious decisions which seem to go their way in many games in previous seasons have dwindled, I believe this factor coupled with the fact that most of their players are mediocre accounted for their 7th placed postion this season, yes Moyes isn't good enough as top manager but not having decent players in the squad also compounded his on-going on-field problems. I for one I'm not surprised that they are rubbish.

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    Boring Arsenal

    by FABONGRASSS Feb 13, 2014 11:06
    Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 13, 2014 11:22 Flag

    'Jones and Nani'? Hehehehehe!!!

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    Boring Arsenal

    by FABONGRASSS Feb 13, 2014 11:06
    Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 13, 2014 11:16 Flag

    Of course, having Walcott and Ramsey in the side last evening would have made all the difference for Arsenal especially given the form both players were in before being sidelined. HUGE miss!

  • Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 13, 2014 11:06 Flag

    "United dent Arsenal's title hopes, AGAIN! "

    On a very serious note, is the above the height of your ambition this season, Rikki?

    And do you still have faith and believe in the David Moyes' project, Rikki? He bought Fellaini last summer who is simply not good enough for any top side, he then bought Mata, a player Man U don't really need as they have Rooney. Personally, I think Man U must ditch Moyes in order for them to progress next season, for me, Moyes is out of his depth and hasn't got the tactical nous to make Man U formidable outfit again. There's no way he would have got the job if not for Fergie's influence at OT.

  • Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 13, 2014 10:36 Flag

    If you want to go down that route, how about this bit of business, Rikki.

    7th Robin van Persie - £22.5 million

    2nd Lionel Messi - £0

    Need I say more, Rikki?

  • ................ to win the league and. FA Cup double. Our last two games would have been very damaging but Chelsea dropping silly points in their home game against West Ham and away at WBA let us off the hook big time. City's draw vs relegation threatened Norwich also came at the right time for us, I think if both title challengers had taken full points out of their games, it would have been very difficult to catch them this season.

    I hope Wenger forget the CL dream this season and focus solely on the league and FA Cup competitions. Sunday's 5th round tie against Liverpool is now massive for use as either Chelsea or City won't make the next round meaning either of the two sides will be the only strong side standing in our way if we go past Liverpool, Wenger should make sure that the players know this and field the strongest side available on Sunday. What we can't afford to do is get distracted by CL where our chances of going through to the last 8 is very very low. This is where a top manager earns his corn by making the most out of his squad, Arsenal simply don't have the squad to mount challenges on three fronts and this unfortunately means forgoing CL dream for another season and concentrating on viable targets - the league and FA Cup. We have shown that we can play for boring draws and as long as we avoid getting beat by City and Chelsea in the games against them, we will be fine as a point off the top isn't much. Both City and Chelsea still have to play Liverpool away from home, City also have Man U away. Okay I know Man U have a slim chance of getting anything out of the City game but you never know with derbys, anything can happen. Our other remaining fixtures in the league are winnable games as long as we avoid defeats against our close rivals.

  • Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 13, 2014 09:18 Flag

    2013 FIFA Ballon d'Or (final list)

    1st Cristiano Ronaldo
    2nd Lionel Messi
    3rd Franck Ribéry
    4th Zlatan Ibrahimović
    5th Neymar
    6th Andrés Iniesta
    7th Robin van Persie
    8th Arjen Robben
    9th Gareth Bale
    10th Andrea Pirlo
    11th Radamel Falcao
    12th Yaya Touré
    13th Robert Lewandowski
    14th Philipp Lahm
    15th Xavi

    16th Mesut Özil


    17th Bastian Schweinsteiger
    17th Thomas Müller
    19th Luis Suárez
    20th Edinson Cavani
    21st Thiago Silva
    22nd Eden Hazard
    23rd Manuel Neuer

    As you can see, Ozil is amongst the very best at the top level football. Enough said, Rikki.

  • Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 13, 2014 07:15 Flag

    I'd have bet my last penny that a mediocre Man U side would be spanked if they were up against Chelsea or City (even at OT) last night instead, lets face it Man U are just an average side and Januzag is way OVER-RATED.

  • Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 13, 2014 07:01 Flag

    There's a plausible reason Rikki. Man U have become Arsenal's bogey team of late.

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    Normal service

    by Piggy Feb 12, 2014 21:57
    Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 12, 2014 22:20 Flag

    Your mid-table fodder are ELEVEN points BELOW 4th placed Liverpool side and Man U have ZERO chance of CL footie at OT next season............ The Chosen One is doing a great job, 6 more seasons of mediocrity to go.


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    by Ref, It Was Me! Feb 11, 2014 12:12
    Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 11, 2014 13:40 Flag

    Prior to the Liverpool game last Saturday, I also read an article on Eurosport Pitchside Europe which stated that only 40% of Giroud's shots are on-target and out of the 40%, he manages to convert 18% of his shots into goals. In comparison, 55% of Sturridge's shots are on-target and he converts 28% of his chances into goals. As you can see above, Giroud's conversion ratio is below average and put simply is not good enough as a leading striker for a side challenging for top honours. This is compounded by the long-term injury of Theo, he would have been Ok-ish if we have Theo available as Theo can make-up for Giroud's wasteful finishing.

  • Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 11, 2014 12:22 Flag

    It was over-the-top if you ask me. To think that Moyes was doing that at Old Trafford against the worst team in the division shows his level of ambition and how Man U have fallen behind the decent sides.

  • Ref, It Was Me! by Ref, It Was Me! Feb 11, 2014 12:12 Flag

    His lack of pace and clinical finishing have contributed to our downfall in the games against the decent sides this season. Too many people focused on the part Ozil played in surrendering the ball too cheaply to Liverpool which led to their goals. For me, the real culprit and the problems we had against Liverpool stemmed from the fact that Giroud is too slow and very wasteful in threatening positions / in front of the opposition's goal. This is one of the reasons I don't understand Wenger's inactivity this last window and still persists with Giroud up top against opposing sides with pace aplenty in their squad.

    As Fabongrass remarked in his *The first FOUR goals (against Pool).* thread, Arsenal created a great chance to get back into the match at crucial time but the 'snail-paced' Giroud somehow contrived to let Liverpool off the hook. If he had taken the chance presented to him, it would have been a different game. Giroud has performed admirably this season and his hold-up play is second to none and there's definately a place for him in the squad but Giroud's lack of pace upfront makes it easy for decent sides to nullify Arsenal's gameplan. As poor as Benteke has being this season, he'd have been a great asset for us against sides like Liverpool and Man U on Wednesday night, and he won't have cost alot to buy in the January transfer window seeing that he was out of form at the time. Liverpool won't have had the sort of confidence they had to push up against us if they knew that Arsenal had pace upfront and this is why Benteke would have helped us greatly. I hope we don't regret putting all our eggs in the same basket against Man U on Wednesday night.

    MCMXCIX (A worried fan who thinks Arsenal deserve better and wants the best for Arsenal).

  • Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 10, 2014 14:56 Flag

    I hope and pray your predict is right, Jacob.

  • Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 10, 2014 14:52 Flag

    If Man U deployed the same 'Conference League' tactics against us on Wednesday, they will come unstuck Rikki. Wenger would be well prepared this time around for Man U's bombardment of crosses.

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    Arsenal were 'Feeble'. Wenger

    by FABONGRASSS Feb 10, 2014 11:38
    Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 10, 2014 14:32 Flag

    I vividly remember Almunia and Diaby conspiring to give Man U an undeserved win when Arsenal played Man U off the OT turf not so long ago, Rikki. Remember diver Rooney booting the ball into row Z to con the ref?

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    I think Moyes is straight.

    by Govinda Feb 10, 2014 12:44
    Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 10, 2014 14:27 Flag

    Does it really mata in the greater scheme of things, Govinda?

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    Arsenal were 'Feeble'. Wenger

    by FABONGRASSS Feb 10, 2014 11:38
    Ref, It Was Me! Ref, It Was Me! Feb 10, 2014 14:18 Flag

    "I wouldn't bet on an Arsenal win on Wednesday, even though that lot are so poor it looks as though the only way they will be in a major European competition next year is if Moyes 'writes the tune himself'"???

    Totally agree, well said.

    Man U seem to have our number and our players always approach this fixture with FEAR, even when we're the better side by a mile on the day, we always seem to lose against Man U. I just can't see past a draw (at best) for us on Wednesday night based on these factors. A draw would be a huge setback for us in the title race due to the damaging defeat at Anfield.