Football - Mackay bemoans goal decision

Jose Mourinho was sent to the stands as Chelsea beat Cardiff 4-1 but it was visiting boss Malky Mackay who had greater reason to feel aggrieved after a refereeing error at Stamford Bridge.

PA Sport Report

Chelsea cancelled out the Cardiff opener, scored by Jordon Mutch, when Samuel Eto'o robbed David Marshall as the goalkeeper bounced the ball and Eden Hazard netted.

Following the match, Mackay approached referee Anthony Taylor about the incident but prior to viewing the replay.

"I've got to be careful what I say, because I'm certainly not intending having money taken from me," Mackay said.

"I did go in to ask for clarification of the ruling and what the referee and linesman saw.

"The explanation leaves me really disappointed because I've since looked at it and the explanation was that they felt the goalkeeper dropped the ball.

"My goalkeeper bounced the ball. He saw Samuel Eto'o standing next to him and he bounced the ball.

"They (the match officials) thought he didn't have the ball in his control and he dropped it and the ball was in open play. That's a mistake."

Mackay asked if a foul would have been awarded if Marshall had been bouncing - and therefore in control of - the ball and was told yes by the officials.

Asked why Marshall chose to bounce the ball with Eto'o lurking, Mackay said: "Because he's allowed to bounce the ball and Eto'o's not allowed to touch the ball."

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