Dundee 'wouldn't support SPL 2'

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Dundee United would not support changes to accommodate Rangers into a new SPL 2

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Dundee United would not support changes to accommodate Rangers into a new SPL 2

Dundee United have confirmed that they would not support a reversal of the decision to reject the Rangers newco application or the formation of SPL 2.

The alternative proposals have come to light as Scottish football begins to contemplate the financial fallout of putting the Old Firm giant into the Third Division.

But Dundee's statement read: "For the avoidance of doubt, following yesterday's vote, the club would not support any counter proposals for the formation of SPL 2 or regarding any other route for The Rangers Football Club to join the SPL."

It added: "Now is the time for everyone to be united as one and we ask our supporters to stand alongside us as we face the challenges ahead."

Scottish Football Association chief executive Stewart Regan warned after the SPL vote that he could not allow the game to suffer a "slow, lingering death" caused by making Rangers start again from the bottom tier.

And Third Division Clyde have revealed they do not expect to be facing the Ibrox club next season.

A statement on the club's website read: "We reported prior to the vote that Sevco Scotland Ltd will not be playing in the Third Division in the coming season. Nothing heard altered that opinion, in fact, it strengthened it.

"We were asked to respect the confidentiality of those presenting as only that agreement would allow them to be as candid as they were.

"We cannot therefore share what was said, however Mr Green left the SFL member clubs in no doubt about what he had been told by the SFA."

It added: "Sadly for our game, this saga is not over, teams cannot plan and that includes Rangers, who may yet be denied the opportunity to play football in SFL3 because it suits the interests of others."

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