Formula 1 - FIA sticks with telemetry supplier

The FIA has decided to stick with the current supplier of its Formula 1 electronic marshalling system for now, despite further troubles at the Bahrain Grand Prix.

Formula 1 - FIA sticks with telemetry supplier

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Telemetry (Reuters)

Formula 1 drivers have been left without cockpit warning lights for the opening four grands prix of the season, because the FIA's new supplier Riedel had not got the system working reliably enough.

AUTOSPORT has learned that in the wake of the problems, serious thought was given to reverting to last year's supplier EM from the Spanish Grand Prix if there were not signs of progress being made at last weekend's event in Bahrain.

In the end, the FIA was satisfied that the marshalling lights and GPS aspects of the electronic system had improved enough to be up to standard.

And although the telemetry system, which controls the cockpit warning lights, was not good enough to be used - it was better than it had been at the first three grands prix.

The FIA has confirmed that Riedel will now be given further time to sort out the remaining issues with the telemetry.

It is hoped that the extra gap before Spain, allied to the fact that the next couple of races are in Europe, will be a help in allowing Riedel to get on top of its problems.

If the FIA had changed suppliers, then as well as EM needing time to re-install its systems, F1 teams could have also faced the prospect of needing to rewire their cars for the different technology.

F1 teams have already been informed by the FIA that Riedel will continue for now.

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