Formula 1 - Faster tracks to benefit Ferrari - Massa

Felipe Massa believes Formula 1's return to fast venues like Silverstone will help Ferrari get back on terms with Red Bull.

Formula 1 - Faster tracks to benefit Ferrari - Massa

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Ferrari Formula One driver Felipe Massa of Brazil in Monaco (Reuters)

The recent venues of Monaco and Montreal have not played to the strengths of the Ferrari package, and Massa's team-mate Fernando Alonso has lost ground to Sebastian Vettel in the drivers' championship.

But rather than feel that the last two outings are an indication that Ferrari's development push has stalled, Massa thinks that the next few races will show that the Maranello outfit can still deliver the form that has helped it win two races so far this year.

"I think Silverstone can be a bit better for us," explained Massa. "The car was very strong in Barcelona and in China.

"Montreal was a completely different track compared to where next we are going, to Silverstone and Nurburgring, where you have a lot of lateral corners.

"There are a lot of medium and high-speed corners, so we will see. I think will be better on normal tracks."

Massa also feels that he is due a change of fortune to lift his own performances, having lost decent results through tyre issues in Bahrain and a spate of crashes in Monaco.

"I'm not very happy for what's happened - Bahrain for the tyre, Monaco for the two crashes and in Canada with qualifying," he said.

"So definitely I want to get to the next race with a lot of luck and show our potential every time in qualifying and in the race. I know we have the pace, and that is important."

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