Champions League - Europe reacts to semi-final draw

We canvass reaction from our European offices after the draw was made for the Champions League semi-finals on Friday.

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Barcelona's Lionel Messi (L) and David Villa (Reuters)

Maxime Dupuis (France)

"I think that Bayern Munich v Real Madrid will end up being the final of this year’s Champions League. Bayern will go through because they seem too strong this year and, most of all, Barcelona haven’t been able to play two good games in a row against Milan and PSG. The second game between Real Madrid and Dortmund will give us a nice contrast of styles, but experience is going to be key and Real Madrid will win the confrontation."

Eray Kas (Turkey)

"This season, when Barcelona have played against big teams like Real Madrid, Bayern Munich and PSG, they have struggled. On the other hand, Bayern have pretty much dominated all of their matches. While he has not yet joined the club, they have Pep Guardiola on board, and no one knows Barcelona better than he does. Bayern are 60% likely to win the semi-final. "I think Real Madrid should be the favourites on the other side of the draw. Dortmund are an excellent team, but experience is key with Real Madrid in this draw, and they have Cristiano Ronaldo, Xabi Alonso, Pepe and Karim Benzema. They are all fantastic players, but the most important thing is tha they have such experienced. Real Madrid are 70% likely to win this semi-final."

Luca Stacul (Italy)

"Bayern v Barcelona is the top match in Europe right now. I see it as a 50-50 clash, as Messi won’t be guarded by Christian Lell as he was in 2009. It will be a huge game, especially in midfield, with Xavi and Schweinsteiger to battle for possession. The shadow of Pep Guardiola will be in the background of the tie.

"Meanwhile on the other side, Mourinho’s Real Madrid seem to be favourites against Borussia Dortmund. The Special One is not used to making two mistakes in a row, and he has already failed once against the Germans at the group stage this season, so it’s difficult to imagine Real missing the chance to reach the final after 11 years and taking this opportunity."

Ivan Castello (Spain)

"Real Madrid are certainly the favourites to win the Champions League from a Spanish perspective. They will surely make the final at Wembley because they have better players than Dortmund. There is maybe not such a special team unit, but individuals such as Ronaldo, Ozil and Alonso are incredible players. Mourinho has the luck of the champion without doubt. Bayern v Barca is perhaps the real final, though. Both appear to be the strongest teams in the world right now, but Barcelona need a ‘Messi miracle’ to convince everyone again and to win against this Bayern side - the future team of Guardiola’s."

Alex Chick (UK)

"This is a brilliant draw from the neutral point of view. European football is always more exciting when played between teams from different countries, so it is the perfect result to get two German-Spanish ties. Bayern v Barcelona is the stand-out tie, and it’s very hard to pick a winner. So hard that I’m not going to bother making a prediction. Real Madrid will probably beat Dortmund, although of course we saw in the group stage that it’s not a foregone conclusion."

Igor Zelenitsyn (Russia)

"I remember the last time when Bayern played against Barcelona, having crushed Sporting 7-1 just weeks before. Everybody named them among the main contenders - and yes, it was 0-4 at Camp Nou in the end. It is a different story now, however, with Barcelona totally exhausted and Bayern having crushed everyone. So it's 55-45 in Bayern’s favour for me. "In the autumn, Dortmund played better then Real, but we won’t be able to say that in the semi-finals in all likelihood. Dortmund looked rather nervy in the previous knockout round and Madrid are full of experience. I think Madrid will play in the final (60 to 40 in their favour)."

Tobias Laure (Germany)

"Barcelona are a bit of a nightmare for Bayern. The Bavarian side wanted to face Dortmund, and they will not be happy. They can deal with the spectacular football of Real, but they will have extreme problems with the Barca style, with their huge percentage of ball possession. In addition, the first leg match is in Germany, which is a disadvantage, whatever people say. So for me it is 55-45 in Barcelona’s favour. Dortmund claimed four points against Real in the group stage, so this is perfect for them. However, I rate the chances 60:40 in Real Madrid’s favour."

What is your reaction to the Champions League semi-final draw, and which two teams do you predict will be in the final at Wembley on May 25?

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