Formula 1 - Double DRS zone for Hungaroring

Formula 1 drivers will have an extra DRS overtaking opportunity in Hungary this weekend with the FIA electing to try out a double zone.

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Hungaroring (Reuters)

The tight and twisty nature of the Hungaroring makes it very difficult for drivers to pass each other, even when able to make use of DRS on the start-finish straight over the past few seasons.

For this year, the FIA is introducing a second DRS zone just after Turn 1.

Although the run to the downhill left-hander of Turn 2 is very short, the fact it comes right after the main DRS zone means drivers may be able to get close enough in to the first corner to make a move straight afterward.

Overtaking at Turn 2 is not unheard of - Lewis Hamilton notably picked off Mark Webber, with a dab of KERS, at the corner en route to his 2009 victory.

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