GAA’s black card rule labelled as ‘ridiculous’ by All-Ireland club winner

GAA’s black card rule labelled as ‘ridiculous’ by All-Ireland club winner

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GAA’s black card rule labelled as ‘ridiculous’ by All-Ireland club winner

The gaa’s new ‘black card’ rule – which comes into play from January 1st 2014 – has been described as ‘ridiculous’ by an All-Ireland club winner and chaos has been predicted upon it’s introduction at club level.

Shane Curran, goalkeeper with St Brigid’s who triumphed in Croke Park on St Patrick’s Day last, has expressed grave concerns upon the introduction of the rule.

“I’m on record about this, and I know a lot of people hedge their bets, but I think the black card is a ridiculous rule.

“It’s going to be proven that. Club in rural Ireland are struggling because of the economic downturn  and the complete urbanization now of the country.

“If you come to the west of Ireland and the Midlands, they’re basically wastelands. It’s very difficult for players to keep togging in for their clubs week in, week out.

“It’s all grandsitting in Croke Park and commenting on it. But when you bring it down to grassroots level it will present challenges that I think are going to be difficult to overcome for a lot of clubs.”

Curran also has sympathy for the referees who will be tasked with implementing the rules.

“There’s too many things going on for a referee from an admin point of view. Their job is already difficult and I think their job is going to be just intolerable at localized level. I think it’s going to  be very difficult.

“Over my career I’ve had a lot of run-ins and run outs with them, referees, but we’ve still got to respect them. It’s going to be great for the Joe Brolly’s of this world that want to comment on it.

“But it’s going to be very difficult for referees and  it’s going to be very difficult for players.”

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